Frozen in Time


Watch how Colonel Cole Younger and his team go from one reality to another to find out what is wrong with theirs.

Scifi / Action
Brenda H Machala
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Losing Time

Title: "Frozen in Time" by Starr
Part 1 "Losing Time"

Briefing Room: 0725 HRS
General Hammond and the rest of SG-1 were in the briefing room. Sam and Daniel were looking through the short and somewhat limited Intel report. Teal'c wasn't doing much of anything at the time, but he was watching Jack goofing off as usual.
Down the corridor, walked a man that wasn't new to the SGC. He had been there since Daniel started there. To look at him, Colonel Colter James Younger, usually called Cole, seemed to appear to others, a shy, serious but focused man. He kept to himself and was there to go on special covert operations. Cole walked into the briefing room and said, "Reporting as ordered, Sir."
Hammond said, "Have a seat, Son, we're just about to start."
But before Hammond could say anything else, Jack spoke up and said, "Hey, Cole, how are you?..and by the way, you're late."
Cole replied, "Not by my watch, Jack."
Jack tapped on his watch, "Um... must be running fast."
Sam seemed surprised as well as Daniel and Teal'c since they had never seen Colonel Younger before. Sam was also surprised that she felt strangely attracted to this man she had never met. Jack noticed their surprised look and commented that he knew Cole for a long time. They both served in Desert Storm together.
Hammond said, a little annoyed, "Now that we all know each other, can we get started with the briefing?"
Jack just smiled and he and Cole both said simultaneously,"Yes, Sir."
Cole took a seat next to Jack and passed around the folders he had brought with him. Now with the additional folders that were already there, the briefing had begun.
Hammond began the meeting with frustration and said, "Unfortunately, from the Intel that we've received, we might have another Goa'uld to contend with. If it is a new Goa'uld, or one that we already know, remains a mystery." It was apparent to everyone that Hammond was a little disappointed cause the Intel was not as thorough as he had hoped for. "Colonel Younger, since you will be leading the first mission to P87-904, why don't you continue?"
Cole shuffled his papers around. He was nervous and for a good reason. Cole began, "SG-2, Research and SG-3, Marines, have already been briefed on this matter and I will lead both teams to the planet." He thought to himself that he was sounding stupid, more like a politician than an Air Force Colonel. He knew he had no choice but to get through it and he figured with Jack goofing off, it would make him feel more at ease.
Jack knew that Cole and his teams were going first, since it was a special covert operation to provide more Intel and do recon before SG-1 was suppose to go.
"Where is P87-904? I've never heard of it." Sam commented.
"Oh, can't we call it a name and not numbers? How about Verizon, like the cell?" Jack asked.
Teal'c raised an eyebrow and cocked his head at Jack's questions as Daniel spoke up. "Sounds about as good as any." Daniel may have been a little sarcastic, but Teal'c look was genuine as he never heard of Verizon.
Jack noticed and said, "Sorry Teal'c, I meant to say the cell phone like the one that General Hammond gave you to take when we went fishing."
Teal'c nodded.
Hammond said, "Fine, now can get on with it?"
Cole looked at Jack and grinned, "Verizon is a planet with basically two environments and two temperatures. Mainly hot and warm, nothing in-between. The desert and forest sharing the planet equally."
Jack joking said, "Gee, Cole, what color of fatigues will your guys be wearing?" before Hammond had a chance to tell Jack to knock it off.
Cole taking cue replied, "Maybe green camouflage pants, desert shirts and the vest in still undecided, but the cap color is optional."
That made everyone laugh, all but Hammond who was still waiting to get through the briefing. Cole couldn't help but noticed Hammond's face and thought that maybe he shouldn't have said that. He had definitely been around Jack too long.
Cole began again, "We've received Intel from the Tok'ra--"
Before he could finish, Jack broke in, "For crying out loud, the Tok'ra!!!...No wonder the Intel is not up to SGC standards."
Cole just smirked, but wanting to laugh. He regained his composure and began again, "All we know so far is that there is a possibility of a Goa'uld type of facility there and they are running experiments."
Daniel started to say and Sam interrupted, "What kind of experiments?"
Cole would have been happy to reply to the question if Daniel had asked it. He was avoiding eye contact with Sam and avoiding all of her questions from the start. He waited a few moments in the hopes that someone would bail him out.
Without realizing it, Hammond did. "We don't know and that is one of the many questions we hope to find answers to. That is about all the Intel that we've received." He answered her.
"Intel," Jack said, "What Intel?"
Hammond knew that Jack had a problem with the Tok'ra not sharing information and continued, "Colonel Younger, you and SG-2 and 3 will be going on the first mission and depending on what you can find out, SG-1 will be leading the second mission. Colonel Younger, you will be going on the second mission as well."
"Yes, Sir."
Sounding very concerned, Hammond said, "Make no mistake people. This is a special covert operation and things could get ugly."
Jack said, "You mean Cole had better watch out or he might become an experiment?"
"I'm not amused, Jack," Hammond came back at Jack's constant interruption. "but yes, anything could happen. We need to hope for the best and also prepare for the worst possible scenario. Let's get started people, dismissed."
They all headed to the control room and Jack noticed that SG-2 and SG-3 were all geared up in the gate room and ready to go.
Jack laughed and whispered to Cole, "You guys are really wearing green pants and desert shirts."
Cole laughed too and gave a rhetorical response, "Yeah, but I don't think the caps and the vests match, do you?"
A malp was already on the ramp in the gate room. Sam was already in a chair in front of a monitor. "Dial it up, Major," was Hammond's order.
"Yes, Sir, dialing up the coordinates now."
"To Verizon, right?" Jack asked with a big grin.
Sam's eyes just rolled and replied, "Yes, Sir, to Verizon."

