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Episode 46: Dimensional rip of time!

Episode 46: Fused Warriors Clash II! - Gotenks's plan - Dimensional Rip of TimeJuly 15th, Age 787

In a standoff, across the way from each other, stood Brigadier Valkyrie, momentarily still before its next spontaneous attack. Gotenks stood assumed in his combat stance, observing every angle of Brigadier Valkyrie, searching for a weakness or opening.

"Let's see... Neither I nor the machine have much time, my Obliteration attack was fruitless, and its own arsenal of techniques are capable of crushing Earth as is...! It's too soon to put my plan into action; it looks like I'm gonna have to fight this one out until the time is right to make my move..." Gotenks thought to himself.


Across the area stood Vegeta. Vegeta frowned spectating the standoff. "Ergh... I'm as useless as Kakarrot! W-what happened to Super Saiyan Legend? This is unbelievable. Ergh... especially during a time like this...!"


Brigadier Valkyrie swiftly rushed Gotenks commencing the final round. Gotenks leaped into the air, awaiting the head-on assault from Brigadier Valkyrie. **Bamf!** Brigadier Valkyrie transported itself to the point of Gotenks's sound waves and movement. As Brigadier Valkyrie reached Gotenks, it instantly pitched a kick at Gotenks's side. Gotenks caught the kick, as he dove in punching Brigadier Valkyrie in the face. Gotenks intensely budged Brigadier Valkyrie from the powerful impact of his punch. Brigadier Valkyrie then motioned a spinning roundhouse kick, connecting with Gotenks's temple. Persistently holding on to Brigadier Valkyrie's leg, Gotenks dove in once again, dishing out another powerful punch, further budging the monster. Gotenks tossed Brigadier Valkyrie out of his possession and higher into the air. Brigadier Valkyrie quickly caught itself, already in the motion for another counter attack.

Gotenks swiftly raised his hand high above his head, gritting his teeth. "Brain Crush Hammer!" Gotenks hollered, releasing guillotine blade- shaped ki down upon Brigadier Valkyrie's head, splitting the machine monster in half. "Argh!" Gotenks hollered in a louder tone, firing two dual ki blast finishers from both hands, destroying the rest of Brigadier Valkyrie's sagging halves.

**Rooomf!** swiftly appearing behind Gotenks, Brigadier Valkyrie was already regenerated back into its full form, with two normal arms, grabbing Gotenks with one of them.

**VIIII!** Brigadier Valkyrie fired an energy-gathered Eye Beam, zapping Gotenks away.

**Swoooossss!** Brigadier Valkyrie ignited a smooth aura around itself. **CHHST...!**

**Pfftch!** Brigadier Valkyrie raised its arm, transmogrifying it back into a cannon-charging layers of blue ki that quickly formed turquoise. **GAASH! GAAAASH!** Brigadier Valkyrie fired its Tetsu Gun at Gotenks, engulfing him. The large ki wave - with the shape and appearance of a gigantic tunnel of smoke - not only engulfed Gotenks - but it traveled kilometers across the surface of the earth, taking Gotenks into a far distance across the planet, leaving a deep, gigantic path for as long as the blast itself reached.

"Argh!" Gotenks yelped, shielding himself from the powerful impact of the ki missile engulfing and repelling him miles away from the battle site.

Brigadier Valkyrie descended to the ground, landing. It began searching for Gotenks's ki, to further on the battle. Brigadier Valkyrie failed to pick up Gotenks's Ki signal after an accurate search. With its eye shrinking into the size of a marble, Brigadier Valkyrie then powered down into standby mode, waiting for Gotenks to show up on its scouter again, and to restore and save its energy.

**==Dende's Lookout==**

"I had to bring them here, Dende. There was no sign of Korin. I'm uncertain if he perished along with Yajirobe or if he managed to flee to a safer location," Gohan informed Dende.

"No troubles here, Gohan. My healing powers are just as effective, if not better. As long as they make it, is all that matters."

**Blurrrrrrr!** Dende held his hands over Pan, as he began healing her. Pan's wounds slowly healed, as well as her gi.

"There you are, Pan. I must attend to Goku now!" Dende expressed, hurrying from Pan's lying body, to Goku's.

