Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 48: Mato vs Galactic Patrolman!

Episode 48: Spatial Encounter - Mato vs. Galactic Patrolman...July 16th, Age 787

***==Planet Star==***

**Veeeet** sounded Mato's scouter.

"He-he! Ugh!" Mato squealed, landing on the ground. Mato started walking away from his parked space capsule, heading into the direction of the busy main Starline Terminal. "Perfect. Many lifeforms stroll this planet, awaiting their spatial trips to travel the galaxies. To start from the core then spread is a splendid strategy on my behalf. I haven't the power to challenge Vegeta and his friends, nor do I have a powerful enough body to leech my vessel's Saiya power. Owing to the interruption during my incubation phase, of my body's nutrition for [synthetic] Ozaru DNA, I must now finish the development of my body by absorbing many human life forms - starting here before I spread out and strike the four corners of the universe - and before I conduct my quest to confront the Saiyans."

A prepossessing green-eyed, redhead human-alien lady was walking towards Mato, into the direction of the import landing platforms. "Hey, hottie! Sick vest!" The lady flirted, smooching at Mato signaling him to come chat with her.

"Nehe! You are a babe..." Mato flattered, smiling at his admirer.

The lady blushed, waiting for Mato's next set of smooth words, or even a move.

"But... I don't have time to deal with a hussy like yourself. However, your life-force will be a great opening supplement for my body!" Mato barked, raising his transmuting hand at the lady, blasting her with a thorny cage of vines, which were alike the substance as his liquified skin.

The Vine Hands cage trapped the lady; the piercing thorns pinned her down - she began melting into the vines, transfusing into Mato's being. Unnoticeable, but certainly occurring, Mato's body grew stronger, gaining more body stability from the post-absorption nourishment.

"Ahh! I can feel the growing life within my body... but that certainly was not enough. I must absorb this planet's entire population... to be able to say I hold a sufficient starting point." Mato clenched his fists, causing his entire body to bubble in liquid-like motions. "It won't take me two minutes to mass absorb this planet! Nahaha!"

**Pftch!** a giant staff pierced through Mato, impaling the ground.


In shock, Mato ripped himself from the staff, by hopping into the air at an angle, observing the unknown warrior in which his scouter managed to finally detect.

"Not if I interfere with that notion," Redjic called out, rushing toward his long, vertical staff reaching high into the air. Redjic snatched the tip of his staff, motioning a front flip as the staff contracted in his grasp, swinging it just in case he somehow caught Mato during the process.

Mato dodged the staff by jerking himself across the air, regenerating back to his normal form. "And who might you be? It appears you have some sort of conflict with me; the reading of your battle power confirms I am more than likely the one you are looking for. Explain yourself, pest!"

"Hmph. If you must know... I will explain, as it is proper: my name is Redjic, Galactic Captain of the Universal Space Police. I have been tracking and awaiting your arrival, ever since you left the Eastern Galaxy. I cannot allow you to harm anyone else for your own selfish desire."

"He," Mato giggled. "Only a fool would blindly barge an enemy that he has limited knowledge about. I'm almost certain that not even you're aware of my impressive power I have to display...!"

"Oh... I am not as foolish as you think, considering I am well aware of the remarkable power you wield. It can be felt anywhere across the universe. With that said, we both are aware that it would be foolish on your behalf to display enough power for the Saiyans to detect your ki; they would arrive here quicker than you can cry uncle."

"The only person who is going to be crying uncle, is the likes of you!" Mato hollered, sadistically grinning.

Mato raised his hand, firing a generic green ki blast at Redjic.

**vsh!** Redjic vanished, appearing closer to Mato.

Quickly wrapping the cuffs of his chain whips, around his wrists, Redjic once again swung his staff, nearly hitting Mato in his side. Yet, Mato caught the staff under his armpit, before the strike connected. Mato then jerked the staff, forcefully pulling Redjic into his direction.

**Pow!** Mato knocked Redjic across the temple with his forearm, intensely budging him. Using his longer reach as an advantage, Redjic responded with a jab kick into Mato's stomach, repelling the transgenic Tsufruin into the opposite direction. Redjic yanked the chains catching the staff into his hands.