Sam tried all morning to establish a connection with the planet with no success. Only stopping to let teams that were off world to come back. It was nearly 1400 HRS and everyone was getting impatient. Hammond finally came over the PA and told SG-2 and 3 to stand down but to stay on the base. Most everyone left except Sam who stayed at her post to keep trying. Teal'c went to meditate and Daniel said that he was going to his lab to see if he could find out anymore about the planet and to see if there were any details about the planet that might have been over looked in the briefing. Hammond made it clear to everyone to stay on the base unless otherwise notified then he went back to his office.
Cole unzipped his vest and started to head out of the control room. Jack, walking quickly after him and trying not to be noticed, grabbed him by the arm and turned him around. Jack whispered, "Here's your chance, Buddy!"
Cole was tired. He didn't have his full gear on. It was in the gate room, but he wasn't the kind to just sit and wait. The sitting and waiting is what made him tired, he liked the action. Cole looked very serious and said, "What are you talking about?"
Jack replied, "We've been at this most of the day so why not ask Sam to take a break. Maybe ask her to go with you to get something to eat?"
Cole knew what Jack was talking about, but told him that he still didn't feel it was the right time and they had only met this morning.
Jack replied to Cole's excuse, "Of course it's the right time, it's been over five years now."
Cole paused for a few seconds to reflect on the past.

Four months before he was transferred to Cheyenne Mountain, his wife, Mary, and their two little girls were killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver who fled the scene. When Cole wasn't on duty, he spent most of his free time trying to help the police in tracking down the driver. After four months, he had no choice but to end the anger and start the grieving process. He thought that being at the SGC would help. Being alone and going on special covert operations helped him avoid people. He really didn't want to talk to anyone or socialize with anyone with the exception of Jack. But in one moment back then, Cole's world changed. While walking down a corridor at the SGC, he saw Captain Samantha Carter. He was taken aback, the emotions that came over him did not feel appropriate. When he married his high school sweetheart, he knew he was the luckiest man alive and it never crossed his mind that he could ever possibly care for anyone the way he cared for his wife Mary.
After seeing Carter back then, it all changed, but he kept his emotions in check and was relieved that she didn't see him. He felt that it was only proper to grieve for his loss until the healing process was over, not that anyone could completely get over something like that. He made sure that Carter never saw him at the SGC for the next five years, avoiding her at all cost. Cole kept a low profile and luckily, they were never assigned to the same mission, until now.

