Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 5: Finishing up the first round

Episode 5: Finishing Up The First Round.May 7th, Age 787

"It looks like we have two more matches left in the first round, folks!" The Announcer informed the crowd. "The next two battling drew each other in the first round at the last tournament. Knock, Vegeta, report to the ring."

Knock and Vegeta walked up the stairs and entered the ring. Knock stared Vegeta down. Vegeta crossed his arms and stared into the sky, bored.

"Who is this dude?" Knock said to himself. "He's nothin' but an old man. And to think he knocked me out before the tournament even started!"

"Begin!" The Announcer yelled.

"Ergh, I'll beat him this time!" Knocked yelled as he charged in on Vegeta.

Vegeta threw his fist back and connected with Knocks face, sending him out of the ring and, crashing on the ground again.

A couple beads of sweat ran down the Announcer's face, staring at "Knock out of bounds" again. He snatched out a cloth, wiped his face and looked up at the crowd.

"Vegeta is your winner by a ring out! A fast one at that! He advances against the winner between Boo and Ikose! Their fight is coming up next!"


"It looks like you're next, Boo." Mr. Satan said, looking over at Boo. "Try not to hurt the kid too bad."

"Boo is next!"

**=The Tournament Crowd=**

"Well, let's get out of here, Marron," Eighteen ordered, looking over at her daughter. "We already watched Krillin almost lose."

Marron chuckled as she raised herself and followed Eighteen through the stands.

*=The Contestants' Hut=*

In a private corner, inside the fighters' hut, Ikose was practicing his punches on Idasa, while Idasa blocked with his hands. Ikose was throwing punch after punch as his brother took on the punches with the insides of his hands.

Idasa's cheeks lightly started turning red. "I think it's time for you to go out there, Ikose," Idasa said.

"Yeah, I know. Hold your horses. I have to get my warm-up done," Ikose said as he continued to keep punching.

"….There," Ikose said as he threw his last punch, as he finished thinking about that his previous World Kick-Boxing competition. "I'm all ready to go now." He walked off towards the outside and to the ring.

Boo came running along and they both walked up to the ring together.

"Mr. Boo is this tournament's previous runner-up, and Ikose is an World Kick-Boxing Champion! This should be exciting! Our last fight of the first round begins! Fight"

Boo sat in his spot smiling as he studied Ikose. Ikose ran, jumped, and kicked Boo in his head. Boo took the kick and continued to stand in his spot.

Ikose jumped back and looked at Boo. "He's a little tougher than I thought. I should end this before something stupid happens."

"Hey, Boo! I hear you like candy." Ikose put one hand in the other.

"Boo loves candy!"

"Here, I have some for ya. Straight from the concession stand here." Ikose took some candy from under his tape on his hand.

"Ooo.. Boo want some."

Ikose handed Boo the candy and left Boo alone. Boo started stuffing the candy in his mouth. Ikose ran around the outside of the ring to go around Boo.

"Machine Gun Super Murder Punch!" Ikose yelled as he started rapidly punching Boo in his back. Ikose turned around, ran, and ran back to jump in the air for a flying punch... and as soon as he did-

"This candy is good!" Boo yelled in a happy tone as he turned around.

Ikosa bounced off Boo's stomach and went flying in the air then out of bounds.

Krillin and the Announcer fell back on the ground on the sidelines and ring.

"Boo is your winner!" The Announcer yelled. "Another quick victory for one of our contestants!"

"We are going to take another 10 minute intermission before we start the second round. Our next exciting match will be Son Goku vs. his pupil - Oob."

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