Pan raised up sitting to her buttocks, feeling the life force strongly surge within her again. "Ah... I made it," Pan said to herself, inspecting her body and hands in front of her. "Papa!" Pan suddenly called, noticing Gohan.

"Pan. Are you all right, kiddo?" Gohan questioned his daughter, for reassurance of her health.

"More than ever!" Pan returned, jumping into Gohan's arms for a big hug.

Gohan caught Pan, hugging her tightly. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and rubbed his own cheek against hers, as he sat her back to the ground.

"Grampa Goku!" Pan lightly cried, running to Goku's side.

"Just be patient, Pan," Dende softly instructed, meditating, as he was already in the process of restoring Goku. "Your grandfather will be restored in short time-don't you worry."

Goku's body glowed green, as a result of Dende's powers; his wounds began healing, as well as his gi. Goku started coming back to a state of consciousness, gritting his teeth and eyes. "Huh?" Goku pondered, raising himself to his buttocks, like Pan did prior. "You're all right, Pan." Goku said to Pan, smiling as he stood to his feet.

"And I'm glad you're all right, Grampa!" Pan returned, giving Goku a hug as well. "I'm incredibly stronger than before! My power i-is amazing!" Pan said, looking up at Goku in an accomplished manner.

Goku proudly looked upon Pan. "That is amazing, Pan! I can definitely tell that you've changed! I'm proud of ya! Hehe!"

"Hehe! I'm gonna be stronger than Papa soon! I just know it!" Pan announced, winking at her father.

Gohan blushed. "You have indeed made vast improvements, Pan," Gohan praised in a somewhat serious manner. "Father, I'm certain you're aware Gotenks is still fighting down in the Lower Realm."

"Yes, I know! That's what I was just gonna mention!" Goku softly shrieked in a serious manner. A couple beads of sweat ran down his face. "We must go and help him. I'm betting we haven't much time by now!"

"It's unfortunate we don't... But I was actually thinking it would be best that we all stay here, just so we can stay out of Gotenks's way. He mentioned he had a plan to defeat that monster before it self-destructs. Our best bet is to trust and let him wrap up this disaster, once and for all."

"You're right, son," Goku calmly concurred. "Patience is key right now." Goku put his fingers on his forehead anyway: Instant Transmission form. "I'm gonna go ahead and bring Vegeta back. He's still in the middle of the fight!"

**Vvvv!** Goku disappeared, en route of Ginger Town.

**==Ginger Town==**

**Vvvv!** Goku appeared before Vegeta.

"Kakarrot?" Vegeta questioned.

"Let's get outta here! It's not safe," Goku insisted with a smile, glancing over in Brigadier Valkyrie's direction.

"Hmph," Vegeta scoffed, concurring, as well as reaching his hand out to touch Goku's shoulder.

"This isn't good... I can't feel Gotenks's Ki," Goku worriedly mentioned, searching the area for Gotenks.

"I'll explain when we get back to Dende's," Vegeta responded.

**Vvvv!** Goku and Vegeta disappeared, en route of Dende's Lookout.

**==Yunzabit Heights...==**

**Bzzt! Bzzt! - Bzzt! Bzzt!** sounded a large dimensional wormhole with scattering electricity. A portal to an unknown region or universe was opened, as a result of the amazing power of Brigadier Valkyrie's Tetsu Gun, which, in other words, punched a hole through space and time.

**Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!** sounded a row of smaller portals scattered around the sky, also opened as a result of the Tetsu Gun's extreme pressure.

Gotenks crawled out of the large portal, dropping to the ground. "Matters have gotten even more serious!" Gotenks shrieked, recovering as he stared upon the large dimensional portal slowly closing; he also gave quick glances at the scattered smaller portals throughout the sky, closing as well."I don't wanna reach, but we definitely can't afford to deal with a new adversary right now... because this monster likes to punch holes through dimensional barriers... s***...! I didn't expect this to happen! One too many times could easily crush existence...! I must be careful when I use my own!"

**==Ginger Town==**

Back in Ginger Town, Brigadier Valkyrie still stood in standby mode. Brigadier Valkyrie then picked up Gotenks emitting his strong Ki force again.

