Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 6: Son Goku vs Oob

Episode 6: The Second Round Begins! Master vs. Pupil - Son Goku vs. Oob!May 7th, Age 787

Everything settled, as the ten minute intermission was in effect. The remaining finalist were inside the hut, warming up for the next, upcoming matches that were back to back. Goku was stretching his legs, by bending on one side then rotating to the other. Oob was shadow punching and kicking with himself over in a private corner.

"Hey Gohan, would you like to go get something from the concession stand with me?" Videl asked looking over at Gohan.

"Sure," Gohan replied. He stood up and pulled Videl up along with him and they made their way to the hallway.

"Pan did well today," Gohan said to Videl.

"She did. But I just hate seeing her fly off the handle over the littlest things," Videl responded while she put her hand on her head. "I mean, because her gi got ruined? Come on, it's a fight. Of course it's gonna get ruined."

"Yeah, Pan can get a little worked up easily. But you have to remember she's serious about her training and fighting. It makes her more intense all of the time when she is in combat. She's really sweet when she's at home, so I don't see too much of a problem with it. As long as it just stays within her fighting like it has been, normally."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Gohan. And I have to remember she gets her temper from her father," Videl said while smiling as she grabbed onto Gohan.

"Hah-hah, I've also noticed she's starting to become better at controlling it to help her fighting. I think she's been training with Vegeta and Piccolo so maybe that's where she's learning so much about fighting here lately, that is since dad hasn't been around too much."

Gohan and Videl got to the line of the concession stand.

"Two years, huh?" Videl asked, smiling up at Gohan. "That's a long time when you really think about it."

"I know. But an opportunity for research like this may never again, since Bulma would be turning the planet itself into a space branch off Capsule Corp after she purchases it."

"I know, I know." Videl replied while hitting Gohan in the ribs with her elbow. "I'm just giving you a hard time. I'll have Pan to look after me."

"Nothing can go wrong with Pan around," Gohan said while laughing, as Videl laughed along with him.

**==Dende's Lookout==**

"Oob and Goku's match will start shortly," Mr. Popo stated, watering the plants closer to the edge of the Lookout.

"Indeed," Dende replied, "I'm really excited for this one."

"He should be well improved over a three year span," Piccolo stated.

"I wonder how strong Goku has gotten for himself." Dende wondered, asking Piccolo.

"Impossible to tell," Piccolo answered. "I truly wonder how strong Goku could have gotten if he spent all of his time training Oob. He was already inferior in power from the very beginning. Even about a year and a half back, I felt them go all-out momentarily. And Goku surly lost that little scuffle that they had. I wonder what he's got hiding this time."

"I guess we'll see in due time." Dende replied.

Popo continued sweeping, as Dende and Piccolo stared down the Lookout.

**=Intermission Hut=**

"So what have you been doing all of this time, Ten?" Krillin asked as he put his fork into his mouth, to take a bite of some food.

Tenshinhan smiled. "Just training with Chaozu. And to be honest, hanging out with Launch a little."

"Oh yeah?!"

"Yeah, she's actually not that bad once she calms herself." Ten took a drink out of his cup. "She's gotten that way ever since I decided to talk to her a little more than I have."

"What about when she transforms into good Launch?" Krillin asked.

"Well, she starts to cook and Chaozu and I go and train. What else can I say?" Ten laughed.

Krillin joined Ten on a huge laughter spree. "You can't beat that!"

"So what about Eighteen and your daughter?" Ten asked, getting serious.

"They are good. I'm trying to finish raising Marron with the best care I can provide for her, and Eighteen," Krillin said, taking a drink. "That's why I've decided to open up my own martial arts school, so I can satisfy both my family's well-being and the little bit of hunger I still have left in me for fighting. It's awesome I'm close to opening my own school, with two students of my own, who both are really good fighters above the average level."

"Heh-heh, it looks like someone is following in the footsteps of his old master," Ten said smiling at Krillin.

"I guess you can say that! However, I have a wife unlike him!" Krillin shouted as he and Tenshinhan began their laughter again.

*=Spectator's Hut=*

"ACHOO!" Master Roshi sneezed, as he was reaching to feel on Bulma's breast.

"What is it, master?" Umigame (Turtle) asked, looking up at Roshi. "Did you get a sudden cold or something?"

Bulma glanced over at Roshi, frowning.

Roshi flinched, gritting his teeth, looking down at Umigame. "I-I don't know... Ugh! Maybe it's time to get myself a lady friend!"

**=The Tournament Ring=**

"Here we go!" The Announcer shouted, walking up the ring's steps. "This is the start of the second round: our next two incredible contestants, master and pupil, and the rematch we hope to finish from the last tournament, ladies and gentlemen – Son Goku vs. Oob! Report to the ring!"

Goku and Oob walked beside each other, up the steps of the ring. Goku put his hand on Oob's shoulder and smiled.

"This is our own rematch for the new cycle that we've started. Good luck." Goku coached as he walked the opposing direction from Oob.

"Right," Oob replied as he walk to his away from Goku.

Goku stared at Oob in a serious manner, getting in his combat stance, and waiting on the Announcer.

Oob did the same. as he got in his.

*=Contestants' Hut=*

"Here we go." Vegeta said aloud to himself. "Let's see what these two are made of this time."

*=The Tournament Ring=*

"LET THE SECOND ROUND BEGIN! FIGHT!" The Announcer yelled, throwing his index finger high in the air.

"Let's do this, Oob!" Goku shouted, vanishing.

