Frozen in Time

The Deception

Title: “Frozen in Time” by Starr
Part 2 “The Deception”

Gate room:
Colonel Younger and Captain Reese came through the Stargate. They hit the ramp hard but remained upright. They were on their knees and skidded a few feet down the ramp. He didn’t have any of the symptoms that he had on the planet that caused him to abort the mission. He did feel light headed and cold. His blood pressure was dropping rapidly and it was only a matter of time before he was going to pass out. Cole’s photographic memory came in handy. For those few seconds, he took a mental picture of what he saw but could not hear.
He saw Hammond and Sam in the control room. Hammond said, “Major, close the Iris.”
"Yes, Sir.”
He saw the rest of SG-2 and SG-3 in the gate room being attended by medical personnel. Other security personnel were there with their guns aimed at the Stargate. Jack, Daniel and Teal’c were in the gate room. Jack told them to stand down. For some unknown reason at the time, Hammond came over the PA, “Attention all SGC personnel, the base is now sealed.”
Jack was very puzzled and looked at Hammond, but figured that he knew something that they didn’t. Cole saw Dr. Frasier attending to Jamison who was lying on the floor unconscious. Jack, Teal’c and Daniel started up the ramp to help Cole and Reese but before they reached them, Cole and Reese passed out. They both fell forward onto the ramp. Jack and Daniel picked up Cole and Teal’c picked up Reese and carried them down the ramp.
Hammond told Frasier to put SG-2 and 3 in isolation and check them out. He also told her to take Cole, Reese and Jamison to the infirmary and put them in restraints. Jack heard him tell her that and knew that Hammond knew more than what was said in the briefing room that morning. Hammond told Teal’c to go with them and as soon as Major Lee and Lt. Silvers were given an all clear by Frasier, have them report to the briefing room. He also wanted SG-1 to report to the briefing room.
Hammond headed to his office with Jack not far behind. Hammond picked up the red phone and called the President. Hammond said, “This is Major General Hammond, give me the President. Yes, I’ll hold.” Jack knocked on Hammond’s door. He moved the phone away from his face and covered the receiver with his hand and said, “Come in.” Jack walked in. Hammond said, “Have a seat, Colonel.” Jack sat down while Hammond talked to the President. “Yes, Mr. President. We have a situation here. Sir. Yes, I’ve just sealed the base. Yes, that is all I know right now. Yes Sir, they can come here but they will have to remain topside. Yes, Sir, any more information and I will contact you.” Hammond hung up the phone.
Jack asked Hammond who was coming as he heard him tell the President that they can come but they would have to stay topside. Hammond told him that Major Davis was on his way from Washington and that Secretary of Defense Starr was already there. She had come in with Cole and the others before the base was sealed but she didn't make her presence known. Hammond picked up the phone again and asked for someone to find Secretary of Defense Starr. Hammond and Jack both wondered why she didn't make her presence known when she got there. He pulled out a folder marked ‘Classified’ and slid it across his desk to Jack. “This might answer some questions that I know you must have.”
Jack opened up the report. It was the entire report that Cole had given to Hammond on his return from the meeting with the Tok’ra. Jack only knew part of the report from his conversation with Cole during dinner the night before.