Jack knew about this at the time and respected Cole's wishes and never talked about him to most people at the SGC. But now, Jack thought enough was enough.
"For crying out loud, Cole, didn't you see the way she was looking at you in the briefing?"
"No, I was too busy with the briefing and too busy avoiding eye contact with her." Cole replied.
Jack just let out a chuckle and said, "I think Sam noticed that and she probably thinks that you don't like her. Besides, it's just lunch, a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, whatever. What is the worst that could happen?"
"Basically, food poisoning, putting one or both feet in my mouth, sitting and staring at the food cause I'm so use to avoiding her. Besides, she will probably say no anyway. Is that some good enough reasons?" Cole responded.
Jack told him no and that if he didn't at least try, he was going to do something so outrageous, it would make him regret for not trying. Cole didn't know what Jack had in mind but didn't want to find out.
Cole starting slowly walking over to Sam. He looked back at Jack and could see him motioning, go, go. Now he was standing next to Sam. She was still trying to get a connection to the planet. "Major Carter."
"Yes, Colonel?"
He felt very uneasy and just knew the words wouldn't come out right. "Are you hungry? I'm on my way down to the mess and could bring you back something."
Jack heard that and thought to himself 'that wasn't suppose to be the question'.
"Actually, Sir, I'm a little tired and wouldn't mind taking a break."
Jack heard that and said a small "yes!" and then left the control room.
Cole said, "I'm on my way down there now. If you want, I'll wait for you?"
To his surprise, she said sure and she told Sgt. Beacon to take over. He found that it was easy to talk to her. Some of his doubts went away. He still didn't know exactly how she felt about him, but to be just friends at this point was fine with him and he was not going to push the issue.
After they finished eating, Sam said that she was going back to the control room. Cole said that he was going to check in with Dr. Daniel Jackson to see if he had found anything new.
"Sir, you might want to call him Daniel, most everyone does."
He nodded and said, "Okay. Thanks."
She left and he headed to Daniel's lab. Cole walked up to Daniel and said, "Daniel, have you found out anything new?"
Daniel replied, "Not much but I do find some things interesting in the report you gave this morning."
Finding it hard to believe that anyone could find anything from the hardly worth reading Intel they had, he said, "What's that?"
"The planet environment really intrigued me," Daniel answered. "The planet is desert with hills and sand and rocks and--"
Cole interrupted and said with a laugh, "I get the picture, a lot of dirt."
Daniel continued, "I really don't see any evidence of any kind of rain or moisture, but the other part of the planet is forest and from all indications, it's thriving, like the forest is getting water from somewhere other than nature."
"I don't know how to explain it either," Cole replied. "But if we get the Stargate open and go there, I guess we will find out."

In the control room, Hammond walked in. "No break, Sgt. Beacon?"
"No, Sir."
Sam looked up at Hammond. "I took a break for lunch, but we've been at this for hours, Sir."
It was coming up on 1900 HRs, so Hammond called everyone in. He told them to go home and they would pick this up again in the morning at 0800 HRs. Needless to say, Sam stayed longer and kept dialing and Daniel went back to his lab to keep searching for more info.

Jack and Cole went out for a steak dinner and after they ordered, Jack just had to ask,"How did it go?"
Cole wasn't going to pretend that he didn't have a clue as to what Jack was talking about. At first, he muttered, "That's just charming." A phrase that he use a lot when he was uncomfortable or something wasn't going according to plan. So he just plainly said with a smile, "Shut up, Jack." and then gave out a little laugh.
Jack felt like pushing the issue and said, "For crying out loud, Cole, I've been waiting five years to ask you that and you tell me to shut up."
Cole knew that this did not sound like the Jack he knew, but went along with it. "I ate lunch. She ate lunch. She went back to the control room and I went to see Daniel." Jack could tell the questioning was making Cole uneasy so he backed off.
They started talking about other things and then got around to talking about the mission. Jack asked him if the Tok'ra had such a big problem in getting through the Stargate. Cole told him something that he was really suppose to keep to himself. They went in a scout ship. Jack wanted to know if Hammond knew that and Cole said that he did, but wanted them to go through the Stargate to the planet. He told Jack that the only other thing that he knew was the Tok'ra in the scout ship did not come back in very good shape. Cole had no clue as to why the part of the Tok'ra going there using a scout ship was such a big secret or why Hammond insisted that they try going through the Stargate to the planet instead of gating to the Tok'ra planet and taking a scout ship there as well.
After dinner, they both headed home. Cole rolled in around 2300 HRs, and reached in the back seat to grab a 6-pack of diet soda that he bought on the way home. He never drank diet anything but bought a six-pack every two weeks. He spent a lot of time at Captain Susan Reese's home and once a month, he would bring her the diet soda that he had accumulated for the month. It really bothered him when she would ask him when he going to stop buying the diet soda. He would always tell her, "Ask me next month."
He wasn't really tired. He went to put the soda in the fridge and grabbed some orange juice. He then turned on the TV to watch the news and sat on the sofa. Cole thought about Sam because he knew that she stayed longer at the SGC and wondered if Daniel had made anymore progress. A few minutes later, he heard someone knocking at the door. Expecting it to be Jack to give him a hard time again, he got up to answer the door. Right as he opened it, he said, "Look Jack, I'm in no mood for this now." But he was shocked. To his surprise, it was Sam.

