Frozen in Time

By Brenda H Machala

Scifi / Action

What Really Matters

Title: “Frozen in Time” by Starr
Part 4 of 4: “What Really Matters”

Back on the planet:
The grenade under Cole didn’t explode when the Jaffa turned him over. The Jaffa left them for dead. Both were still lying on the ground and after the Jaffa left, Cole opened his eyes and looked over at and asked, “Reese, you okay?”
He said, “Don’t move.”
“I can’t move, remember?”
He laughed and reached for the grenade that use to be lying underneath him and threw it as far from them as possible. He took the bag of grenades that were under him and threw it away too. Before he reached to get the unexploded grenade from under Reese and asked, “Still want to see if there is an afterlife?”
“Cole, just get these grenades away from me.” She told him.
He reached for the grenade that was under her and took out the pin that was still in his mouth and put it back in the grenade. He threw the bag that was under her away too.
Cole looked at the Stargate and it was still intact. His right leg was still numb, so he knew that he had to drag her and himself to the Stargate. He grabbed Reese by the top of her vest and started dragging her. He said, “This is going to be fun, avoiding all the debris from the glider that crashed.” About half way there, Reese said that she was tired. He said, “You’re tired? I’m the one dragging you.”
“I guess that is my fault.”
“No," he replied. "It’s my fault.”
“I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.”
He said, “It's my fault like I said.”
They finally reached the Stargate and he left her at the bottom of the steps. He got up on his left leg which was starting to go numb as well and hopped over to the DHD and dialed Earth. He looked at the G.D.O on his arm and it was damaged. He hopped over to Reese and said, “My G.D.O. is damaged, pretty much destroyed.” He sat next to her and said that he couldn’t hop any further and would have to drag themselves up the steps to the Stargate. He told her that he needed to rest for a minute.
He asked her if she remembered watching the old Superman series on TV. She said that she did. He commented, “Remember the bad guys would shoot at Superman and the bullets would bounce off.”
She said, “And then they would throw their guns at him when they were out of bullets.”
“Yeah, like the guns would hurt him but did you ever notice that sometimes when they threw their guns at him, he would duck?”
Reese laughed.
He looked at her G.D.O and it was slightly damaged but it was their only way to get back. He mumbled to Reese, “Yours is shaken but not stirred.” He punched in the code.

Back at the SGC:
Hammond and SG-1 were still in the briefing room. A siren went off and they headed down to the control room. They heard Sgt. Beacon saying, “Off world activation, this is not a drill. I repeated Off world activation, this is not a drill. Security personnel to the gateroom.”
Hammond said, “There’s no teams off world. Close the Iris.”
Major Davis and Secretary of Defense Starr came into the control room.
Sgt. Beacon said, “No need to close the Iris, Sir.”
Sam sat down next to Sgt. Beacon as Hammond asked, “Who is it?”
Sam looked surprised and said, “It’s SG-2, Sir.”
Starr asked who it was and Hammond told her that is was Captain Reese’s code and that Colonel Younger had a different code. Security personnel were already in the gate room and Jack, Teal’c and Daniel followed them in.