The report stated that they met with the Tok’ra. The Tok’ra had sent a scout ship to the planet with five aboard. As soon as the ship entered the atmosphere, it uncloaked. They were unable to cloak the ship after that. They landed and after four of them got off the ship, they began to get sick. Different symptoms but all had the sharp pain in the back of their heads, with the exception of the pilot who had remained on board. They became so ill, they had to abort the mission and went back to the ship. They boarded the ship and told the pilot to take off and to head back to the Tok’ra planet. The pilot didn’t know what had happened but the four Tok’ra’s that were sick, fell unconscious as soon as they got back. Before the Tok’ra had a chance to check them out, they became violent and started shooting at everyone. The four Tok’ra died and the pilot didn’t have a clue.
That was all that the Tok’ra would tell Cole and his team. Jack was surprised and didn't usually question orders but in this case he did. He asked Hammond why he sent Cole and his team to the planet knowing that four Tok'ra had died on their mission there. Hammond told him that the orders came from the top and it was out of his hands.
Before Hammond headed to the briefing room, he told Jack to go and see if Major Lee and Lt. Silvers were finished and to bring the rest of SG-1 to the briefing room. Major Lee and Lt. Silvers walked into the briefing room right behind Jack and the rest of SG-1. Jack had to practically drag Sam from the infirmary. She wanted to stay and help but Jack told her that she needed to come to the briefing room and told here not to worry and that Frasier had everything under control. He knew that she was worried about Cole and he told her that he would be fine but really not believing it himself.
Hammond said, “I want to know what in the world happened!” Major Lee and Lt. Silvers both stated that not counting the strange feeling they go when they first arrived on the planet, everything seemed fine. Lt. Silvers did tell Hammond about the two hours that they couldn’t contact Colonel Younger. Major Lee continued by telling them that Colonel Younger radioed them and told them to activate the Stargate and get out. The Colonel seemed concerned about getting Sgt. Jamison back to the Stargate so they had one person go back and get Jamison. Lt. Silvers told them that before he and Major Lee went through the Stargate, he had looked back and saw Colonel Younger and Captain Reese running towards them and the Jaffa weren’t far behind. Hammond asked it there was anything else and they said no.
Hammond told them to go back to isolation and then Dr. Frasier walked into the briefing room. Hammond said, “Have a seat Doctor. Do you have anymore news on their condition?”
“Sir, SG-2 and 3 appear to be fine, but I ran more extensive tests on Colonel Younger, Captain Reese and Sgt. Jamison. They are in comas and the MRI’s that I ran showed they each had some foreign object implanted in their heads, below their left ear."
That didn’t sit well with Hammond or anyone else. He told Frasier to find out what it was and to see if she could find out what it does.
Before she left, Hammond handed her and the rest of SG-1 the red classified folder that he had shown Jack earlier. After they finished reading it, Sam asked if the Tok’ra that came back from there had the same thing. Hammond was frustrated and said that he didn’t know. He had questions, too many questions and not enough answers. He needed to know what happened on the planet and the only three people that could possibly tell him, were in the infirmary, in a coma. “Dismissed Doctor, but I want to know the minute you find out anything.
“Yes, Sir” and left the briefing room.
Sam said, “I’d like to help her Sir, maybe I can come up with a theory.”
Hammond said, “Do it, Major.” and she left the room..
Hammond told the rest of them part of what Jack already knew. “I have informed the President and was told that Major Davis was flying in from Washington D. C.”
Daniel said, “But the base is sealed.”
The General said that he had informed them that they would have to stay topside but didn’t tell them that Secretary of Defense Starr was already there.

