Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 54: Mato vs Vegeta!

Episode 54: Mato vs. Vegeta! Battle of Archenemies!June, Age 788

Mato rushed to the counter, snatching his combat vest, quickly dressing himself. The sinking space-cruiser fell in the street before the building of Capsule Corporation.

**Fooooosh!** Vegeta flew from the side of Capsule Corp, assuming a high position in the air near Bulma, looking upon the fallen space-cruiser...

"Come out or I'll blast you out, Mato...!" Vegeta calmly warned, raising his hand charging a Big Bang Attack.

Not wasting any time, Vegeta impatiently fired the Big Bang Attack, destroying the Starline space-cruiser. After all the smoke and debris cleared, Mato stood in the street staring eye-to-eye with the prince of Saiyans.

"Nahahaha! You remind me so much of your father...!" Mato taunted.

"Haha! Starting off feisty, are we?!" Vegeta returned, assuming a traditional powering up stance, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2...

Mato did the same, igniting a powerful aura. "Argh!..."

"Heh... you've improved since the last time we met! Is that what happens when you steal other people's bodies?!"

"Show me your legendary powers, Vegeta! That is-unless you can't tap into them at will...! You goddamn ignorant Saiyan! Your generation is pitiful!"

"Whatever, Mato... Come at me since you're so confident!"

-"Ha!" Hollering in unison, Vegeta and Mato blitzed each other, throwing the opening punches of the Saiyan-Tuffle War!

**Boom! Boom!** Colliding fists, Vegeta and Mato locked each other in a "Mercy Struggle," much like the former and his earlier archrival Freeza did during the old days, on Planet Namek! **Doom! Doom!** On par, they exchanged headbutts, attempting to push each other back, to prove superiority over the other.

**Brrrzp! Brrrzp!** Mato fired a set of laser eye beams, which Vegeta swiftly dodged. The eye beams connected with a nearby West City tower, destroying it causing a light explosion.

Bulma lightly freaked out. "Maybe I was a little rash by bringing Mato straight into West City... Vegeta! Take the fight away from here!"

**Vvv!** Goku, Oob, and Piccolo arrived to the battlefield, across the way from Bulma.

"Mato finally decided to show up," Goku expressed.

"From what I can sense, he may be on par with Vegeta..." Piccolo stated.

**Vsh** Vegeta appeared, ready for the next move.

Mato extended his arm, which wildly stretched across the air towards Vegeta.

Limited, Vegeta snatched a loose web, and dodged the rest of the Striking Venus Hand.

Using the momentum to his advantage, Mato slung himself towards Vegeta, issuing a powerful punch, connecting with Vegeta's face. Furthering his combo, Mato issued a kick aimed for Vegeta's gut. Vegeta caught the kick, countering with one of his own, connecting in return.

Simultaneously, the two rivals of royalty raised their hands at each other, enjoying the excitement of their conflict.

"It appears we are even," Vegeta mentioned, smirking.

"Our battle figures read the same, but can the same be said about our battle abilities?!"

"What?!" Vegeta returned...

Mato hovered backwards, looking down, spreading his arms in wing-formation... Mato meditated, concentrating his mind and powers.

"Come at me, Vegeta... I can guarantee you won't lay a finger on me now."

Vegeta intensified his aura, accepting Mato's challenge. "Is that so?!" Vegeta swiftly gathered his other hand to the one aiming, forming Final Flash formation... Electricity scattered around the gathered ki. "Aaa!" Vegeta hollered, firing the Final Flash at Mato.

With the giant stream of ki in the act of swallowing Mato, Vegeta swiftly appeared next to Mato using super speed. Vegeta launched a heavy kick, attempting to kick his archrival into his own incoming Final Flash.

**POW!** Mato heavily elbowed Vegeta into the gut, snatching his arm subsequently. Utlizing his Roman Grab, Mato chunked Vegeta over his shoulder, instead sending the Saiyan prince flying into the stream, then using his super speed to dash off into a safer area.

Vegeta didn't panic. "Aah!" Using the same formation, Vegeta fired a generic version of the Final Flash, to cancel out the pointblank, incoming one.

**Pooosh!** A large explosion ignited in Vegeta's face, with him throwing his guard up, getting repelled to the ground, crashing...

-"Ugh!" The Z Gang shrieked in amazement.

"Wow... Mato just bested Vegeta," Goku expressed.

"It's either I'm not reading Mato's power properly or he's hiding something!" Piccolo expressed.

Vegeta quickly rebounded back among Mato, wiping his lip. "He he... Oh yeah?!"

"You're barely a match for my pre-developed form, Vegeta. I foresee a chaotic day ahead of you... Naha"

"I have to admit, I don't usually get this excited unless I'm fighting toe-to-toe with my greatest Saiyan rival, Kakarrot. You should feel honored!" Vegeta declared, smirking over at Goku.

Goku was returning a serious glare; he then formed a smile at his Saiyan rival, and his archenemy.

Mato smiled at Vegeta and Goku. "I am, I am... And I sense you have as much enthusiasm about this controversial fight as I. Perhaps it's time to see this "Super Saiyan Legend" of yours..."

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