Cole had to really struggle to get Reese and himself up the steps to the Stargate. He sat Reese up and grabbed both of her shoulders by her vest and jacket and was ready to go through the Stargate when Reese said, “Cole?”
Cole sighed and said, “Susan, I'm tired, we are both hurt and I'm about to pass out so what is it?”
She asked, “Cole, what if the G.D.O was damaged too bad and the Iris is closed?”
“It’s your choice, Susan, snake in the head or bugs on a windshield.”
“In that case, let’s get out of here.”
Cole dug his left heal in to try and get something to push off on to get momentum. He pushed off and they went through the gate. They were back on the ramp at the SGC and were lying on their backs. Jack told the security personnel to stand down and Jack, Teal'c and Daniel went up the ramp.
“Close the Iris and get a medical team in the gate room.” Hammond called the order.
Reese was unconscious and Cole was about to pass out.
Jack came up to Cole and said, “I thought you were toast.”
Cole replied, “Me too, Jack.”
Jack asked Cole, “Did you see who the Goa’uld was?”
“Yes, it’s Nurti.”
Jack thought that he should have taken care of her when she was at the SGC. Before Cole passed out he told Jack that Reese was worried that they had been changed like Jamison on the first mission. He told Jack that if they died, don’t do anything to revive them.
Jack said, okay, but it took him a while to realize what Cole was talking about(he had to read between the lines). They took them to the infirmary and Hammond ordered Frasier to run tests in the hopes not to see any implants in their heads this time.
SG-1 went back to the briefing room to continue to work on the mission and Hammond, Major Davis and Starr went back to Hammond’s office. Frasier ran tests on them, there was no implants. Dr. Henry Scott and Dr. Charles Rogers operated on Reese, she had injuries from the shrapnel. Cole’s condition was worse but Reese was not in very good shape either. Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lisa Pierce worked on him. He had lost a lot of blood and had internal bleeding. Dr. Frasier went to Hammond’s office to inform him of their condition. While she was there, they heard 'Code Blue, infirmary'. Hammond and Frasier left Davis and Starr in his office and headed to the infirmary with SG-1 in front of them. Reese was okay at the time but Cole’s monitor showed flat line.
The defibrilator was in between Cole and Reese’s bed but Frasier did nothing. Jack thought that Cole might have told her to do nothing. Jack knew that Cole meant for them to wait long enough to see if he would change like Jamison but by the time it took them to get to the infirmary, it was long enough.
Jack said, “Okay, do it now.”
Frasier looked at him and said that Colonel Younger had a DNR in his medical file.
Jack said, “That’s from
a long time ago, I’m sure he meant to change it.” Frasier said, “I’m sorry Colonel, but only a family member can change that.”
Reese was his sister but she was in the next bed, unconscious. Major Davis and Secretary of Defense Starr walked into the infirmary. Starr heard what Frasier and said, “I’m his older sister, revive him.”
Frasier looked at Hammond, no one know that Starr was his other sister, not even Jack. Hammond nodded and Frasier picked up the defibrilator and revived him.
Then suddenly Reese went into cardiac arrest. There was no DNR in her file so Frasier started to revive her, but Jack intervined.
“Wait a second, okay, half a minute.”
Frasier looked puzzled and Jack explained to them that if she didn’t change like Jamison, then revive her. He told her that Cole had asked them to do that to make sure they weren’t changed. They waited thirty seconds and Reese didn’t change so Frasier revived her. Cole and Reese were still unconscious but they were alive.

{The last mission}
Final details of the mission were worked out and SG-1 decided where to plant the C-4. The mission was a go. SG-1 was geared up and ready to go back to the planet. Jack wished that Cole was going with them but knew he had to have time to recuperate. Be careful what you wish for.
Sam said, “I can’t connect, the 7th chevron was not engaging and locking.”
Jack was growing impatient and said, “For crying out loud, not again!” Not again, he didn’t know that it would take over a week to finally get through.
In the meantime, Cole and Reese got better and Frasier gave them a clean bill of health and they left the infirmary. Cole went to Hammond’s office, he knew there was another mission to the planet and he wanted Reese and him to go. Hammond hesitated at first because of the serverity of injuries, but knew it was Cole's mission to start with and he was intitled to finish it. He also understood about getting back on the horse so he nodded and said, “If you and Captain Reese are up to it, you have a go. Get with SG-1 and go over the mission.”
Cole found Jack and told him that Hammond said it was okay for Reese and him to go on the mission and he wanted to go over the plans.
“The plan is simple, go there, plant C-4 and get out.” Jack said.
“Okay.” Cole said expecting something more.
Sam walked up and she went over the mission in more detail and told him about the coolant system.
“Sounds like a plan to me.” Cole smile knowing there was something more.
Jack said, “By the way, you might want to take the DNR out of your medical file.”
Cole just laughed.
Jack was worried that their target on the planet would be gone by the time they get there.

