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Episode 44: The Machine God of the Sun

Episode 44: The "Machine God of the Sun," Brigadier Valkyrie vs. the Super Saiyan Club! - Professor Mato's lecture!July 15th, Age 787

"Brigadier Valkyrie! Mein... Kampf!" Brigadier Valkyrie hissed, confronting Vegeta, Gotenks, and Goku...

Vegeta grinned, mocking his new adversary, confronting him, battle-ready.

Gotenks observed for himself, in a serious manner.

Goku slouched more intense as a result of his energy depletion... "I must gather ki... I don't have much time."

***==Space – Mato's Rocket Capsule==***

Out in space, while keeping a close eye on the war on Earth, Mato was drawing near to the planetary space terminal, 'Planet Star'.Mato was nonchalantly relaxing on a control panel island in the rocket capsule, scanning through different pieces of information within his scouter.

**Dwreeet!** Mato's scouter sounded.

"Hmm... my ultimate creation has finally been summoned. "The Machine God of the Sun" has been awakened into this cruel, cruel universe... And for how long, was it? Five minutes? Five short minutes and all my years of hard work and research will be destroyed. Nehehehe... Not only that, but the Northern Galaxy's solar system will fall right along with them. That is, to say, Vegeta and the rest of the Saiyans fail at stopping Brigadier Valkyrie, before its timed detonation.

I always feared Doctor Mu would fail to prevent me from being discovered during my incubation phase. That's why I created my fail safe to ensure my vegeance, if my development were to be interrupted before its completion. Now, Brigadier Valkyrie will be the ultimate test for the Saiyans... I would like to see their attempts for triumph once Brigadier Valkyrie begins to gather energy from the sun, into its 'mechanical chloroplast', synthesizing for a new combination of power. They'll also have a hard time overcoming its regenerative resilience. Brigadier Valkyrie can manipulate its configuration into the size of even the smallest atoms. Its speed is incomparable when it senses its opponents' sound vibrations in the air. It can move at light speeds, just by traveling though them."

***==Earth – Ginger Town==***

**Bleep** Brigadier Valkyrie initiated its battle power scanner, X-ray' scanning Vegeta's, Gotenks's, and Goku's respective bodies' information, as well as their battle powers and abilities. With the information stored for assurance, Brigadier Valkyrie then decided its next attack...

"Hrgh-ah!" Vegeta impatiently hollered, as he was rushing Brigadier Valkyrie with a heavily cocked-back, ki-charged punch.

De-materializing itself into falling molecular particles, Brigadier Valkyrie dissolved out the way of Vegeta's heavy punch, transporting via sound waves to Vegeta's former spot, appearing.

"Huh?! What the?!" Vegeta shrieked, puzzled, looking over his shoulder in an impatient manner.

Secretly accumulating a small percentage of solar energy from the sun, through his dual 'Metoplasts' under its armpits, Brigadier Valkyrie's eye flashed.

"Electromagnetic Radiation!" Brigadier Valkyrie screeched, releasing a condensed purple force field of radiant ki across the entire scene of the city, incinerating everything in its concentrated blast radius.

**Vsh!** Vegeta swiftly vanished out of the way of the moving force field.

**Vssh!** Gotenks snatched Goku's gi, vanishing out the way of the deadly attack as well, appearing closer to Vegeta...

**Boooom!** The Electromagnetic Force Field detonated, incinerating the remains in its radius.

Goku's eyes widen as a result of shock, from witnessing the terrifying attack that Brigadier Valkyrie had just fired. "What are you waiting for?! Transform... Now!" Goku barked at Gotenks, quickly flying behind him, not wasting anymore time to start gathering ki for his own role in the fight.

"Yes, sir!" Gotenks obeyed in a cocky manner, clenching his fist, looking to the ground with a smirk. "Argh!" Gotenks hollered as his hair slowly grew down his back, "Ha!" Gotenks fully tapped into his Super Saiyan 3 state, as he slowly maneuvered himself back into a straight posture, sparks of electricity scattered around his body. "Oh yeah! Super Saiyan Level 3! Let's see what you're made of, punk!" Gotenks called out, pointing at Brigadier Valkyrie, zooming higher into the air. "Argh! Rapid-Fire Die-Die Missiles!" Gotenks fired a chain of ki blasts at Brigadier Valkyrie.

Brigadier Valkyrie motioned a series of back somersaults, dodging some of Gotenks's chain of raining ki blasts, as some managed to connect leaving destructive damage as well.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" **Foooooooosh!** After finishing the rest of his attack Gotenks quickly canceled, blitzing Brigadier Valkyrie with his fist drawn back.

