Frozen in Time

The Last Stand

Title: “Frozen in Time” by Starr
Part 3 “The Last Stand”

Control Room:
They were all in the control room thinking that going by gate again might take a long time. To their surprise, they established a connection on the first try.
Hammond said, “Send the malp through.”
Cole reminded Sam to make sure when it went through, to get it far enough away from the Stargate. He didn’t want it to get damaged like the first one on the first mission.
Everything looked fine and Hammond said to Jack and Cole, “You have a go.”

SG-1, Cole and Reese went through the Stargate.
The same slowing down effect happened, just like on the first mission but it didn’t last long.
Daniel looked at Cole and Reese and asked, “Is this the same slowing down effect that happened on your first mission?” Cole said yes and Daniel mentioned it felt weird.
Teal'c commented, “Indeed.”
Jack said, “I don't know, I think I kind of liked it. Like waking up and feeling refreshed from a nap.”
Cole laughed.
Daniel asked, “Where's the malp?”
They looked around, but it was gone.
Jack asked Cole if that was the road they went down before. He said yes and suggested that they take another route. They went along the tree line past the road. They were going to have to cut through the forest this time. They were in the thick forest and had to make a path through it. They hadn’t gone very far when Daniel felt something on his face.
“What is this?” he asked.
Cole felt something on his hand and looked to see what it was. He replied to Daniel question. “This is the water you were wondering about.” They went several more miles and came to the edge of the forest.
They could see Jaffa to the right and they saw what Jamison had seen. Jack said that it looked like some kind of temporary facility. They saw a side door and were about twenty feet from it. Daniel noticed that it wasn’t wet between the forest and the door. Jack threw a rock up in the air and it hit some kind of a force field. Cole threw a rock at the facility and nothing happened.
Daniel said, “It must been some kind of umbrella effect. Just over the desert part.”
"Let’s go.” Jack ordered.
They went in pairs to the door making sure the Jaffa that were out in the front didn’t see them. Jack and Cole took a quick look inside and Jack and Cole said, “Clear.” They all went inside. They were in one empty room that had a doorway to another room. The doorway was wide but had no doors. Jack and Cole went up to it, took a quick look and motioned for everyone to follow. They saw a lot of different rooms. Daniel got out his video recorder and started recording.
Cole looked in one room and called lightly, “Jack, over here.”
They all went into the room.
Daniel said, “It looks like some stasis chambers but they are filled with some kind of liquid.”
Jack saw some controls on the other side of the room and told Daniel, Teal’c and Sam to check it out. Jack, Cole and Reese were still looking at the stasis chambers. Some were empty but some were not.
Cole said, “They look human to me.”
He continued to look in hopes to find Jamison. Daniel found a drawer that had objects that looked like the implants.
“Just don’t touch them, Daniel.” Jack said knowing Daniel.
“Colonel O’Neill, this has controls for engines.” Teal’c observed.
Jack said, “Sweet, a flying lab.”
Daniel kept filming while Teal’c tried to translate some of the writing. Sam was checking out more of the controls. Jack kept watch on the door that they came through while Reese kept watch on the only other door that came into the room. Cole continued to stare at the chambers and kept wondering why he couldn’t find Jamison. He began to think that maybe Jamison really was Jamison but couldn’t understand why he changed into something else when he died.
Reese heard some noise and looked out the door and saw Jaffa. “Jaffa!” she called as quietly as possible.
Jack said, “Everyone out.”
They went out through the door they came through and Jack looked back at Cole who was still staring at the chambers, still wondering why he couldn’t find Jamison. He went back and grabbed Cole by the arm and said, "Let’s go.”
When they went through the doorway, Jack turned left to follow SG-1 into the room next to the one they were in and Cole turned left to follow Reese and ducked behind a wall. Cole and Reese went down on one knee and Cole had his eye on the door to see if anyone came through. Jack and the others couldn’t see the doorway but they could see Cole looking from behind the wall.
A few Jaffa came out the door into the room and a Goa’uld came to the doorway and just stopped.
Cole muttered, “This is just charming, a Goa’uld.”
Reese sat on the floor and Cole looked over at her and asked her what was wrong.
