Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 53: Orange Star meetup!

Chapter 7: The Saiyan-Tuffle War...Episode 53: Orange Star meetup! Arrival of Star-line!June, Age 788

**Space - Mato's cruiser's laboratory**

"...Sniff sniff..." Mato was mildly weeping, staring at his combat vest, which he was preparing for upcoming combat. He gave a slow and depressive glare at a strange book, lying near in which he just placed after a prayer."Neh... Occasionally, I'm one to feel sinful about my extremities of retribution, but I'm aware it's my struggle and fate that shepherds me down this path...and to the divine Book of New Order. I am a prophet of this universe, chosen by the scripture of a great Demon King itself..."

**Earth - Satan City**

3:00 p.m

"How was your Rocketry and Physics classes today, hun?" Videl asked Gohan, as the two were walking and holding hands down a campus sidewalk, of Satan City University.

"They were great! My Rocketry class is eager about our upcoming space-trip. My, I'm excited for them-they've been waiting for quite the time."

Videl chuckled. "Super! Do you still wanna get your haircut? We should have enough time to catch the barber."

"Sure! Let's go, babe."


Across the way, Goten and Valace, were crossing a street, heading toward the sidewalk.

"Goten, are you still gonna get a haircut, babe? Your hair is getting shaggy!" Valace informed, in a somewhat jokish manner.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I think the barber is still open, maybe we can get there in time."

Gohan noticed his baby brother and future sister-in-law heading in their direction. "Huh? Hey, Goten! Valace!"

"Hey, Big Brother! Videl!" Goten greeted.

-"Hey!" Videl and Valace both greeted.

"What are you two out doing?" Gohan asked.

"We just finished transferring from "Pee-U!..." to Satan City University," Valace answered sarcastically.

"Decided to transfer away from your father's school, huh?" Videl asked, closing her eyes with a huge smile.

"Yes! Goten and I decided Orange Star was a little more "us," to say the least. Hehe. Anyway, we were also heading to get Goten a haircut."

Videl smiled. "Wow... Gohan, too. How about the odds?"

"Do you wanna grab a haircut together, Gohan?" Goten asked, stepping closer to his big brother.

"Sure thing, Goten."

"Videl, would you like to grab a late lunch?"

"Sure, Valace. What sounds good to eat, hon?"

"How does the Satan City sandwich shop sound?"

Videl rubbed her stomach, smiling. "You're a winner for knowing my favorite! I could use a late afternoon salad!"

**Capsule Corp**

"Mother, Mato is almost approaching an X-region that connects to the Milky Way. He shouldn't expect a warp-drive of this magnitude."

Bulma was standing atop a large satellite-like machine, which was aiming high into the sky. "I almost have the target set... there! If all goes well, we should be able to open both magnetic fields, in unison...! Fire!" Bulma typed on a cellular-pad, firing an electron ray from the cannon, which pierced its target in the sky.

**Space - Mato's cruiser's laboratory**


"What in the hell?!" Mato shrieked, falling to the ground from the shakiness of the space-plane. "I-it appears this cruiser has fallen into a wormhole... No?! She couldn't have...?!" Mato rushed to the main computer, and began typing right away. "I'm in a connection with Planet Earth's magnetic field. The wife of Prince Vegeta out-smarted me... The war of the Tuffles and the Saiyans has begun once again... I must get Vegeta's body quickly!"

**Capsule Corp**

Bulma stood her arrogant posture-her hands on her hips, smirking as she witnessed the space-cruiser descend through the electromagnetic portal.

**boop-boop-boop** Bulma punched the keys on her communication device.

"Vegeta... Mato's flight has arrived..."

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