**Bmoooooooof!** Brigadier Valkyrie leaped, vanishing instantly.

**==Yunzabit Heights==**

Brigadier Valkyrie suddenly approached Gotenks all the way in Yunzabit Heights, kneeing the Super Saiyan warrior in his chin, sending him flying backwards. Brigadier Valkyrie then motioned a quintuple front flip leg smash atop Gotenks's head, finishing its short combination attack. Gotenks pinball-crashed into mountains scattered throughout the land, crashing hard into the ground. **Trooosh!** Gotenks quickly bounced back at Brigadier Valkyrie, charging his Ki scythe around his arm. **Vsh! Vsh! Vsh!** before reaching Brigadier Valkyrie, Gotenks bounced from different spots in the sky, at amazing speeds. Gotenks approached behind, swung, and sliced Brigadier Valkyrie's head off with his Reaper Blade, finishing his combination attack by kicking the machine warrior in its chest, sending it flying into the ground below. Brigadier Valkyrie crashed hard, taking a moment to recover due to regenerating its head...

"Argh-haaa!" Gotenks hollered, clenching his fist hard in front of his face, straining, charging a yellow orb of Yuuki and Shouki Ki blended into one powerful attack ball. "As Planet Earth's... no, the Universe's Grim Reaper of Justice-It is my duty to annihilate any fanatic-such as you-that threatens all existence and humankind! Your creator is a lunatic, an individual who resorts to extreme measures because his history isn't the way he ambitiously desires! It's time for me to finish this, Brigadier Valkyrie! I'm not just gonna use my Ki... I'm putting all my spirit, bravery, and true self into this move of mine! {Grim Reaper Bomb}!" Gotenks declared, charging downward at Brigadier Valkyrie. "Haa! Let's see you survive this!"

As Gotenks drew near the ground, Brigadier Valkyrie was finished regenerating its head and stood to its feet. **Scwflooop!** Brigadier Valkyrie extended a pair of jet wings from it's back, ejecting itself skyward and out of the way of Gotenks's attack. Gotenks didn't panic. Gotenks gazed up in a serious manner bouncing skyward, chasing after the retreating machine warrior. Still ascending, Brigadier Valkyrie motioned a series of front flips, back flips, and spirals-all in a instant moment. Furthermore, Brigadier Valkyrie swiftly descended, holding its regular hand in front of its Metoplasts, forming a purple, unknown Ki-like orb, catching it with its regular hand. Brigadier Valkyrie approached Gotenks, aiming its charged cannon pointblank at Gotenks's face, ready to fire. **Vvv-sh!** Gotenks vanished out of the way of the cannon, appearing right in Brigadier Valkyrie's forefront... ready to fire off his Grim Reaper Bomb, as Brigadier Valkyrie was simultaneously ready to fire off its Atom Bomb...

Which will prevail...?

-"Haaaa!" Gotenks hollered...-Brigadier Valkyrie screeched in unison.

**WOMP!** went the sound of the prevailing attack: a giant mushroom cloud was raising high into the sky, as a result of the dueling attack collision amongst the two rivals-between their colliding ultimate Grim Reaper Bomb and the ultimate Atom Bomb.

"Argh argh argh..." Gotenks panted in pain, in attempt to recover himself and track the whereabouts of Brigadier Valkyrie. Gotenks was bleeding down his arm, holding his shoulder with his other injured arm, hunching over in further attempt to prevent himself from falling.

**Drip Drip - Rooog!** Brigadier Valkyrie began regenerating, to recover itself as well. **Rooomf!** Brigadier Valkyrie fully regenerated once again... ready for combat.

"Haha...! My back and ribs are broken, I have two busted arms, and I can't seem to use my vision nor my Ki senses properly..." Gotenks faintly expressed to himself in hopeless sarcasm, dropping to the ground, face-planting in a midsized hole. "And there's less than a minute left... W-will I be able to use my plan?! Dammit! How could I be so careless!"

"DIE, SAIYAN..." Brigadier Valkyrie screeched to Gotenks as its finals words, aiming its cannon straight at the downed Gotenks...

"Hmph," Gotenks scoffed in a smart-alecky tone, squinting back at Brigadier Valkyrie... "Even though my ears are ringing, I know I just heard that thing talk..."