She said, “Doesn’t matter, we’re probably changed like Jamison, so what’s the point?”
Cole could see that the Goa’uld was just standing there as if to listen for something. He whispered to Reese, “Be quiet, we aren’t changed.”
She said, “But how do you know for sure, Sir?”
“I just know, call it a gut feeling.”
The Goa’uld went back into the room and the Jaffa followed. Everyone waited a few minutes and went back to the door to get more info but the Jaffa hadn’t left the room with the chambers yet. The Jaffa saw them, so they had no choice but to take off. They headed back the same way they came, through the forest with the Jaffa after them. They reached the end of the forest and saw the Stargate and headed towards it in a dead run. The Jaffa were firing at them from the start and Cole remembered that on the first mission. The Jaffa didn’t start firing at them until they were close to the Stargate.
A death glider came out of nowhere and started firing at them. Daniel, Teal’c and Jack were in front with Sam right behind them and Cole and Reese behind Sam. They were all side-stepping, shooting and running. Cole saw the glider firing and if they didn’t get out of it’s path, they would get hit.
Cole yelled, “Move wide!”
Jack, Daniel and Teal’c moved out of the gliders path but Sam didn’t. Cole and Reese both ran up to Sam and pushed her out of the way. Reese got hit and went down. Jack told Daniel and Teal’c to get to the gate and he went back.
Reese said to Cole, “I can’t move, Sir.”
Jack helped Sam up while Cole picked Reese up and started carrying her over his shoulder. He yelled at Jack, “Go, we’re right behind you!”
Teal’c and Daniel reached the Stargate and Daniel started to dial on the DHD. Jack and Sam caught up to them and Jack told Daniel and Sam to go through. Jack and Teal’c were on the steps of the Stargate and were firing at the Jaffa. Jack yelled at Cole, “Come on!”
Cole yelled back, “I’m coming.”
Jack and Teal’c moved further up towards the gate to get a better angle at shooting the Jaffa. A blast from the glider hit near them and they were knocked through the Stargate.
Jack and Teal’c hit the ramp hard when they got blown through. Jack saw Hammond in the control room and said, “General, Reese is hit, but Cole is carrying her. They’re coming.”
Hammond said that he was seeing it all through the malp camera that they had left there. No one noticed when they were running back to the Stargate that the missing malp was back. With SG personnel standing in the gate room with their weapons trained on the Stargate, Jack, Teal’c, Daniel and Sam headed to the control room. They looked at the monitor and saw that both Cole and Reese were on the ground. Cole had gotten hit. It was like watching a two hour movie on TV. The action is unfolding but you glance at the clock and see that there is only three minutes left so you know that the movie is about to come to an end and there’s nothing you can do but watch.
Cole sat up, his right leg was numb. The Jaffa were closing in and they were still about thirty yards from the Stargate. He told Reese to hand him her P-90.
She said, “Hello, Cole, I can’t move, remember?”
He grabbed her P-90 and extra clip. With her lying face down and unable to move and he couldn’t feel his right leg, it was a ‘last stand’ attempt. He shot at the Jaffa until both P-90's were empty. He saw the glider dip down into the trees and come up trailing smoke so he thought it must be damaged. He grabbed his and Reese’s sidearm and extra clips and continued to fire. The Jaffa stopped for a second and he looked up and saw that the glider appeared to be out of control. From its trajectory, it looked like it might hit the Stargate or close to it. He kept firing until he heard, click, click, click. It was a sign of no more ammo.
He paused and Reese said, “Cole, remember your motto, never give up, never surrender.”
He said, “I remember but in this case, the end result might be the same.” She knew what he meant...They both had a bag of grenades with 10 grenades in each bag. He took four out and pulled the pins on two of them and threw them as far as he could at the Jaffa. He took one bag, lifted Reese’s shoulder and said, “We’re in agreement on this, right?”
He shoved the bag under her and pulled the pin on one grenade and put it under her. Still half way sitting up, he took the other bag and put it on the ground. He took out the remote to the claymore’s that they had planted when they first arrived and pulled up the antenna. He pulled the pin on the other grenade and with the pin still in his mouth, he put it on top of the bag and lied down on it. He put his face on top of his left arm with the remote to the claymores in his right hand, between his face and the bag of grenades to conceal it.