Brigadier Valkyrie finished its dodging mechanism, hopping to its feet.By this time, Vegeta dove in charging a dual-hammer fist smash - **POW!** - dishing it out, connecting with Brigadier Valkyrie's head, intensely budging it.

**bamf!** Brigadier Valkyrie transported to Vegeta's prior location, in which Vegeta previously dashed from. Brigadier Valkyrie was already countering with a clothesline attack towards Vegeta... **bamf!** swiftly transporting again, out of Vegeta's vision, Brigadier Valkyrie appeared behind Gotenks, where the latter was previously dashing from, with its clothesline still out for the offensive.

"Ergh...?!" Gotenks shrieked, shocked from missing his rush attack against Brigadier Valkyrie, even more shocked that the mechanical warrior was already attacking him, from behind in that short amount of time.

**Pow!** Brigadier Valkyrie connected its clotheslines attack, hooking Gotenks, simultaneously raising its cannon arm firing a blue 'Gamma Blast' at

Vegeta, who was charging back in to assist Gotenks deflected the blast and, barged in on Brigadier Valkyrie, dishing a powerful upper-cut, connecting, freeing Gotenks. Vegeta's powerful uppercut repelled Brigadier Valkyrie's upward body out of place, and flying on its stretch. Brigadier Valkyrie quickly regenerated itself together, by pulling the rest of its lower body to itself, reconnecting, as it caught itself into the air.

Vegeta paused. "Damn. He's too fast... I can't even keep up with him."

Tightening his fists, Gotenks looked over at Vegeta with a serious expression. "How about we-"

**Vrrrrgh!** Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 hair and body slowly regressed back to normal: Base form.

"Oh no!" Goku shrieked.

"s***! I'm too exhausted to hold Super Saiyan 2! That "Final Mortar" did a number on me...!"

Gotenks stared at Vegeta in a surprised manner, smirking in a smart-alecky behavior at the end. "Get yourself together, Vegeta."

"It looks like Gotenks is gonna have to face Brigadier Valkyrie alone... He hasn't much time either. I'll aid him with a Dragon Fist once I've gathered enough ki," Goku planned.

**==Central City==**

"Ha-arh!" Gohan shouted, tossing Rild into a clear street down in the city.

**baaaaash!** Rild crashed into the street, quickly bouncing back.

Gohan already had his hands in 'Demon' form charging a Supersonic Demon Flash. Sensing a disturbance in the other fight, Gohan quickly looked into the direction of Ginger Town. "No! Vegeta! Ergh... I don't have time for this! I must warn the others!" Gohan shouted, disturbed, firing the SS Demon Flash towards Rild anyway. Gohan then rushed into the direction of Ginger Town, to help the others against Brigadier Valkyrie.

**Pooooosh!** the Demon Flash sounded, exploding into the ground.

"And where do you think you're going?!" Rild shouted at Gohan, zooming through the smoke, trailing after him.

Rild quickly caught up to Gohan, attempting to tackle him in midair. Gohan dodged Rild's tackle, countering with a job; the burst collision began there: Gohan and Rild exchanged rapid-fire punches and kicks as they made their way across the air.

***==Planet Machin Tetsu==***

Pan was still evading the homing 'Copter Blades, searching for a place to take cover within the M2 city. "Ha... Yah! Yah!" Pan hollered, forming two Kienzan and tossing them at the chasing 'Copter Blades.

**Clink! Clink! - Boom!** Pan's dual Kienzan attack sliced the 'Copter Blades, giving off a small explosion, as a result.

**Pooooooooooosh!** Getting passed Corporal Metabee's defense, Pan didn't waste any time rushing it.

"Where's your guard now?!" Pan taunted in an intense behavior, approaching the defenseless mechanical soldier with her fists tightened, prepared for a combination of punches.

**Bam!** Pan headbutted Corporal Metabee in its face, knocking it off balance.

**POW!-POW!-POW!-POW!-POW!-POW!-POW!** Pan dished a chain of rapid-fire punches, denting Corporal Metabee, throughout its entire body. Motioning another front flip, Pan heel stomped Corporal Metabee in its head, shoving it halfway into the ground.

Using the momentum, Pan was already in the air, charging a Kamehameha Wave finisher. "Ka...me...ha...me...HA!" Pan hollered, firing her Kamehameha Wave finisher down at Corporal Metabee.

**Pswoooooooosh!** The Kamehameha Wave engulfed the Machin soldier, obliterating it. Pan defeated Corporal Metabee...

**Swoooooooosh!** Pan flew to the ground, landing.

Dusting her hands against each other, Pan looked over at an area in the sky, above the M2 Headquarters. "My work isn't finished yet..." Pan expressed in a serious manner, looking up at the Dawn Star...

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