**Blchooooosh!** Brigadier Valkyrie charged its cannon for a certain finisher. **POOOOOSH!** Brigadier Valkyrie fired its finishing move down upon Gotenks.

**Bam! Bam! Bam!** Gotenks sprouted three Kamikaze Ghost clones from his back. The trio of clones hopped in front of the blast, blocking it with their hands to shield Gotenks, who continued to lie on the ground. **Kaboom!** the blast exploded, along with the trio of ghost clones.

Brigadier Valkyrie quickly tossed its arms across its chest in an "X" fashion, already absorbing solar energy from the sun-this time for a definite finisher for Gotenks and perhaps the planet. "Electromagnetic R-!" Brigadier Valkyrie started.

"Do it!" Gotenks ordered, hopping to his feet in a weakish manner, pointing his index finger outward at an angle, forming a Galactica Donut.

A Kamikaze Ghost Clone, who Gotenks secretly burped from his mouth when he was lying face down, traveled underground and smashed through, snatching Brigadier Valkyrie's legs from underneath, interrupting its initiation for its finishing move, the Electromagnetic Radiation Field. Brigadier Valkyrie looked down upon the clone in a confused behavior.

"Yah!" Gotenks hollered, hurling the Galatica Donut ring around Brigadier Valkyrie. Gotenks hugged himself tightly, clenching his teeth and dropping to his knees-suffering from back, rib, and arm pains as a consequence. Gotenks stood again and quickly turned into the direction of Dende's Lookout, making sharp glances around for observation... "Right there! I hope this works!" Gotenks hollered as he picked a specific point in the air, opening his mouth wide, screaming a powerful Ki force, in which punched a wormhole leading into the Heavenly Realm {Dende's Lookout} - not only that, but into the Room of Spirit and Time as well.

As a result of the powerful impact, and from two different dimensions opening in unison, a powerful vacuum swept from the Room of Spirit and Time, through the Heavenly Realm, to the Living Realm, in attempt to forcefully suction Gotenks and Brigadier Valkyrie through. Gotenks resisted with all his might-

-as so Brigadier Valkyrie, who was still trapped and struggling as much as the weakened Gotenks.

"Ergh...! I hope the world is watching because here comes the World Dimensional Hole Combo! Yeaaa-Ah!" Gotenks screamed, facing the opposite direction of the dimensional hole and Brigadier Valkyrie.

**VOW!** Gotenks took off flying across the world, circumnavigating it. Swiftly, in the blink of an eye, Gotenks appeared before Brigadier Valkyrie on the opposite side. Gotenks punched the machine monster in its chest, sending it flying into the portal leading into the Heavenly Realm. From the momentum and the force of the vacuum, Gotenks fell through the Heavenly Realm's portal, appearing right above Dende's Lookout. Still getting sucked in from the vacuum, from the Room of Spirit and Time, Brigadier Valkyrie persistently resisted. **Priiip!** Brigadier Valkyrie burst through the Galatica Donut prison, preparing itself to attack Gotenks one last time. Gotenks threw his arms back wide in wing formation, quickly throwing his hands into turtle form next, charging a Tree-Kamehameha Wave, firing it into Brigadier Valkyrie.

The Tree-Kamehameha Wave collided into Brigadier Valkyrie, repelling it into the Room of Spirit and Time...

***===Room of Spirit and Time===***

Brigadier Valkyrie crashed hard on the floor of the chamber, bouncing and skidding a ways.

**KABOOOOOOOM!** Brigadier Valkyrie's inbuilt bomb detonated, causing a loud and powerful explosion to disturb and shake the entire room of the Time Chamber, and some of the Heavenly Realm due to the dimensional hole not being fully closed.

**Shhh!** The dimensional hole linking the Heavenly Realm and the Room of Spirit of Time sealed.

Gotenks defeated Brigadier Valkyrie, ending the war against the machines, and saving the entire universe from the Machin Militia and Army...

***===Mato's Space Capsule===***

**Deeet** sounded Mato's scouter.

Mato smiled, looking up into the air. "Ne he he he he...!"

The End Of Chapter Five...

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