"Oh, hello, Major, is everything all right?" Sam told him that they still had no luck so far in establishing a connection with the planet.
"Okay," he said and wondered why she came over just to tell him that.
"Sir, I have some other issues on this matter, and if you want me to, I can stand at your door--"
Before she could finish, Cole spoke up. "Oh, sorry, Major, please come in. I just wasn't thinking clearly."
Sam came in and Cole asked her is she wanted anything to drink.
"You wouldn't happen to have a diet soda, would you, Sir?"
He smiled and said, "Sure, I'll get one from the fridge." He knew that she liked diet soda and all the times of buying a 6-pack finally paid off. He returned to the living room and handed Sam the diet soda. "So, what are the other issues?"
"Well, Sir--" but before she could finished he asked her to at least call him Cole when no one else was around. She wasn't use to calling a superior officer by their first name instead of their rank, but she said that she would try. She started off by saying that she was worried that if they do establish a connection to the other gate, after the team goes through, if there is any trouble, that they might not be able to make it back in a hurry. It was the concern that they would have trouble getting the gate to make contact from the other side as they were having trouble from this side. Cole told her that he had the same concern, but that is the risk that everyone takes going on a mission.
"What are the other issues?" He asked as he felt there was more to her visit.
"May I speak freely, Sir, I mean Cole?"
"Sure, what is on your mind?"
"How is it that you have been at the SGC longer than I have, but I've never seen or heard of you before?"
Cole became very quiet and she could tell that he wasn't expecting that question. "Well, since we are speaking freely, Samantha, I've avoided you all these years."
She didn't expect that answer although she like it when he called her Samantha. "Why is that?"
He proceeded to tell her about the car accident that killed his wife and two daughters. He continued with the story that only Jack knew about but didn't tell her that Jack knew about any of it. He started to lose his train of thought. He was not use to talking about himself, especially to her. He began again, "I was only here for 4 months when you came and once I saw you, I almost fell over. Still grieving for my wife a daughters and out of respect for them, I kept my emotions in check. I wasn't even thinking about dating or even falling for someone." He paused and asked, "Did I just say that last part out loud?"
Sam smiled but was saddened by the story of his wife and two daughters. "So in other words, you wanted to ask me out on a date?"
"Well, basically, yes."
She was relieved, she thought that he didn't like her by his actions in the briefing room that morning. "So how long were you planning on waiting to ask me out?"
Knowing it had been five years already, he replied, "Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?"
They both laughed and she said that she would like that very much. Cole was relieved as he was hoping he would not get shot down at least without a first date.
Sam stood up. "I guess I had better get home. We have an early day tomorrow."
He looked at his watch and saw it was close to midnight. "And not much Intel to go on. I'll walk you out to your car if that's okay?"
She said sure and they proceeded out the front door.
Before Sam got into her car, she turned around and said, "There is just one other issue, something that I have to do just to get it out of the way."
"What's that?"
She leaned forward and gave him a kiss.
"I agree, I'm glad we got that out of the way." He was trying to keep from grinning from ear to ear.
Sam got in her car and he said, "Drive safe and I'll see you tomorrow." She told him good night and drove off. He watched until her car was out of site and then headed back into his house. He opened the fridge and saw the five remaining cans of diet soda still on there ringlets with one missing. He tapped them with his hand and thought, maybe there's hope for you guys after all.

