Frozen in Time 2


Watch how Colonel Cole Younger and his team go from one reality to another to find out what is wrong with theirs.

Scifi / Action
Brenda H Machala
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Different Destinations

Previously from “Frozen in Time” by Starr

Alternate Ending:

After two days in the infirmary, Frasier released Cole. He left and went to find Sam to thank her for saving his life. Reese caught up to him before he could find Sam and informed him that Starr was waiting at Nellis and she had told her to get him and come there immediately. He was reluctant to leave. He questioned Reese about why they needed to leave so soon. Reese told him that she didn’t know but Starr had told her that it was urgent.

They left the SGC and caught a flight to Nellis and had no trouble getting past security. They walked into a small, dark, cluttered room and saw Starr standing there. Starr took a remote out of her jacket pocket and turned it on. Cole and Reese uncovered the object that they were standing next to. Reese asked, “Is that where we are going?” Starr informed them that she had checked it out after the infirmary incident and that it was the next place on the list.

Cole agreed but before he could finish his sentence, he heard footsteps behind him and a voice that said, “Colonel.” They turned around. Cole and Reese were surprised to see Allen but Starr was not. Cole inquired how he got there but Starr interrupted and told him that she knew and was taking care of the situation.

Reese said, “Allen, no matter what, you always seem to make it but you’re always late. Allen replied, “Sirs, better late than never.” He shrugged his shoulders with a ‘like it’s my fault’ look. Cole insisted that Starr tell him.
She said that she was taking care of it and that they were running behind and needed to leave.

Allen looked at the object and asked, “Is that where we’re going?” Cole replied, “Yes, that is the next mission.” Allen nodded. “ It looks good to me.” Cole still felt bad about leaving without thanking Sam and telling her goodbye but he knew that the ‘special mission’ they were on was important.

Then Cole, Reese, Starr and Jamison touched the dimensional mirror and were gone-from that reality . . .

THE END – (To Be Continued)

“Frozen in Time 2” by Starr
Part 1 : Different Destinations

Ten days later: Present day

Cole walked into the General’s office. “You wanted to see me, General Carter.” She handed him an envelope and said, “I was told to give this to you ASAP.”
It was marked classified. He knew it was from Starr.

He opened and looked at it. Sam asked, “Bad news, Colonel?” He replied, “I’m not really sure, General. It depends on what it means.”

Sam asked, “Did you find what you are looking for?”
He knew that she had no idea the real reason that they were there and bought the cover story he had given her. He respectfully said, “No, General, not this time. Reese, Jamison and I will be leaving now.” He saluted, “Permission to leave, General?”

General Carter saluted, “Good luck, Colonel. Permission granted.”

He found Reese and Jamison and told them that they had to leave in a hurry. Reese asked if there was a problem and he showed her the envelope.
It read: Return to Nellis immediately. Time critical. Starr

They boarded a charter jet that Starr had arranged and headed to Nellis. Starr was standing in the room with the dimensional mirror when they walked in. Starr had the remote in her hand but had not turned it on yet. Starr said, “While you were on your last mission, I checked out the next one on the list and had to do a lot of things while I was there.”
She handed Cole an envelope with about ten pages in it. Cole said, “With slh’s(Starr’s little helpers)?” She said, “Yes. I haven’t had time to create any cover stories so you will be on your own on this one.” She also handed him another envelope that contained the bios of their counterparts in that reality.

Reese asked Starr what the problem was and Starr said that they would find out when they got there. Cole was busy going over the pages that she gave him when Reese said, “I don’t like this. Why can’t we just skip it if there is a problem?”

Cole knew what was coming next. He started rubbing his forehead with his fingers and turned to Jamison, “We aren’t even on the mission yet and they’re arguing. This is giving me a migraine.” He tried to ignore their constant arguing.

Starr said, “Look Reese, you volunteered just like the rest of us. If you don’t like it, you can go back and talk with your superiors. Oh wait. I am your superior.” Reese looked at Cole for some kind of support but he was busy reading the papers that Starr had given him and he was ignoring them as best he could.

Reese still asked, “Cole, don’t you have a problem with this or am I the only one?” Cole said, “It’s a need to know basis besides the ‘powers that be’ never told us.” Reese said, “I know that but they keep saying that we will know what it is when we see it and I have a problem with that.”