Finally after over a week of trying, Sam said, “We’ve got a lock, Sir.”
The wormhole opened and SG-1, Cole and Reese went through. The slowly down effect was gone and they couldn’t help but wonder if they were too late. Jack saw all the debris on the ground. Cole told him that it was the glider that went down.
Jack said, “Sweet, let’s go.”
They stepped around the debris and followed the tree line to the forest to take the same path that they did in the second mission. There was no problem so far.
They went into the facility and went through the room to the next one, the one next to the chambers. They had one C-4 explosive each. Jack told them to split up into pairs and to meet back there in the room where they were. Sam reminded everyone to set the first one for 30 minutes and the other one for 25 minutes. Jack and Sam went one way, Cole and Reese another and Teal’c and Daniel the other way. They still didn’t see any Jaffa or Nurti. Cole and Reese set the first charge for thirty minutes and went to set the second charge for twenty minutes. When they had set the C-4, they all headed back to meet up in the room. They started to leave when out of nowhere Jaffa rushed into the room. Nurti followed. Cole was bringing up the rear and Nurti used the ribbon device and knocked Cole against the wall.
SG-1 and Reese stopped in the double wide doorway and had their weapons pointing at the Jaffa with the Jaffa pointing their staff weapons at them. Nurti grabbed Cole and dragged him about 10 feet to the center of the room, he got up and said.
“Thanks for throwing me against the wall.”
She had two other devices and said to Cole, “You will feel what I want you to feel. Boken ankle.”
An orange glow was on his ankle. Cole dropped to his knees and grabbed his ankle in pain.
He said sarcastically, “And I thought we were having a Hallmark Hall of Fame moment.”
Nurti then said, “Broken elbow.”
There was the same orange glow.
Cole grabbed his elbow and said, “Okay, I'll admit that hurts but you’re still sounding a little over dramatic.” Cole knew that the timer on the C-4 was ticking down. He turned his head and looked at Jack. “Just shoot me and get out of here.”
Jack shot at Nurti and it bounced off, he then shot at Cole and it bounced off.
Nurti said, “You can’t shoot him, I’m protecting him.”
Cole muttered, “That’s just charming, being protected by a Goa’uld. How stupid is this?”
Then Nurti let out a blue vapor and Cole tried to avoid it, but ended up breathing it in. She said, “Lungs”
He grabbed his chest and had just about enough of it.
Daniel asked, “What did she say?”
No one knew. Cole heard Sam over the radio telling him that he and Nurti might be protected by the same thing and she might not be protected from him. Cole turned his head and looked at Jack and nodded. Jack knew to expect some thing. Cole lunged forward and knocked Nurti to the ground. Everyone opened up firing. Teal’c and Jack managed to make it over to Cole and dragged him to the doorway. Teal’c put Cole over his shoulder and they headed out the exit and into the trees. It had rained on the forest so it was more difficult to run through. They came out of the forest and saw the Stargate and headed towards it. Cole’s ankle and elbow felt fine, but his chest didn’t.
Then they heard an explosion and it knocked them to the ground. They looked and saw that the force field was still there and the explosion blew outwards into the trees. Since the trees were wet from rain, the first explosion didn’t do much damage but the sound wave shook the ground. They got up and the second explosion went off and it took out the force field. Daniel got to the DHD and dialed up Earth. Teal’c went through first since he was carrying Cole and Cole was unconscious at that point. Daniel and Sam followed behind him and Jack and Reese got to the point to go through but stopped and turned around.
Reese said, “It’s done, we blew it up.”
Jack said, “Yeah, let’s go.”
They went through the Stargate. Jack saw everyone except Teal’c who had carried Cole immediately to the infirmary upon arriving.
Hammond was in the control room and said, “Close the Iris.” He came down and said, “Briefing room, now.”
Everyone went except Sam who went to the infirmary to tell Frasier what had happened. She then went to the briefing room where SG-1 and Reese were telling Hammond what had happened. Hammond ordered them to the infirmary for a check up and then to come back to the briefing room.
After Frasier had run tests on Cole, she went to the briefing room. She said that Cole had no implant. His X-Rays showed that he had no signs of a recently broken ankle or elbow. Frasier continued to tell them that Cole had pulmonary edema.
“What?” Jack asked.
Frasier said that his lungs were filling up with fluid but when they had put some tubes in, they couldn't find anything to drain. She added that he was also cold to the touch almost to the point of turning blue but his temperature was normal.
Sam said, “That doesn’t make sense.”
Hammond told her to go with Frasier and make it make sense. Dr. Pierce and Dr. Rogers kept an eye on Cole while Sam and Frasier went to Sam’s lab to try and come up with a theory. Sam went into more detail about what happened. She explained that there was an orange glow around Cole’s elbow and ankle and he was in pain but there was a blue vapor that entered his lungs. Frasier asked her if she thought the orange glow was temporary but the blue vapor lasted longer. Sam said it is possible but if that was the case, Cole might die before the blue vapor wore off.
They continued to work well into the night. Cole’s condition became worse and the outlook was grim. Frasier started to nod off. Sam was tired but finally came up with a theory.
“I’ve got it.” she said and slammed her hand on the desk and that woke up Frasier. “Nurti told Cole, you will feel what I want you to feel.” Could it be that simple?
Frasier asked, “Mind over matter, power of suggestion?”
Sam replied, “That’s the only thing that I can think of.”
“That might explain why he has symptoms but everything is normal.” Frasier stated back.
“He is only thinking what Nurti wants him to think and unless we tell him otherwise, he is going to die.” Sam said and then picked up a phone to call Hammond. “Sir, I think that maybe we have come up with a theory. Can you come to the infirmary?”
Hammond said that he was on his way.
Sam and Frasier walked into the infirmary to find Cole near death. Hammond, SG-1, Reese, Major Davis and Secretary of Defense Starr were already there. Hammond told Sam to do whatever she needed to do. Frasier went to the right side of where Cole was lying in bed. Sam and Dr. Pierce went to the left side. Sam looked at Frasier.
Frasier shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s your theory. Sam.”
Sam said that they needed to wake him up but she didn't know how.
Jack remarked smartly, “That’s not in your theory?”
Sam was frustrated and shrugged her shoulders.
Jack took the situation into his own hands and went over to Cole and punched him hard in the chest. Cole opened his eyes and Jack said, “That got his attention.”
Sam said to Cole, “Colonel Younger, nothing is wrong with you. You just think that there is.”
No response. Frasier told Dr. Pierce to help her get Cole up to a sitting position.
Sam repeated, “Colonel, there is nothing wrong with you. You just think that there is.”
Frasier motioned for Sam to get closer. Sam sat on the edge of the bed and put her hands on top of Cole’s shoulders and asked, “Sir, can you hear me?”
Still no response.
Sam didn’t understand why he was not answering her. Frasier said that Cole was starting to warm up.
Sam asked again, “Cole, can you hear me?”
Cole smiled at Sam and said, “Yeah, Samantha, I can hear you.”
Sam smiled back at him. Everyone in the room began cheering and high-fiving each other. Even Hammond had a smile on his face. But all the cheering fell on deaf ears. Sam and Cole decided for just that one brief moment, they were keeping the rest of the world out. If they were frozen in time from that moment on, it would have been fine with them. They knew that for one brief moment ‘what really matters’. They were alive and they were happy.
After two days in the infirmary, Frasier released Cole. He was tired and he was hungry. He left the SGC and went home. He turned on his TV on the way to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and stared for a minute. He was too tired to even eat. He saw the five diet sodas on a shelf and smiled. He grabbed some orange juice and went back into the living room. Cole sat down on the sofa and turned the TV channel with his remote to the news. He leaned back and put his feet on the coffee table. He fell fast asleep. He was out like a light and didn’t hear that someone was at his front door, knocking...