Back at the SGC, they were still watching.
Daniel asked, “What is he doing?”
Jack answered him. “He plans to take out as many of the Jaffa with him as possible.”

Cole put his finger on the remote control and waited for the Jaffa. He told Reese to play dead. She said that it wouldn’t be hard to do. He listened, even with the noise from the glider coming down, he thought he could still hear the Jaffa. Then he heard a voice.
“Cole?” It was Reese.
He sighed and said, “Susan, what is it, I told you to be quiet.”
“Do you believe in an afterlife?”
He wanted to laugh but didn’t and said, “Susan, if the grenade doesn’t go off and if the Jaffa don’t get you, I will shoot you myself, now shut up!” He could hear the Jaffa walking up to them. One of them kicked Reese in the side. She didn’t move. Another one kicked him in the side and then he felt the Jaffa’s foot on the front of his shoulder. Just as the Jaffa turned him over with his foot, he flipped the switch on the remote to detonate the claymores. The glider came down and hit near the Stargate, it hit the malp. Explosions!

Control Room:
The monitor in the control room went to static. Hammond told Carter to close the Iris. Sam paused and didn’t comply with Hammond’s order.
Jack said, “But Sir.”
Hammond interrupted him and said, “Did you not see what I just saw?”
At the other keyboard, Sgt. Beacon said, “Closing the Iris, Sir.” The Iris was closed.
Jack said, “We have to go back with C-4 and blow up the facility.”
“Briefing room, but go to the infirmary to get checked out first.” Hammond ordered.

Briefing room:
SG-1 was sitting there at the table quiet for a while. Jack and Sam had a hard time believing that Cole and Reese were dead. Hammond was in his office when he got a call that Major Davis was topside and asking for permission to come down. He told them to let him in and then he went to the briefing room.
Jack finally said, “Okay, let’s come up with a plan to destroy the facility on Verizon.”
Daniel showed the video that he taped of the room with the stasis chambers. They all looked at it trying to find the best places to plant the C-4. Teal’c noticed that there was a console with blueprints to the facility. Sam and Jack looked at it and started working on where they were going to plant the C-4.
Major Davis and Secretary of Defense Starr came into the briefing room, but SG-1 didn’t take much notice of them but wondered why they were there.
Hammond said, “Major, Secretary of Defense, please come in and have a seat. Secretary of Defense Starr, I was told that you were already here.” He assumed that she came down from topside with Major Davis. Starr told him that she was there before but had an urgent matter to deal with so she was unable to tell him that she was there. Hammond didn't ask and she offered no further explaination.
While SG-1 was planning the next mission, Hammond told the Major and Secretary of Defense what happened on the planet including what they saw that happened to Colonel Younger and Captain Reese.
The SG-1 team related that they didn’t run into the Jaffa until they had been on the planet for a while, but were proceeding with extreme caution while planning the mission anyway. Jack said that he saw someone in the doorway but could only see a ribbon device and figured it was a Goa’uld. He said, “I didn’t see the Goa’uld but," he paused, "Cole and Reese had a clear view and probably knew if it was new Goa’uld or one that we already know.”
Sam mentioned, “I saw a coolant system. Could the Goa’uld be someone with Apophis’s plans of the new ship he was building that we destroyed with C-4 on a previous mission?”
They knew that they only way they got to blow up that ship was with the armbands that the Tok’ra had brought to the SGC. Jack knew that was no option.
Jack said, “The facility didn’t have the force fields that the other ship had but they had some kind of force field above it.”
“That is the umbrella effect that I was talking about." Daniel now joined in the report. "It started to rain when we were in the forest, but the desert part of the planet is dry.”
“Could we plant the C-4 using the coolant system?” Jack asked.
Sam replied, “I don’t see why not.” But they continued to study the blueprints and tried to think of anything that might go wrong so they could avoid getting captured.
Hammond said for them to carry on with the plans and in the meantime, he took Major Davis and Secretary of Defense Starr to the infirmary so Dr. Frasier could fill them in on the things that happened to Cole, Reese and Jamison. Dr. Frasier told them about the objects that Cole, Reese and Jamison had in their heads when they came back from the first mission. She told them that Jamison was transmitting signals to Cole and Reese using the implant.
Hammond said, “Anything new on the remains of Jamison?”
Frasier said that it was Jamison’s DNA and it didn’t appear to her that he was an alien.
Secretary of Defense Starr had already looked at the red folder marked classified and read the report from the first mission. Secretary of Defense Starr asked if Cole and Reese were changed the same way as Jamison. Frasier said that Jamison didn’t change until he was dead for about twenty seconds so she couldn’t be sure. Hammond, Davis and Starr headed back to the briefing room.
When they walked in, Sam said, “Sir, I think we have a plan to destroy the facility but we need some more time to go over some things.”

SG-1 stayed in the briefing room and Hammond, Davis and Starr went to Hammond’s office. Starr asked Hammond if he was sure that Cole and Reese were dead. Hammond went back into the briefing room and asked Daniel to bring a playback of the video from the malp camera where they saw what happened on the planet. Daniel brought in the video and played it back for Starr and Davis.
Major Davis said, “It does look bad.”
Starr commented that things aren’t always what they appear to be. That puzzled Hammond and Davis. Daniel heard that and left to go back to the briefing room and told Jack and the rest of them what Starr had commented on.
“Why is Secretary of Defense Starr here anyway?” Jack asked.
No one knew...

To Be Continued...

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