Starr said, “Reese, you have a problem with everything.” Cole took the mission list from Starr and waved it in front of Reese, “See this? We don’t skip anything. We don’t pick and choose. We go down the list as ordered.”

Reese asked, “But doesn’t that bother anyone else, I mean not knowing?”

Cole knew that she wasn’t going to be satisfied with any answer so he just asked, “Do you really want to know what we are looking for?”
Reese thought she was finally going to get some answers and replied, “Yes.”
He said, “We are looking for the one-armed man.” Starr and Jamison started laughing.

“That’s not funny Cole.”
Cole just grinned and said to Starr, “Let’s go. On three. Three.”
They touched the dimensional mirror and were in another alternate reality at Nellis. Starr handed Cole an ‘op’ phone and a count down watch. He looked at her, “You’re not going with us?”
Starr said, “I’m staying here this time. You will find everything you need outside for transport and all the instructions you need are in the envelope that I gave you.” He also found a small disc inside the envelope and Starr told Cole, “I know that you already know how to repair and install the items that you will find but the disc is just for reference and not to be given to anyone.”
He replied, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it every time we go.”

They left Starr and went out the room. Cole couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was and that he didn’t see anyone. As the walked down the corridor, he turned to them and stated, “Looks like nobody’s home.”

They walked outside and saw three vehicles. It was night time and it was cold. Cole told Jamison to check out the transport truck and the humvee. Cole and Reese went out further and couldn’t help but notice the silence.

Then they went over to the helicopter and got in. Cole saw some ‘op’ monitors and said, “Ok, let’s turn this stuff on and see if we can find out anything.” He muttered to himself, “Starr is a master at leaving out details.”

One monitor was receiving television signals. The news broadcaster was announcing a special bulletin. A virus was sweeping across Asia and Europe, starting in Russia and spreading throughout China. Cole switched to another station and put on the universal language translator. The news was the same on all stations. Cole reached to turn it off when Reese said, “How about if I just turn down the sound?” He said, “Okay. Whatever.”

Reese said, “I wonder when this started.” Jamison came back to the chopper with two foot lockers of equipment and said that there is an ‘op’ UAV with a launcher attached to the humvee. They looked through the first locker and found vests, radios, sidearms, M-16's, ammo, extra clips, combination night vision/infrared ‘op’ goggles, other gear and supplies. Cole put the first locker in the back of the chopper. The second locker had bio-hazard suits in it. Cole told them to gear up. Jamison asked what was going on and Cole told him to get in the chopper and turn the volume up on the monitor. While he was watching the monitor, Cole and Reese started to gear up and Cole was slowly handing Jamison his gear. He then took the foot locker with the bio-hazard suits and put it against the building.

Jamison got out of the chopper with a look of shock on his face.
He told Reese and Jamison to get the UAV ready for launch. He took out the envelope and stared at the two maps. The first map showed destinations and coordinates from Nellis to the SGC in Colorado. The second map had Plan B written on it. Destinations and coordinates from Nellis to the SGC, SGC to transportation, transportation to Utah and then back to Nellis. He started up the chopper and while he waited for Reese and Jamison, he drew a third map using just names of the destinations.

They launched the UAV and went back to the chopper. He could see the child in Reese and Jamison sometimes. Reese had no excuse for her sometime childish behavior except to break the tension but Jamison was just a kid and didn’t have that much experience. They came running back to the chopper and she yelled, “Shotgun.” Cole just grinned. He put on the headphones and saw that Jamison was starting to get into the back with the foot locker that he had put against the building.

He turned to Jamison and ordered, “Leave it.” Jamison asked, “We’re not taking the bio-hazard suits?” Cole plainly replied, “No.”

They took off and Cole said out loud, “All monitors on, putting helicopter in running silent mode. Putting UAV in stealth mode and running silent mode.” He handed Reese the envelope and told her to get the maps out.

Reese saw the two maps on the first page and it had destinations on it. She said, “I’m assuming that Nellis is not destination number one. First one is the SGC and back to Nellis. I don’t see any problems here. The second map is marked Plan B.”

Cole said, “We’re going to take another route. Turn the page over and look at the third map.”

Reese looked at the third map and stated, “This is your writing.”

Cole said, “I know. We’re going to deviate from the first two maps and do some recon using the third malp. I didn’t put down the coordinates on the third map so you will have to use the second map as reference. I want to fly to Utah and then we can head to the next destination.” They put on ‘op’ night vision/infrared goggles. He said, “What is the coordinate to the place in Utah?”