The Next Day 0800 HRs
Everyone was ready to go again. SG-2 and SG-3 were back in the gate room with all their gear. Sam and Sgt. Beacon were at the monitors and Sam was trying again to establish a connection with the planet. Suddenly she said,"Seventh chevron locked and engaged, Sir."
Hammond's order: Send the malp through.
Sgt. Beacon said, "We should have video in 5, 4, 3, 2."
They had video, but only for a few seconds. They heard a bang and several small ones.
"Sounds like a fender bender." Jack commented.
"The smaller stuff sounds like hail when it bounces off the roof." Cole commented as well.
Sam stated that the malp wasn't moving and the camera was now pointing more at the ground. Cole looked at the monitor and asked Sam if she could pan the camera around. She tried, but the camera hardly moved.
"Sir, something must have damaged the camera." She said.
"Can you play back the video we received before the damage to the malp?"
She played back the video.
Daniel now spoke up. "Everything appears to be what we expected so far."
Cole said to Hammond that he didn't like the look of things and Hammond replied, "What's the problem?"
Cole responded, "I don't know, sir. It's just a gut feeling. Can you send a second malp?"
Hammond ordered another malp through as Sam left the control room to help with it. Cole sat down where she had been sitting and continued to play back the video from the first malp. Hammond asked Cole what he was looking for and he said that he still didn't know. Sam then returned to the control room and Cole got up from her chair.
"Sending the malp through now, sir," she said. "We should have video in 5, 4, 3, 2.." The malp went through and Cole told her to make sure that she got it far enough away from the Stargate, hoping not damage another malp. He then asked her to pan the camera around.
Daniel said again,"Same thing but we can see the forest now and desert, sand, hills, rocks."
Jack threw in his comment,"Yeah, lions, tigers.."
"..and bears." Cole finished the saying.
"Oh, my." Sam uttered.
With that comment Jack and Cole started to laugh. Sam was getting a little irritated at them for goofing off. She didn't think that they were taking the mission seriously. "Sirs, I cannot concentrate with all this goofing off." Realizing what she had said, she said, "Sorry, Sirs."
Jack and Cole became a little more serious. They always joked around to break the tension.
Hammond asked, "What is it, Major?"
"Well," Sam replied, "I just said 'oh my' because the second malp almost hit the first one and it shows that the temperature is 110 degrees."
Jack said, "Cole, you'd better take some sun block."
Cole looked at the monitors and once again said that he didn't like the look of things.
Hammond looked at the images from both the monitors and said to Cole, "Show me something on the monitors that is bothering you."
"I can't, sir," Cole responded. "It's just a gut feeling and I can't show you that."
Jack, knowing Cole very well, commented, "His gut feelings are usually on the money, Sir."
Hammond respected Cole's comment of the situation, but he also knew that the mission was very important and can't be scrubbed by a gut feeling.
Almost reading Hammond's mind, Cole said, "We should go anyway, Sir."
Hammond concurred. "My words exactly," he said and grabbed the mic. "SG-2 and SG-3, get ready to go." He then turned to Cole and said, "You have a go, Colonel."
Jack and Cole both said, "Yes, Sir."
Cole looked at Jack and smiled. "I think he was talking to me, Jack, but if you would rather go?"
Jack said, "No, no, that's okay, I'll catch the next one."
Cole laughed and started out the control room to head for the gate room.
Sam got up and excused herself without a reason and followed after Cole.
Before he reached the gate room, he heard Sam say, "Wait a second, Colonel." He stopped and turned around.
She came up to him, grabbed his left shirt sleeve and said, "I just wanted to remind you of something."
"What's that, Major?"
"Sir, I just wanted to remind you of last night and please tell me that you will be careful?"
That caught him off balance as he wasn't use to having anyone worry about him going on missions. Cole slightly smiled and replied, "I'm always careful."
She didn't really think he was taking her seriously. "I'm serious, Sir."
He said that he was serious too and started to turn to go into the gate room. He turned back to her and said, "See you later."
She said okay and said goodbye to him.
He said, "I'm leaving now."
Sam wondered why he said that.
He smiled at her and said, "Sam, you need to let go of my shirt sleeve."
She had forgotten that she had him by the sleeve and said, "Sorry, Sir." and let go of him.
With that, he gave her a wink and a smile and then turned around and went into the gate room.
Sam went back to the control room and sat back down at the monitor.
Jack couldn't help himself. He noticed that she left without a reason why and he jokingly whispered to her, "Family emergency?"
"Something like that, Sir."

