A Voice For A Family

chapter 17


Mom had been in the kitchen for a while now and we were all wondering what was taking her so long.

“I think I will go see if I can help mom with this celebration.” I looked at my dad and he smiled.

“Good idea sweetheart.” I jumped off the couch and headed into the kitchen. I looked around but mom was no where to be found. Maybe she went up stairs for something I thought, so I headed up to her room. Again I couldn’t find her. Now I was worried and started frantically searching the house. She had to be here somewhere, she just had to. She promised she would always be here and I know mom would never break her promise. I ran back into the living room and stood there panting in front of my family.

“Dad I can’t find mom. She isn’t in the kitchen and I looked up stairs too. Where could she have gone? She would have told us if she was leaving the house right?” Dad stood and walked towards me with outstretched arms. Once I was wrapped safely in his grasp he spoke softly and calmly.

“Grace sweetheart calm down. I’m sure that your mother is here or maybe she ran out to the store to get something. If it was just a quick trip she probably wouldn’t have bothered telling us. But Grace it isn’t time to worry yet. Why don’t I give her a call on her cell phone?” I looked at my dad as he spoke, and could see that he wasn’t worried about mom being gone. He was right maybe she just stepped out of the house for a minute. I nodded.

“Please.” Dad reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Moments passed as he dialed mom’s number then waited for her to answer, but she didn’t.

“She didn’t answer?” Dad shook his head.

“Grace that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe she didn’t hear it, or maybe she couldn’t answer it.” I nodded trying desperately to calm my racing heart.

“Daddy, mommy’s phone is ringing.” We spun around to find Roland holding mom’s phone up to us.

“No. Please no.” I started to sob when I saw Roland with mom’s phone.

“Thank you Roland.” Dad took the phone from him and turned to me.

“Grace you need to calm down. People forget their phone all the time.” I shook my head.

“Not mom. She wouldn’t do that.” Dad sighed and pulled me back into a hug.

“Let’s just give her some time. If she isn’t home in an hour we will go looking for her, okay?” I looked up at him, searching his face for reassurance that he believed mom was fine. Dad didn’t look worried so I nodded slowly and pressed myself close to him. I wasn’t ready for this. I just wanted my family to stay safe together. I wanted my mom to be here.


My body ached all over. As I opened my eyes slowly, I realized it was because I was on a stone floor. I lifted my head and reached to massage my stiff neck, only to find that I was chained to a stone wall. I closed my eyes again trying to remember what was going on. What had happen? Why was I here and who brought me to this place? My thought turned quickly to Grace and my body flooded with worry. My eyes flashed open as I searched for an escape. I had to get back to her and the rest of my family. Then I thought about my baby. Was she hurt? I looked down at my rounded stomach. Thankfully the chains that bound my wrists were long enough to allow me to reach my belly so that I could feel my baby girl. I pressed my hand protectively over her and waited for her heart beat to reach my fingers, and when it did I felt a little relief. Soon my thoughts turned back to escaping this prison. I turned to my magic first but it wasn’t working. I could still feel it but I didn’t have any control over it. Why couldn’t I control it? I struggled with my chains desperately looking for a way out. Any way that would allow me to return to my family. I sighed in frustration as they held firm to both my wrists and the wall. I was about to start a tug-of-war match with the wall when a noise stole my focus. I snapped my stiff neck in the direction of the noise and found a small door opening in the wall across from me. I pulled on my best evil queen face as the door opened completely and someone stepped in.

“Look who finally decided to wake up.” The voice was deep and sinister, definitely that of a male.

“What do you want with me?” I tried to make up for the weakness I felt being chained to the wall, with the strength I forced into my voice. Thankfully it seemed to work.

“Right to the point aren’t we? Well if you must know I am here because you took something of mine and I want it back.” The man who had been standing in the shadows stepped forward and realization flooded my expression.

“I see you know what I’m looking for.” I had gotten too soft and now I couldn’t hide my emotions even from a fish.

“Why did you take me? Surly you must know what I did with it.” His face grew an evil smile.

“Ah yes, indeed I do know what you did with it. But you see that is exactly why I wanted you.” I watched him carefully, something about him wasn’t right, but I couldn’t place my finger on it.

“Are you going to make me guess?” He laughed and I felt rage bubbling up inside me.

“No I won’t make you guess, although I am enjoying seeing you so completely helpless.” He started pacing the floor forcing me to follow his movements.

“You see Regina I took you because I know Grace. I know exactly how desperate she was to find you. I have never met someone so determined to find another person, and certainly no one as selfless as your daughter. So that is why I took you. It makes my job of retrieving the voice you stole from me even easier. And in return I get to hurt you both.”

“No. Please no.” the thought of Grace being hurt one more time ripped my heart in two. I wouldn’t let that happen. And I wasn’t going to let my unborn child be hurt either.

“I’m sorry Regina, but seeing as I have the upper hand you aren’t in a position to argue.” I shook my head desperately trying to reign in my emotions. I couldn’t cry, not in front of this slimy squid.

“If you hurt a hair on her head you won’t live to see the tide change.” I spat the words out with more anger and hate than I had felt in years.

“Regina, don’t you see? I have already hurt her, or should I say you have hurt her?”

“What?” I didn’t understand what he was talking about. How had I hurt Grace?

“Don’t you remember the promise you made to her only a few hours ago? You said you would always be there for her, and now look at you, chained to a wall, and Grace…well she is running all over looking for you. She certainly hasn’t lost her fire for her mother. That’s good, I’m counting on that fire of hers to lead her to you and in turn to me. It is only a matter of time before she joins the two of us.” With that he waved his hand and a small bubble formed in the room. At that moment I realized that we were under water. I watched the bubble as it rippled and changed to a picture of Storybrook, and there in the center was a sobbing Grace running from Granny’s diner down the street.

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