The End...What?...Don’t want to see that end?...What to see more of a sci-fi ending with a twist?..Ok, just remember you asked for it...

Alternate Ending:

After two days in the infirmary, Frasier released Cole. He left and went to find Sam to thank her for saving his life. Reese caught up to him before he could find Sam and informed him that Starr was waiting at Nellis and she had told her to get him and come there immediately. He was reluctant to leave. He questioned Reese about why they needed to leave so soon. Reese told him that she didn’t know but Starr had told her that it was urgent.
They left the SGC and caught a flight to Nellis and had no trouble getting past security. They walked into a small, dark, cluttered room and saw Starr standing there. Starr took a remote out of her jacket pocket and turned it on. Cole and Reese uncovered the object that they were standing next to.
Reese asked, “Is that where we are going?”
Starr informed them that she had checked it out after the infirmary incident and that it was the next place on the list.
Cole agreed but before he could finish his sentence, he heard footsteps behind him and a voice that said, “Colonel.” They turned around. Cole and Reese were surprised to see Allen but Starr was not. Cole inquired how he got there but Starr interrupted and told him that she knew and was taking care of the situation.
Reese said, “Allen, no matter what, you always seem to make it but you’re always late.
Allen replied, “Sirs, better late than never.” He shrugged his shoulders with a ‘like it’s my fault’ look. Cole insisted that Starr tell him. She said that she was taking care of it and that they were running behind and needed to leave.
Allen looked at the object and asked, “Is that where we’re going?”
Cole replied, “Yes, that is the next mission.”
Allen nodded. “It looks good to me.”
Cole still felt bad about leaving without thanking Sam and telling her goodbye but he knew that the ‘special mission’ they were on was important.
Then Cole, Reese, Starr and Jamison touched the dimensional mirror and were gone-from that reality...

THE END - (To Be Continued)


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