Gate room 0830Hrs
Captain Susan Reese handed Cole the rest of his gear.
"Let's go people," Cole ordered his men. "We've got a job to do and try not to run into the first malp on the other side." With that said, he went through the gate first and the rest of the teams followed.

On the other side, Cole was standing by the malp that was damaged. The rest of the team passed by him onto the desert ground. Captain Reese stopped short of the rest of them and was next to Cole. He knew right away that something was wrong, strange, just not quite right, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Things began to slow down like he was in quicksand and could hardly move. The others started to feel the same way.
Captain Reese asked, "What's our orders, Sir?"
He couldn't quite make out what she had said. It sounded like everything was coming to a stand still. He muttered to himself, "This is just charming- the day the Earth/Verizon stood still."
Back in the control room, they noticed something was not quite right and Hammond said, "What did she say and why is everyone just standing still?"
Jack walked over to the monitor that Sam was looking at and leaned forward to take a closer look. He turned to Hammond. "I think this is the gut feeling you wanted to know about, Sir."
Hammond nodded and talked through the damage malp camera and asked what was going on. He didn't get a reply so he asked again.
Cole heard him the first time, but couldn't move or understand him.
Suddenly, he and everyone else could move as normal, as normal as one could be on that planet.
Captain Reese asked again, "What are our orders, Sir?"
"Reese, you and Sgt. Jamison are with me, the rest of you spread out but stay near the gate." He then got down on one knee and spoke into the damaged malp camera. "Told you I had a bad feeling about this place." He then stood up and went back down again and said, "Good news, Sir. It's hot, but it is a dry heat."
Hammond just shook his head and told him to carry on.
Jack just laughed, but Sam couldn't help but be concerned.
Cole told Major Robert Lee to send the two malps back to the SGC. He then turned to Lt. Tony Silvers and told him to get clear off all the rocks that had damaged the first malp. Then he just stood there and looked around. From where the gate was, there was nothing but desert as far as you could see ahead. On both sides were trees and a road up ahead and to the right.
"Okay, people, here's the drill. Reese, Jamison and I will follow that road and see where it leads. Major Lee, you will be in charge while we are gone. And Lt. Silvers, I want you to keep in contact with us every 30 minutes. If there is any trouble, activate the gate and get back home."
SG-2 took positions near the gate and SG-3 spread out a little further ahead, some as far as the tree line. Cole turned to Reese and Jamison and said, "Let's do it." They walked ahead along the tree line to the right until they came to the road. Before going out of site, Cole radioed, "Remember guys, any trouble, get out."
Lt. Silvers confirmed the orders. "Yes, Sir, understood."
When they got to the dirt road, which was only about 10 feet wide, they noticed that the forest was on both sides with a small embankment on the left. "Okay, down the yellow brick road." Cole muttered.
Back at the Stargate on the planet, there was tension in the air. No one would talk to each other about the way they felt after going through the gate. They returned both malps and then they just had to wait and keep alert to anything that might possibly happen and of course, Lt. Silvers was keeping track of time to stay in contact with the Colonel every thirtyminutes.
Curiosity got the best of Reese and while they were walking down the road she said, "Colonel, what happened back at the gate when we went through?"
Cole didn't have a clue. "I don't know and I don't know if I want to find out." He knew of course they would probably find out and was about to say something when he was interrupted by Lt. Silvers on the radio. Lt. Silvers said that everything was fine so far at the gate. "Everything is fine here too," Cole reassured his men without trying to sound too concerned. "Get back to me in thirty minutes."
"Yes, Sir."
Cole said to Reese and Jamison, "Let's go over the embankment and see if there is room enough to continue forward. I don't want to be a sitting duck in the middle of this road if something happens."
They climbed up the embankment and Jamison said, "It looks to be about three feet down or less to the small clearing/ravine and only about two feet from the trees, Sir."
They proceeded down and saw just how narrow it was. "Guess we'll have to take this single file from here," Cole observed. "Jamison, you take point."
"Yes, Sir."
Cole noticed that there was no water or any moisture of any kind just like he and Daniel talked about.
"Do you want me to take a sample, Sir?" Reese asked.
"We're not here to take soil samples, Reese."
"I'll remind you about that when we get back and Dr. Jackson asks about it, Sir."
Cole just laughed and said, "Whatever."
They must have walked several more miles when they came close to the end of the trees and could finally hear something. They proceeded with caution. Suddenly a gust of cold wind swept through them. It was the kind of chill that goes down your spine and when that happens, someone usually says 'someone has just walked on your grave.'
He turned to his men. "You guys,okay?"
Jamison said that he felt dizzy and Reese said that she felt sick like she was going to throw up.
"That's just charming, and I have an Excedrin headache." Cole added, but motioned the troops to carry on.
They came to the end of the embankment and heard noise on the left just past the tree line. Cole took out his binoculars. "Jaffas, yes, definitely Jaffas."
Jamison had taken out his binoculars at the same time as well and looked more to the left of the Jaffas. "If that is what I think it is sir, we are in a world of hurt."
Reese's view was still blocked by the trees and told Jamison to trade places with her. Cole asked Jamison where he was looking.
"To the left, Sir." Jamison started to trade places with Reese which obstructed Cole's view so he didn't see what Jamison was looking at.