Back in the infirmary, Frasier and Sam talked about the different things that they might try. She told Sam that the object in Jamison’s head was twice as large as the one in the Colonel and Capt. Reese. While they were talking, Cole and Reese woke up. Not the kind where they could move, talk or even open their eyes.

{Cole’s thoughts}
Where am I? I remember almost everything that happened on the planet, still wondering about Silvers comment that they tried to contact us for two hours with no luck. We weren’t gone that long. I know that Reese and I came back through the Stargate and I remember seeing Jamison lying on the floor of the gate room, he looked like he was unconscious. I wonder where Reese is? Is she with me or somewhere else? Maybe Jamison blacked out when he came through the Stargate like Reese and I did. Despite the way I felt on the planet, I feel pretty well right now. I can breathe now and no more head pain.

{Cole started to reminiscences}
I sure miss my parents and my grandparents. It was such a freak accident and I don’t know how my two sisters and I survived without a scratch. I remember when I was little and playing in a neighbors yard. I climbed up a tree and sat on a low lying branch. I saw someone drive by and they looked old. But I guess at that age, anyone over eighteen looked old. I stared at the person like I was trying to read his mind, he stared back. I thought that he must have been thinking that he wishes that he was my age again. Little! Not a care in the world and it was only the small things that seemed important, like finding that nickel that my dad gave me so I could run and catch the ice cream man when he was driving down the block. Years later, I was driving to the store and saw some kids playing in a yard, one kid was staring at me. I bet he was wondering if I wished that I was his age again.
We all grew up and followed in my parents footsteps, we joined the military. My younger sister and I went to Desert Storm. She was a helicopter rescue pilot and I flew jets..She and I ran into each other every now and then..One time she said she wasn’t afraid and she hated the people in that country. I gave her an attitude adjustment. I told her to be afraid and not to hate. I told her to keep the fear it keeps you alive and to lose the hate, it gets you dead. She thought that we were lucky cause we joined the military and that was the brass ring that our dad always talked about. I told her that it wasn't lucky, it was luck and hard work. Reaching and grabbing that brass ring that you’ve always dreamed about was luck. Learning how to keep a hold on that brass ring was the lucky part. When we got transferred to the SGC, that was lucky.
Dreaming and wishing is okay, but they seldom come true. Praying is the best thing to do, prayers are always answered, but too often the answer in no. I’m praying that I will wake up completely.

{Reese’s thoughts}
Where am I? What is going on? I feel good but I can’t tell anyone.

{Reese reminiscences}
I remember when we were little. We thought about stuff that didn’t make sense. My brother and I were walking home from school one day and were about half a block from home. A fire engine passed us with lights flashing and sirens blasting. We both thought that it would be so cool if it was going to our house. Just how stupid was that? It did go to our house but only the back yard was on fire and they helped my dad put it out about one foot from our back porch. My brother and I never understood when we would hear my dad say that we always lived in small houses. It was big to us. When we got older, we went back to a couple of places where we use to live. It looked so small. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. We were both saddened by the fact that the house where we had the fire was gone. It was just a vacant lot.

Sam and Frasier started to set up equipment. Cole and Reese started to get the pain in the back of their heads.

Jamison: 'Colonel, Captain Reese? I don’t know how or why but I know you guys can hear me. Colonel, we're not on Earth. We aren’t back at the SGC.'
Cole and Reese could hear him, but couldn’t respond. Cole was wondering just what in the heck was Jamison talking about.
Jamison: 'Can you feel the restraints? We’re still on Verizon, maybe an experiment. Don’t trust anyone. Let me do the talking when we wake up.'
Cole could feel the restraints and decided to go along with what Jamison said until he believed otherwise.
Reese thought, 'Okay, they won’t get anything out of me except maybe my name, rank and serial number.'

Sam said to Frasier, “The equipment is picking up something.” Frasier asked what and Sam said that she didn’t know. Maybe some kind of transmission. Sam didn’t know for sure but she was right. The object in Jamison’s head was transmitting a signal to the objects in Cole and Reese’s head.
Jamison woke up completely and so did Reese, but she was a little groggy. Cole remained the same.
Frasier got on the phone to Hammond. “Sir, Jamison and Reese just woke up.”
Hammond and the rest of SG-1 rushed to the infirmary. Jamison was closest to the door with Reese on the other side of him and Cole in the bed after that.
Hammond went over to Jamison and asked him what happened on the planet. Jamison said that he wasn’t sure but they had gotten sick and finally had to abort the mission. That was all that Jamison would say.
Jack went over to Reese and asked her if she could hear him. Reese told him her name, rank and serial number.
Hammond asked, “Just what in the world is going on?”
Just then, Cole woke up and started to move around but stopped moving when he saw other people in the room.
Not getting anywhere with Jamison and Reese, Hammond, SG-1 and Frasier went over to Cole.
Hammond asked, “Colonel, can you hear me?”
Cole said nothing.
Hammond asked Fraiser, “Can he hear me?”
Frasier said that she thought so but wasn’t sure. Jack gave it a try with no luck and then Sam tried. Cole just moved his eyes but wouldn’t say a word. They tried to talk to Jamison again, but he still would not talk again. Hammond ordered three security personnel to stay there in the infirmary and they headed back to the briefing room.

They all sat down at the table and tried to figure out what was going on. Frasier told Hammond that the objects that were implanted in their heads were mostly organic with some metallic material. Sam added that they think that the one in Jamison’s head was transmitting something. Daniel asked if Jamison was transmitting something to Cole and Reese. Sam and Janet looked at each other and said, “It’s possible.”

