Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 55: A New Foundation!

Episode 55: A New Foundation? The Super Saiyan Legend Awakens!June, Age 788

"I have to admit, I don't usually get this excited unless I'm fighting toe-to-toe with my greatest Saiyan rival, Kakarrot.You should feel honored!"

"I am, I am... And I sense you have as much enthusiasm about this controversial fight as I. Perhaps it's time to see this "Super Saiyan Legend" of yours..."

"I don't need Super Saiyan Legend to squash you, Mato!"

Vegeta threw his hands back in Final Flash formation, charging two energy spheres. Vegeta fired a volley of ki blasts, his usual mid-battle ki spamming attack.

With Mato patiently holding ground in his zone, defending with an X-guard, the Guided Scatter surrounded him in a cage fashion.

Mato looked upon his X-guard, noticing the halting ki blasts. "Neat trick."

Vegeta hugged himself, launching his own Hellzone Grenade amongst Mato.

**Boom!** The explosion sounded, with a cloud of debris fading from the spot Mato rested.

Vegeta quickly searched for Mato's presence. "He teleported! It's impossible that he could have escaped my attack with just super speed!"

**Rooog!** Atoms reassembling, Mato appeared behind Vegeta, issuing a punch for his face. Vegeta caught the punch, yanking Mato toward him. **BOM!** Vegeta punched a hole through Mato's gut, forming a ki blast in the palm of his hand. Vegeta clinched his fist shut, detonating the ki blast, destroying the rest of Mato's doppelganger in his hand.


"Revenge is sweet!" the real Mato hollered, appearing by Vegeta's shoulder, aiming his palm pointblank. "Avenger Strike!" Mato fired a red bolt of ki upon Vegeta. The bolt connected, sending Vegeta into the Capsule Corporation empire, crashing into a quarter portion.

Like their previous scene, the Z-gang stared in wonder, attempting to figure out Mato.

"Naha! Refreshing! I've waited 60 years for that satisfying blow. I wish you understood how bad I wanted to deck the late king like that. On the contrary, I'm still having quite the evening after that one."

"I have to admit, a sacrificial doppelganger was brilliant," Piccolo said.

"Yeah..." Goku concurred.

"So-so ungrateful of your world's resources. Capsule Corporation is considered the leading manufacturing company in the living universe, and here I lie witness to you treating your foundation like dirt." Mato landed on the street, walking toward the Capsule Corp empire, where Vegeta rested in the rubble. "Under oath, I vow to the Demon King of Darkness that I, Professor Mato, reorder your Capsule Corp empire into my new foundation..."

Shaking the rubble off him, Vegeta attempted to stand to his feet.

Approaching, Mato aimed his hand upon Vegeta. "Stay down, Vegeta. I've conquered your family name; now it's time for me to conquer your company and planet... You have lost."

"Vegeta!" Bulma cried.

"And don't think I've forgotten about your wife Bulma, or even your son Trunks that interfered with most of my preparation. After I steal your body, my first task is to slowly mutilate both of them on your front lawn!"

**Snap!** Vegeta quickly opened his eyes, as he was gritting his teeth.

"Arrrgh!" Vegeta screamed, igniting a ki image of a golden Oozaru!

Mato hopped backwards, creating safer distance between Vegeta and himself. "That's it... His emotions are at peak. He has become this, "Super Saiyan Legend," he calls it.

The rest of the Capsule Corporation building blew away into disintegration, as so most of the rest of West City that lied behind Capsule Corp.

Standing, smirking at Mato, stood Super Saiyan Legend Vegeta, awaiting round 2. "Muhaha! I would like to see you try, Mato!"

"Nahahaha! I figured so! Can you even control yourself, Vegeta? Without your tail, you cannot reach the pinnacle of your current form; without the power of "Bruit Rays," you cannot exceed beyond even that, and achieve your true form: the legendary Golden Oozaru!"

"Ah! So that's the power you desired greatly to get your hands on! Well, I have news for you, Mato... I'm in complete control of myself; I don't need to transform into this "legendary golden Oozaru" to defeat you. Although, I love the sound of an unknown power sleeping inside me. Are you ready to feel Super Saiyan Legend once again?"

"I was reborn ready...!"

**WHOOOOOOSH!** Vegeta suddenly blitzed Mato, snatching him into his possession, utilizing his traditional Crushing Hands attack.

"Uergh...!" Mato squealed, fighting for a breath-winded by the compact. "I-I thought you had control of yourself?! You're already fighting like a mindless savage...!"

As much as possible, Vegeta balled-up Mato, chunking him across the sky. Mato soared looking like a Saiyan Attack Pod, smashing into several buildings.

"Dad is an incredible man," Trunks said to himself, catching up to Bulma.

"There! Now the tables have turned! I knew Vegeta could do it!" Goku praised.

Mato squinted his eyes out of irritation, catching himself on the side of a skyscraper. "Even though this is expected; I still got a little irritated after that one..."

**Vssh!** Vegeta appeared beneath Mato, charging a handful of ki into Mato's gut.

Mato gritted his teeth, inferior to Vegeta's swiftness. Vegeta released the ki-ball, repelling Mato through the skyscraper.

**Whoooostttt!** Mato absorbed the ki attack via Combat Vest, catching himself in the air, prior from smashing through the skyscraper.

"This power comes from the hatred I have for you, simian!" Mato raised both hands high into the air, channeling his "Shouki" into a large red energy ball. "MATO DEATH BOMBER!" Mato screeched, tossing the super attack at the incoming Super Saiyan Legend.

Vegeta ignited his aura, catching the Bomber with his bare hands. "You must have been a brute back during wartime, Father," Vegeta thought to himself, resisting against Mato's bomb.

Mato's eyes glowed green, as a result of him activating his psychokinesis.

**Splash!** A nightmarish vision occurred within Vegeta's thoughts, of a green-eyed, blonde kid falling into a busy river, drowning.

"Huh?!" Vegeta freaked out, summoning most of his attention to his day-nightmare, and not the blast...

Mato's eyes glowed brighter, as he swiftly redirected his bomb toward Bulma and Trunks, leaving Vegeta in a temporary state of oblivion.

Frozen, dumbfounded, Bulma and Trunks stared at the incoming attack, awaiting their deaths.

Vegeta snapped into reality, witnessing the ordeal.

**Wsssh!** Vegeta appeared in front of his wife and son, motioning a roundhouse kick against the Mato Bomber, sending it flying into space.

The Mato Bomber soared through the darkness of space, smashing right into Planet Jupiter, destroying it.

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