Just then a freak sandstorm blew over them and whirled around. It didn't last, only a few seconds, and when it started to die down, Cole asked, "Everyone okay?"
Reese said that her chest was burning and Jamison said that he couldn't see.
"It's probably from the sand." Cole tried to reassure the troops with him.
"No, Sir," exclaimed Jamison. "I really can't see!"
Cole waved his hand in front of Jamison's face.
Cole couldn't breathe very well either and it seemed like things were going from bad to worse. "Okay, let's abort the mission and get back to the gate while we still can."
Before they had a chance to move, a hot gust of wind hit them and there was a high pitched searing sound. They started to black out, but caught themselves before they hit the ground(at least that is what they thought). Cole felt a sharp piercing pain in the back of his head. He grabbed the back of his head below his left ear and asked, "Do you guys feel that?" Reese and Jamison said they felt the pain too. Since Jamison couldn't see, Cole told Reese to help Jamison get to his feet.
She rose up slightly to help, but her face turned white as if she had seen a ghost.
Cole glanced at her and then looked in the direction that she was looking in. "Let's go," he ordered. "A ton of jaffa are running this way!"
They both grabbed Jamison by each arm and started climbing up over the embankment onto the road. Cole couldn't help but notice that the Jaffa weren't shooting at them, just chasing them.
While they were running down the road, Cole got on his radio. "Lt. Silvers, activate the gate and get out!"
Lt. Silvers replied, "What's happening, Sir? We've been trying to contact you for two hours."
Cole couldn't hear Silvers's reply. "Lt. Silvers, do you copy?"
Reese said, "I can hear him, Sir."
Still running down the road basically for their lives, Cole took his ear piece out of his left ear and snapped his fingers. He couldn't hear out of his left ear. He put the ear piece in his right ear and said, "Lt. Silvers, repeat your last transmission."
Silvers repeated his last transmission and Cole could finally hear him. He wondered why Silvers said that they've been trying to contact them for the past two hours. It hadn't been that long. Cole repeated his transmission, "Jaffas are after us. Activate the gate and get out. We're almost there, but we need help with Jamison."
Lt. Silvers activated the gate and established contact on the first try. Major Lee and Lt. Silvers ordered most of the team to go through the gate and they waited for the Colonel, Reese and Jamison.
It wasn't very long before Major Lee said, "Look, they're coming." Major Lee pressed on his radio and told Colonel Younger that he was sending Captain Aeryn Wright and Lt. Michael Price to help them with Jamison.
"Negative," Cole said while gasping as it was getting almost impossible to breathe. "Just send Capt. Wright to help get Jamison back." Things weren't adding up. Cole couldn't help but wonder why he was insisting on getting Jamison back through the gate. He was close to Captain Reese, more than anyone knew at the time and he didn't understand why he wasn't worried about her too. He also wondered about all the symptoms they were getting and the only one that they all experienced the same was the pain in the back of their heads. Capt. Wright met them and grabbed Jamison around the arm and started running back towards the gate.
"You okay, Reese?" Cole asked.
"Sir, I feel like I'm running with ten pound ankle weights on."
He hooked his hand around the top of her vest at the shoulder to help her. Cole could see that half the team had not gone through the gate yet. "Major Lee," he yelled through the radio. "Send everyone else back now!"
"Yes, Sir." he replied.
Cole once again came over the radio and said,"Lt. Silvers, tell Hammond to close the Iris once we are through. We'll be right behind you."
"Yes, Sir." Major Lee and Lt. Silvers were rushing the rest of the team through the Stargate.
Everyone went through and when Major Lee and Lt. Silvers started up the steps. Lt. Silvers tripped over a huge rock that had damage the first malp. Major Lee grabbed Silvers arm to help him up and said, "The Colonel told you to move that." Silvers replied, "I know, and that's what I get for not doing it, besides, it's just a scraped knee."
Right before they went through the gate, Silvers looked back and saw that the Colonel and Capt. Reese were still running with the jaffa closing in. Lee and Silvers went through. When they hit the ramp, Silvers ran smack dab into a medical assistant and it knocked the wind out of him. He saw Jamison lying on the ramp, unconscious with Frasier and the medical team taking care of him. Major Lee said for them to move down the ramp.
Hammond came over the PA, "Where's Colonel Younger and Captain Reese?"
Silvers said while still gasping for air from having the wind knocked out of him, "They're right behind us, Sir. The Colonel said to close the Iris when they come through. They have jaffa after them."
Hammond and SG-1 and some other personnel were in the control room. Sam's concern for Cole's safe return was apparent to Jack. Hammond looked at her and told her to be ready to close the Iris once they came through. She said, "Yes, sir," all the while really wanting to go to the gate room. She stayed in the control room ready to close the Iris as ordered.
Jack put his hand on her shoulder and leaned over and said, "Daniel, Teal'c and I are going to the gate room. Don't worry. Cole will make it back alright. He's a survivor." Jacks words were somewhat reassuring, but she still couldn't help being worried.
Daniel, Teal'c and Jack headed to the gate room. SG-2 and 3 plus other security personnel were there and had their weapons trained on the Stargate. Jack went up the ramp with Teal'c to help the rest of the team help Jamison and the medical personnel off of the ramp. They really had no idea what to expect. Teal'c lifted Jamison up by his arms and Jack took his legs and carried him off the ramp. Frasier and the rest of the medical personnel that were still on the ramp, followed.
Frasier looked to Jack and said, "Sir, Jamison is not just unconscious, I think he's in a coma."
Jack became very concerned after that because he knew that Jamison went with Cole and Reese on recon and the rest of the team stayed at the Stargate and they seemed fine.