Oob vanished as well, meeting Goku at the center point, beginning the fight off in a destructive arm clash struggle.

Oob threw a kick at Goku's side, and Goku blocked it with his other arm. Oob then went in for a jab punch for Goku's face, as Goku vanished and appeared behind Oob and sent a flying elbow to Oob's back. Oob went flying across the surface of the ring, and caught himself by throwing his feet down and sliding across the surface.

**Vsh** He vanished from his spot and appeared charging right towards Goku. He shot a ki blast at Goku's face, the last second before approaching. Goku deflected the chi blast, but right as he did, Oob punched him in his face, sending him flying across the ring in return. Goku recovered himself, and Oob appeared behind him and upwardly kicked Goku, sening him flying in an angle in the air.

"Lightning Arrow Shower!" Oob hollered, releasing a barrage of arrow ki blasts into the air. The shower of ki rained, falling down on Goku, as he was falling from the air himself. Goku threw up an X block, when the shower contacted and as he hit the ring, causing an explosion. The remaining arrows in the sky rained on top of the explosion and debris.

After the debris and smoke cleared, Goku was down on one knee, with his X block still up guarding his face. He took some cosmetic damage from the explosion. Goku was sweating and panting; he then looked over at Oob.

Oob released a Kiai, and formed it into an explosive shockwave that sent Goku flying in the air. Goku did a flip recovery and looked down to see Oob charging at him. Oob went for a flying kick for Goku's head. Goku barley dodged the attack and grabbed Oob by his ankle. Goku spun and Dragon Threw Oob down towards the ring. Goku vanished and appeared to dual hammer-fists Oob down to the ring. Oob smashed against the ring but caught himself in a quick recovery. Goku threw his hands together, Turtle Style, and formed a ball of ki.

"Ka-me-ha-me-" Goku started as the ki ball got bigger.

Down on the ring, Oob threw both of his hands back, and formed two chi blast in his hands, firing the two beams which circled around each other and eventually formed into one blast.


HA! Goku yelled as he fired his Kamehameha Wave at Oob.

The beams collided in the middle and caused static electricity to spark everywhere as well as smoke and debris. Destruction of the ring soon followed from the giant sphere the collided beams were forming. As the two held on, the sphere exploded and sent both of them flying back. Goku smashed against the ring and threw his hand out and dug into the ring to catch himself from going out-Oob did the same.

Oob stood up slowly, and Goku followed slowly himself. Both of their blue gi's were torn from the impact of the explosion.

**=Dende's Lookout=**

"Wow, it looks like they're even," Dende stated. "This is one of the most incredible matches I've ever seen!"

Piccolo studied the two down on the ring, without responding to Dende.

**=The Tournament Ring=**

"Wow! Someone get the first aid kit, because these two just went through an amazing, explosive first round, that's stopped both of them in their tracks!" The Announcer shouted in amazement, looking at Goku and Oob.

"He he, come on, let's see your Full Power, Oob." Goku ordered, staring at Oob in a serious manner. Goku powered up, reaching his maximum.

"All right, Goku, here it is!" Oob yelled as he started powering up until he reached maximum for himself.

**=Dende's Lookout=**

"So it was Oob that stayed the superior one," Piccolo further stated, "but it appears Goku has made some sufficient gains of his own."

**=The Tournament Ring=**

**Vsh** Oob vanished and elbowed Goku and his face, and started rapidly punching him.

Goku blocked one of Oob's punches and kicked him in his face. Goku charged up a quick generic chi blast and threw it at Oob as he came down with a double kick to Oob's chest. Goku bounced off and Oob fired a ki blast from his hand that sent Goku flying high up in the air.

"Hyper Twister!" Oob yelled as he darted towards Goku rotating in a circle repeatedly with twirling chi around him.

Oob butt into Goku's hands as Goku tried to hold him off. Oob kept pushing Goku farther into thesky; they left the arena area past the stands.

"I have to go catch the fight!" The Announcer yelled, tossing a capsule.

**Hoi Poi!**

The Announcer jumped on a jet bike, and took off. "Get the cameras on the fight he ordered as he was passing the upper layer of the stands.

Goku began sweating, attempting to hold off the twister attack Oob was putting out.

"I can't hold it any longer!" Goku yelled to himself as he closed his eyes started sweating more. "This one is newly developed, no doubt!" He shouted as he continued to hold it off.

"This fight is also mine!" Oob yelled as he continued to push.

Goku gritted his teeth. "I know! Human Tornado! Goku yelled.

He twirled and rotated out of the way from the momentum of Oob's twister attack.


Goku teleported using Instant Transmission. Oob canceled his spinning attack but continued to drop backwards – he was going to make a recovery and Goku appeared again.


Oob formed a quickly formed Kamehameha of his own and released it as Goku as he continued to drop backwards. Goku teleported again missing Oob's own Kamehameha, and appeared point blank range in Oob's face.

"HA!" Goku hollered, firing his Kamehameha in Oob's face, sending him flying into the nearby sea that was in contact with the whole island itself.

Oob splashed into the water.

"It looks like Goku is the victor!" The Announcer shouted, appearing on the screen that was resting above the ring.

Goku teleported, and appeared over Oob with his hand out.

"You did good, my well-trained pupil. We still have one more fight left for our little series." Oob smiled, and held his hand out.

**Vvv!** Goku teleported them back to the ring at the arena.

"Heh-heh-heh," Vegeta laughed to himself. "It looks like Kakarot and I will fight once again."

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