Back in the infirmary, Cole , Reese and Jamison were wide awake and wondering what to do next. Jamison had convinced Reese that they weren’t on Earth, but Cole was still not totally convinced. Jamison transmitted to Cole and Reese telling them that they had to get out of there and get back to Earth but they had no idea as to how they would get out of the restraints. No one had found Secretary of Defense Starr yet. She walked into the infirmary and saw Cole, Reese and Jamison in restraints. She told them that she wanted to see Colonel Younger and the other two in private. One of the guards spoke up and told her that they were in comas. She then demanded that they step outside and told them that she would make it an order. They hesiated, but stepped out of the infirmary.
She walked over to Cole and he opened his eyes. She released him from the restaints. He got up and released Reese while Starr released Jamison. One of the guards knew that something had to be wrong when he heard noise coming from the infirmary. He motioned to the other two and they started to go back in. Cole turned around to tell Starr what happened, but she was out the door as the guards were coming in. She wanted to remain unseen.
They knocked out the security personnel and headed for the locker room to change into fatigues. Now they could talk to each other without being heard by anyone else.
Cole said, “Let’s head for the control room and gate out of here.” Jamison said that the codes would be different and they needed to take hostages and find out the codes from the leader that looked like General Hammond. Jamison also wanted to set the self-destruct before they left. They went back to the infirmary where the security personnel were just waking up. They grabbed one hostage a piece and their guns. Cole wanted to go to the armory and get some zats, but Jamison talked him out of it.
Jamison said, “Colonel, I think they might be in the briefing room. That is where we need to go.”
They took their hostages and headed to the briefing room. Hammond, SG-1 and Frasier were still in the briefing room trying to decide what to do next. Suddenly the door opened and Cole, Reese and Jamison burst in with their hostages in front of them.