Back on the planet, Cole and Reese were still running towards the gate. It became apparent to both of them that the Stargate looked so close, yet seemed so far away. Like one of those scary movies, where someone is about to open a door and the camera zooms back and the person suddenly finds themselves down the hall from the door.
Reese said, "It doesn't seem like we're making any progress, Sir. You know those ten pound ankle weights I was talking about? They feel like twenty five pounds now."
"Remember, never give up, never surrender, that's my motto."
"I know sir, but I don't think we are going to make it."
Cole still finding it more difficult to breathe said, "I'll carry you if I have to, but we are going to make it and I don't want to hear that kind of attitude from you again."
As bad as she was feeling, she felt reassured by his comment that they were going to make it. He had that kind of affect on people and she had gone on every mission that he had ever went on. However, she was a little concerned about the slowing down effect they felt when they first arrived on the planet. She said, "At least they're not shooting at us, Sir."
Just then, a blast from a staff weapon hit in front of them, but off to the side.
He laughed. "Spoke too soon, Reese."
"Why are they shooting at us now, Sir?"
Still gasping for air, Cole said, "Maybe it's a warning shot."
Reese couldn't help but laugh. "I don't think so, Sir."
Then as they were closing in on the Stargate, another blast from a staff weapon hit.
"Yep, definitely a warning shot." Cole let out.
"Warning shot, Sir?" They hit the steps leading to the Stargate hard as they were running, avoiding the huge rock that Silvers was suppose to move. Their feet were burning from the hot sand and the long run. Only a few more steps to take, but Cole was practically dragging Reese at this point.
"Sir, I'm going to need a Jacuzzi when we get back."
Another blast from a staff weapon, close but not close enough. Cole was never really worried about making it back. To him, he and his team could outwit, outlast and in this case, out run any jaffa. "Yes, a warning shot," and with the last ounce of air he had in him, he added, "Maybe they don't want us to come back."
Two steps from going through the gate, Reese looked at Cole and said, "We're coming back, Sir?"
They both went flying through the Stargate...

To Be Continued...

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