Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 49: Kaio-ken!

Episode 49: Masters and Students! Kaio-Ken!October, Age 787

**==Lord Kaio's planet==**

"Kaio-ken!" Oob hollered, barging Goku in close-ranged combat, throwing a chain of wild punches at his Super Saiyan sensei.

Gritting his teeth, Goku ignited his aura, blocking Oob's punches with his forearms, struggling with all his might. "Keep it up, Oob! You're mastering Kaio-ken fast!" Goku hastily coached, attempting to resist his disciple from pushing him any further across Kaio's planet.

Kaio stood observing the training session, arms folded. "Oob! In order to master Kaio-ken at your absolute fullest... you must learn to clear your mind as you're engaged in combat!"

"Yes, Lord Kaio!" Oob responded, clearing his mind and furthering his assault on Goku, issuing a series of amplified kicks.

**POW!** Before his short burst of amplified power ended, Oob motioned a gator roll jab kick into Goku's gut, sending the Saiyan master flying.

"Triple Kaio-ken!" Oob shouted, pumping himself. Oob then cupped his hands in turtle form. "Ka...me...ha...me...Ha!" Oob fired his Kaio-ken Kamehameha at Goku, somewhat assured his blast would connect with its target.

Motioning a back flip, gathering his fists together, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3, grand slamming the amplified Kamehameha Wave into the nothingness above Kaio's planet, fading.

**Vsh!** Moving fast, Goku rushed Oob, motioning a powerful spinning Super Saiyan 3 kick to Oob's temple. Oob was knocked silly, falling to the ground.

"Heh. Your Kaio-ken is still no match for my Super Saiyan 3. You're gonna need to train more, Oob," Goku coached his persistent pupil.

**Vooosh!** Oob stubbornly barged from the ground, igniting another Kaio-ken, to allow himself to once more challenge Goku, charging him.

"Aarrgh!" Goku calmly shrieked, attempting to raise his defense. "Foolish..."

**Wham** It was too late-Oob clocked Goku before Goku could raise his defense. Spinning, Oob came down for an elbow finisher atop Goku's head.

**Crrrch!** Oob's entire body went stiff in mid-motion, flaring a large aching noise across the sky.

"Uggh!" Oob screamed in agony.

Smiling, Goku side-stepped Oob's elbow attack, snatching Oob's leg during the process. **Ptch!** Goku jabbed Oob in the gut, causing him to snap out of his Kaio-ken mode.

"What did we say about over-stressing your body with Kaio-ken?!" Goku hollered, locking his fists together, smashing Oob into his back, sending him crashing into Kaio's lawn once again. "Let's see you get up from that one...!"

A few moments later...

"Ooo aaaaahhh Ooo Ooo!" Bubbles bayed, bandaging Oob's body.

"Nomnomnomnomnomnom!" Goku chowed down on a table-full of Kaio's brunch, stacking plates by the passing moments.

"Say, Goku, why didn't you just take Oob to the God of Earth for a healing? Surely that would be faster than waiting on his body to naturally heal."

"Nomnomscarfscarfgulp. Well, Lord Kaio, during our last training session on Earth, Oob and I made a new discovery about his Hidden Powers. Oob can naturally restore his body from almost any injury, and fast! Just like Dende's own healing power! Oob just can't regenerate missing limbs like all the Majin Boos could."

Goku stacked his last plate on the tower of dishes, somewhat giving Kaio a serious glare. "And... Dende won't always be around, especially during the heat of battle against Mato. I think Oob needs to learn how to control his own abilities instead of relying so much on the other's, since he's inheriting some of Majin Boo's resilient abilities."

Oob looked up at Kaio, smiling to assure his martial-arts master that Goku was speaking the truth, as Bubbles finished wrapping the last bandage around Oob's forehead.

"Ooo aahhh aahhh Ooo Ooo!"

"...I guess you're right again, Goku. You have become quite the master of martial-arts yourself over these passing years... "

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