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Episode 52: FaceTime Squabble!

Episode 52: FaceTime Squabble! The Superman!January 1st, Age 788

*=Capsule Corp=*

"That's it, Vegeta-push yourself into breaking your limits again. You're almost there, Hun!" Bulma coached, typing on the control panel for Vegeta's newest training machine: The Superman.

Trunks leaned forward, observing his father down in the lower bunker. "Father is incredible. His patience and hard work is finally paying off."

"You said it," Bulma concurred in a serious tone.

**ring ring-ring ring ** Trunks's cellphone rang-he removed it from his pocket, checking the caller-ID.

"...Who could this be? Surely it's not a business call this late at night..."


"Yo...!" Mato greeted, FaceTiming Trunks from a similar cellular device of his own, headbanging to some F metal music from the background.

-"Mato?!" Trunks and Bulma shrieked in unison.

"Naha! Who were you expecting, Freeza?" Mato teased, showing his tongue in a punkish manner.

"What do you want, you creep?" Trunks barked.

"This TimeFace is to inform you all that my retreat will only be brief. You might expect my next move soon, for it is nearly time to challenge you Saiyans once again. It won't be the same as last time. I'll ensure I make you all suffer at my feet."

"How about you show your face, you coward?!"

"Naah," Mato giggled, giving a wink and a calm smirk, "whenever I get ready."

Trunks calmly observed Mato's newly built laboratory in the background-(in other words, the space of the old sitting lounge)."What kind of scientific plan are you cooking up in your lab this time, Mato?" Trunks questioned, somewhat expecting a smart-ass response, hoping for a genuine one.

"I guess you'll find out in soon time... until then, I'm eager to see how many proficient educated guesses you can formulate in the meantime. This is a test, Saiyan...! I don't get to see monkeys as technological business executives everyday! Nahahaha!"

Bulma sat forward, hogging the view of the screen. "Then you have yourself a challenge, mister. You'll get a taste of Capsule Corp. We're ranked #1 in the entire universe for a reason."

"You are quite the arrogant soul, Princess Bulma. I accept your challenge: a battle between the systematic Deities of Technology...!"

"What?" Bulma pondered in confusion, from Mato's strange religious remark.


Bulma and Trunks watched Mato disappear off the screen. Bulma faced her desk once again.


"What are you up to, you little punk?" Bulma hissed, typing on her super computer, in attempt to track Mato's true location out in the stars.

"Did you discover something, Mother?"

"Gill," Gill ticked.

Bulma's tense expression grew. "A little... I know Mato is trying to trick us, Son."

"What gives you that idea?"

"Well, I'm not saying it should be easy to track Mato's spaceship, but don't you think we should have managed that by now? Especially since Gill was fast-thinking and bugged Mato's ship with a tracking device, just moments before he fled from Planet Mu. My only guess, is: Mato is using a similar particle conversion system as Capsule's Corp's Hoi-Poi Capsules..."

"And stored his ship away so we couldn't trail it," Trunks finished for Bulma.

"Exactly. Now he's probably hopping from spaceship-to-spaceship to avoid getting caught."

"Mother, I'm suspicious of a newly built spaceport, ran by the Galatic Patrol. Not that I was ever suspicious of the police force, but it concerns me that said unsystematic spaceport was built on a whim around three years ago, and it's beginning to piece together with this entire Mato chapter."

"So you think Mato's responsible for the construction of that spaceport? And that's where you think he ran off to?"

"Yes, but he should certainly be somewhere in space by now-that is, if he took the Starline Express."

"I'll check the flight schedule of the Starline Express. I also have in mind an idea for a new space-and-time machine that will make Mato's voyage to Earth a little earlier than he expects. I'm going to make short work of whatever guerrilla tactics he had in store for us. hehe."

"I'm ready, Bulma. Start the machine!" Vegeta ordered, from down in the lower training bunker.

Vegeta was standing tall, with his feet strapped to a gravitron platform. Above him, he was military-pressing a weighted slab (made of Kachin), consisting of a gravity-hydraulics system.

Author's note: The slab has a shoulder width bar, in a caved-in slot, which Vegeta is holding onto above his head (think of monkey bars, haha).

"I must find the way to tap into my legendary powers, at will...and hold reason over myself... I didn't feel in complete control of myself when I fought Mato. Even I had more self-control when I used to transform into a Great Ape. I-t's like a certain kind of emotional anguish is the trigger to Super Saiyan Legend. Perhaps it's my hostility to Mato... that has got to be it!"

The End of Chapter Six...

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