Hammond said, "What in the world--”
But before he could finish, Jamison said, “I know that we are not on Earth, give us the codes to get out of here!”
Cole thought that was strange because he out ranked Jamison and figured that he was going to conduct the demands. Cole looked over at Jack with the kind of look that only Jack would know. Jack could tell that Cole wasn’t sure about all of this. Cole moved his gun a little for Jack to see that the safety was still on.
Sam stood up and said, “Colonel Younger, can I talk to you in private?”
Cole was reluctant, he wanted to talk to Jack but said Okay. Sam motioned to Hammond’s office and Cole cut the plastic handcuffs off of Airman Benson and made him sit on the floor next to where Daniel and Teal’c were seated at the table. He started to go into Hammond’s office with Sam when Jamison said, “Cole, it’s a trick, don’t believe her.” He looked at Jamison and thought that it was strange. He never heard Jamison call him anything other than Colonel or Sir.
Cole looked at Reese and Jamison and said, “Stay here, I’ll be right back.” He could tell that Jamison was getting more upset.
Sam and Cole went into Hammond’s office. She asked him why he wasn’t pointing his gun at her and her told her that he wasn’t entirely convinced that Jamison was who he said he was and that maybe they were on Earth. In short, he told her what he could remember about the mission to the planet.
She told him about the objects that were implanted in their heads and asked him if he could hear Jamison without him speaking. He said that he and Reese could in the infirmary. Sam told him that the object in Jamison’s head was twice as large as his and Reese’s and was transmitting a signal.
Cole asked, “Then Reese’s and my implants are receiving the signal?”
“I think so, Sir.”
Cole was confused and trying to think what to do. Sam asked him if he remembered her coming over to his house before they went on the mission and he said that he did. She asked him if he remembered what she said to him outside the gate room before he left and he said that he did.
She asked, “At your house, you gave me a diet soda, right?”
“Before you left I told you to be careful, right?”
She asked, “How could I know all this if I’m not really Major Carter?”
“Okay, I believe you.”
She was surprised that she was able to convince him so easily. “You do?”
“Yes," he said. "Jamison is acting very strange. He just called me Cole instead of Colonel or Sir.”
“Remind me not to call you Cole, Sir.”
“But when you came over I told you to call me Cole when we were by ourselves.”
She smiled, “I’m joking, Sir.”
“Funny Sam, real funny.” After a moment, he said, “Okay, here’s the plan.” He took the safety off his gun and pulled the slide back to chamber a round and handed it to her.
She puzzled, “You didn’t even have a round in the chamber?”
“I told you, I wasn’t entirely convinced.”
He took another gun out of his back waistband and chambered a round. “We’re going back into the briefing room and I’m going to tell Reese and Jamison that we are on Earth.”
“What if they don’t believe you?”
He told her that he would call Reese by her rank and name, including her middle name and then she will believe me. She asked him what he meant by that and asked him why he gave her a gun.
Cole replied, “She’ll believe me then. She’s my sister. Jamison is acting different, though, and I might have to take him out if he resisted. He might not be the Jamison that we know. Maybe he was changed when we were on the planet. When we go back into the briefing room, hold the gun behind your back so that Reese and Jamison don’t see it.”
She asked again, “But why did you give me a gun?”
He told her that if he was wrong and if it was him that was changed, you will have to take me out. Sam didn’t like that part but went along.
Cole and Sam walked back into the briefing room. Sam, with the gun behind her back, moved next to the airman that was sitting on the floor.
“Reese, Jamison, I’m convinced that we are on Earth and back at the SGC so put your guns down.”
Jamison said, “We’re not on Earth, we need to set the self-destruct and get out of here.”
Reese asked, “Are you sure, Sir?”
“Captain Susan Loré Reese, I am sure.”
Reese started to let go of her hostage when Jamison said, “You’re wrong, Cole!” Jamison raised his gun and shot Reese in the shoulder and then started to point his gun at Cole. Before Reese hit the floor, Jack caught her and grabbed her gun. Jack and Cole both raised their guns and aimed at Jamison. Cole fired once hitting Jamison as Jack fired also hitting him. The airman sitting on the floor, grabbed the gun that Sam had behind her back and fired once at Cole.
Sam cried, “No!” and pushed the airman back down and Daniel and Teal’c lunged out of their seats and took the gun out of the airman’s hand.
Sam and Frasier saw that Cole was hit and got to him just as he hit the floor. Frasier put her hand over his wound.
Hammond picked up a phone and said, “Medical personnel to the briefing room.”
Cole lifted his head up a little and looked at Jamison. Jamison was on the floor but it didn't look like Jamison. He had changed, but to what, they didn't know.
Cole grabbed Sam’s arm and said, “It’s not Jamison, we must have left him on the planet. Promise me that we’ll go back to get him.” Before Sam could say anything, Jamison’s, or what they thought had been Jamison, implant was on the floor and it burned up.
Cole and Reese both yelled in pain and grabbed their left ear.
Frasier saw that blood was coming out of Cole’s ear. She hurriedly called, “Sam, help me turn him on his side and Colonel O’Neill, turn Captain Reese on her side too.”
The fluid that came out was steaming and looked to be mostly blood, but had some metal in it.
Sam looked at the burnt goo on the ground and said, “That must be the objects that were implanted.”
Hammond noted Sam's remark and ordered, “Get a bio-hazard team in here(for what was left of Jamison) and get Colonel Younger and Captain to the infirmary.”
They took Cole and Reese to the infirmary, but Hammond and Daniel stayed in the briefing room looking at what use to be Jamison.
Hammond asked, “What is that?”
Daniel said, “I have no idea.”
Frasier took care of Cole’s and Reese’s wounds and ran an MRI to make sure the objects were gone. Hammond came to the infirmary and asked how they were doing. Frasier told him that the objects were gone and besides the gun shot wounds, they should recover. She added that the objects had burned up and came out their ears. They might have some slight ear damage but should be fine in a couple of days. They still had no idea what Jamison had become.
After Cole and Reese started to recover, Reese told him that she was worried that they both might have been changed too, just like Jamison.
Cole said, “I know, we have to go back to the planet anyway.”

Briefing room:
Hammond, SG-1, Cole and Reese were there making plans on going on another mission back to the planet. Cole and Reese had not seen what Jamison saw on the planet and from whatever happened to them on the planet. The first mission was a bust and they had to come up with a new strategy. The mission was a go...


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