**Vsh! Ftt-Ftt** POW!** Vanishing - Redic motioned a double front flip, high-striking Mato into the head with his staff, sending him crashing into the ground.

**Psssh!** A giant hand of Mato's sprouted from the ground, palming Redjic whole, pancaking him to the ground. Mato emerged from the hole he made from crashing, tightly trapping Redjic down with his Striking Venus Hands.

Now flying across the air, Mato landed atop Redjic, saddling him. "Ergh...! Argh!" Mato hollered.

**Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow!** Mato repeatedly dropped hammer forearms and fists upon Redjic's face, neck, and chest area, beating him down-forming a crater.

**Hyuu!** Redjic's delayed afterimage, in which Mato was attacking, faded.

Redjic was at a side angle of Mato, holding up his hand ready to fire. "Galactic Crusher!" Redjic hollered, firing a unique purple ki blast.

"Oh yeah?!" Mato hollered, as his eyes glowed red. Mato ignited a flare of Paralysis Ki across the area, trapping Redjic-decelerating his ki blast. "Where was I?"

Mato hopped over to Redjic, cross-kneeing him across his face. The overwhelming power Paralysis Flare held Redjic in place, readying him for another attack at Mato's choosing.

**POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW!** Mato dished out his series of hammer forearms and fists once again, this time beating the real Redjic toward just mere inches of his life, surprisingly soon. All Redjic could do was take the hits, as his life slowly began to fade away.

"I've come to the conclusion that you may be allies with the Saiyans. So, I've formulated the terrific scheme of absorbing your body, as I can use it as a mask to impersonate you to deceive them... until my opportunity arises to execute my principal plan!" Mato informed, as his tongue extended and modified thornier, wrapping around Redjic's neck.

Redjic gagged, as the thorns siphoned his melted being in, transfusing him to Mato. Mato persistently assumed his regular form, as he finished absorbing Redjic-feeling out the grand nutrition of Redjic's added life-force.

"Thanks to this warrior's powerful life-force, known as Redjic, my body is presently capable of handling my prized vessel's power; I'll reach my maturation before I know it! I've eliminated the absorption of millions of people, in cold blood, for personal sweet revenge!" Mato shaped-shifted into Redjic, at 95%. Redjic-Mato then swiftly drew two daggers from his sleeves.

"No matter... Utilizing my Facial Copy Ability, I can sneak around my opponents' noses until I decide to strike." Redjic-Mato calmly descended to the ground, and began walking towards the busy Starline Express Space Capsule, set to star-navigate the universe, in a star-like fashion. "I could easily just hide and craft another tank, then reach my Mature Form that way, without ever being discovered. But the Saiyan genes flowing through me trigger my thirst for battle, which go beyond that of the average Tsufruin... Nehe. And besides... my greedy nature won't allow me to settle for less than a DNA sample from the legendary Super Saiyan Vegeta!" Mato fully shape-shifted himself to a 100% Redjic copy, pulling his hood over his head.

"I have all I need from the common raging simian, thus far. But I must have more!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, Flight-1138 is now boarding on Platform 666," The lady attendant announced. "Thank you for choosing Starline as your intergalactic carrier. Starline: We fly on the sunny side of every eclipse."

Redjic-Mato approached the entrance of the first-class Starline Express Capsule, entering. Frightened from Redjic-Mato's daggers, evil vibe and perceived evil intent, the passengers began to flee in the opposite direction, exiting the rear exit of the capsule. Redjic-Mato then made his way toward the seating area.

"Would you like a Star Brochure? Would you like a Star Brochure? Would you like a Star Brochure? Please take one." A service robot served, holding a stack of Star Brochures for the space voyage.

"Nehehe!" Redjic-Mato snickered, snatching a brochure, heading for a nearby seat. Grinning, Redjic-Mato sat, crossing his legs in a sophisticated manner, opening the brochure.

"Starline Express takes off in 5...4...3...2...1... BLAST OFF!" The lady autopilot attendant announced to the Starline Express passengers.

**FOOOOOSH!** Rocketed the Starline Express.

"Nahaha! And here we go again...!"

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