Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures

Episode 7: Pan vs Krillin!

Episode 7: The Next Match: Pan vs. Krillin! The new generation is here!May 7th, Age 787

**==Dende's Lookout==**

"Well, Goku pulled it off," Dende said, looking at Piccolo.

"That was an incredible match," Piccolo answered looking back at Dende.

"At will, it seems Oob has learned to control the latent power he momentarily showed us at the last tournament."

Dende smiled. "Oob lived up to Goku's expectations, and even more.. I bet Goku is really happy."

**=The Spectators' Box=**

"That was a great fight between Oob and dad," Goten said to Gohan.

"I know," Gohan replied and looking back at Goten. "I can't believe dad managed to pull off what he did there at the very end. I'm impressed." Gohan looked out of the window and slightly adjusted his glasses. "I bet he and Vegeta will be just as good."

"That Goku," Chi-Chi said, looking at Goten and Gohan over by Bulma. "He's been going on wild training trips just for this day?"

"Yep, that's dad," Gohan responded to Chi-Chi. "He was right about Oob, though. Oob is really amazing."

"Well, I'm happy for him." Chi-Chi said, putting her hands together. "I know he cares for us still but it seems like fighting is really what makes him happy."

"It's okay, Chi-Chi," Bulma said while putting her hand on Chi-Chi's back. "Son and Vegeta are Saiyans. We just have to accept that that's who they really are and what they do. When Vegeta came back from fighting Majin Boo and after Bra was born, he just opened up to all of us more about how much he really cares for us." Bulma finished while winking and continuing to pat Chi-Chi on her back.

Chi-Chi smiled. "You're right, Bulma. What would we do if they were different?"

"I think Pan is up against Krillin." Bulma told everyone.

Everyone looked out of the window and looked at the Announcer as he stood in the middle of the ring.

*=The Tournament Ring=*

"Okay! Pan, Krillin, make your way to the ring. You two are next." The Announcer announced as he watched Pan and Krillin already making their way on the tiles to come up the stairs. Pan and Krillin walked up the stairs and went to their sides of the ring.

"It's amazing how everyone competing has some kind of relationship with one another - everyone! Son Goku's granddaughter Pan is up against his best friend that he grew up with: competing in these tournaments all of the time back in the days – Krillin! One of these two will have Son Goku next!

The crowd cheered and threw up their Budokai Tenkichi signs while they shouted and chanted Pan's and Krillin's names.

"Go easy on me, Pan!" Krillin said in a half joking and half serious manner as he dropped into his combat stance. "I'm an old man!"

Pan smiled as she respectably bowed her head with her hands prayed together. She got in her combat stance and waited for the Announcer.

"Fight! The Announcer yelled.

Pan ran at Krillin and started throwing punches. Krillin started blocking them. She threw a kick and he blocked.

"Ow!" Krillin yelped in pain as he hunched over. "My back! It still hasn't made a full recovery from my match against Ten."

Pan smiled. "Maybe it's time to stop fighting Mr. Krillin"

"You know, Pan, you may be right." Krillin replied, putting his other hand behind his head and closing his eyes. "I think it's the next generation's turn to be doing all of this."

"Yup. That's what I like doing all of the time. I'm training all I can, so I can become the best and the savior of the world...just like Grampa and Papa."

"Yeah." Krillin said as he smiled at Pan. "I believe in you-you're Goku's granddaughter. Although, Pan, I think I'm done fighting and going to focus on my martial arts school. I forfeit."

"Uh, Krillin are you sure?" The Announcer asked Krillin.

"Yup. I'm no match against Goku's granddaughter. It's an honor to be sitting across from her in the ring. The next generation is officially here."

"Well, I guess that makes—"

"Hey Mr. Krillin?!

"Yes, Pan?"

"Papa and Grandpa always tell me stories about how great of a fighter you were. I was wondering if you could take me under your wing and train me a litt.e Well, that is since your giving me my second forfeit...and taking all of my ring time away," Pan joked, sticking her tongue out at Krillin.

"Of course. Come by Master Roshi's anytime."

"Could you show me a move right now?! Please?!"

"Sure." Krillin said. Watch this!"

"Kienzan!" Krillin hollered, firing a ki disk at a set of Papayan trees, slicing them.

"Wow! That's an awesome technique!"

"Yup. There are others I've picked up for myself over the years. I'll see ya soon, Pan." Krillin walked out of the ring.

"Pan is your winner! She is up against Grandpa Goku in the next round! Our next fight is going to be Mr. Boo and Vegeta!"

The Announcer looked over to the hut, at Vegeta and Boo walking towards the ring.

Boo jumped in the ring, and Vegeta shortly followed by floating atop the surface.

Boo twirled his arms... Vegeta crossed his arms back.



"Go Boo! Kick his butt so you can challenge Mr. Satan again!"


Boo jumped high into the sky and darted towards Vegeta with both of his hands extended to attack. Vegeta did a spinning kick and sent Boo flying across the surface of the ring.

Boo got up and smiled really big at Vegeta as he dusted his pants off.

He slowly walked towards Vegeta, releasing an area full of steam. "Turn you to chocolate!" Boo fired his Chocolate Beam at Vegeta.

"What the?" Vegeta jumped up, vanishing. He appeared next to Boo, punching him in the face, sending him out of bounds.

"Vegeta has defeated Boo! He will face the winner between Son Goku and Pan!"

*=The Tournament Ring=*

"Boo didn't use Chocolate Beam to eat you. He used it so he can throw you out of the ring and advance to the next round."

"Heh-heh, I know." Vegeta answered, putting his hand on Boo's shoulder.

"Well, we'll begin the third round shortly! Goku vs. Pan!"

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