Reese looked at the second map and said, “I’m not sure. I can’t read Starr’s writing.”

Cole grabbed at the paper, “Give it to me. Don’t know why you can’t read it. You write just like her.” He looked at the map and punched in the coordinates on the UAV monitor. He said, “Okay, all we have to do is follow the UAV and please people, pay attention. We don’t know the whole story here so we need to stay alert.”

They could see a lot of fires and even some looting going on in the cities and small towns they passed over. Jamison said, “I wonder if that is just from the reports about the virus.”
They didn’t say anything but they were all wondering if the Goa’uld had some involvement in all of this. Cole said, “We’re getting close to the coordinates so keep an eye out.”

They hadn’t flown very far when Reese said, “I can see an airstrip down below.” Cole turned on the spotlights and then he and Jamison both looked. They saw a lot of vehicles, military, civilian, RV’s, trucks, cars and even school buses. Cole observed, “There are a lot of airplanes on the runway. Looks like civilian. Everything from passenger airlines to small private planes, military, some transport planes and jets.” Reese added, “I can see Air Force One.”

Cole took them down to take a closer look but didn’t land. He said, “Looks like a lot of the planes and vehicles have been damaged. They’re on fire but the facility seems intact.” There was too much smoke so he had to go back up. Then he said what no one wanted to hear. “Might be the work of death gliders? I’ve seen enough.”

Reese looked at the map.“The next destination is . . . ” Cole interrupted, “I want to do a fly by the SGC first. The transportation is within walking distance.” Reese punched in the coordinates on the UAV monitor and they headed east to the SGC.
Cole muttered sarcastically, “Now you can suddenly read Starr’s writing.”

When they got there, Cole had the chopper hover over the entrance. Jamison said, “It looks deserted but I do see three guards that appear to be sleeping.”

“No, “Cole remarked. “They’re not sleeping and the mountain looks sealed. I see a lot of vehicles like what we saw in Utah. It’s almost light outside but not enough to see without these goggles. Let’s find the transportation in the woods while we are still in the air.”

They flew over the woods but were having a hard time finding it even with the coordinates and the goggles. “Jamison, get out the ‘op’ tracker and give it to Reese. Starr may have left a homing signal on.”
“I got it. Right down there.” Reese responded as she pointed.
Cole told her to lock the signal into the tracker and then he landed the UAV as close to the position as possible using the remote in the chopper. After he landed the chopper, it was still an uphill walk to the transports using the tracker as a guide.
Reese said, “Here’s a path and it should lead up there. I wonder if Starr made this path?” Jamison never liked wearing goggles and he took his off.

After they had walked a while, Cole said, “Jamison, take point.”
Jamison said, “Why me, Sir?”
Cole said, “Because we’re older than you.” Jamison took point.
“How old is Jamison?” Reese asked.
Cole shrugged his shoulders, “I have no idea.” She started laughing.

About five minutes later they heard a clank and a thud and they saw Jamison on the ground. “Sir,” Jamison said a little dazed.“ I think I found it.”
Cole and Reese laughed. Cole said, “That’s what you get for taking off your goggles.” Cole took out two pages from the envelope and handed it to Jamison and told him to do an inventory check on other vehicles behind them for gear, equipment and any supplies that should be there.

Cole said to Reese, “Let’s check out the first transport truck.”
Reese said, “It’s got two covers on it. One regular ‘op’ camouflage and the other is . . . ” Before she could finish, Cole shook his head, “Don’t even think about calling it that.” Reese said, “The other is the hider.”
Cole shook his head again, “I knew you were going to say that. Why can’t they just call it a heat shield?”

Reese agreed, “Yeah, I don’t like the name either but you have to admit that it is very cool. It’s like a one way mirror. You can put it over something and you’ll never find it without the ‘op’ goggles that we brought and if you are inside, you can see everything outside just as if the cover wasn’t there.”
Cole remarked, “Yeah, as long as you don’t put it on the wrong way”

They lifted the two covers just enough to climb into the passenger side. Cole said, “Ok, we’ve got a radio and some ‘op’ monitors here. One is for a UAV and it looks like a UAV launcher is on top of the humvee in front of us. Let’s check the back.” They opened the tailgate and looked in the back and saw that there was one more UAV but not much in the way of supplies. Reese noticed that the transport truck also had a UAV launcher on top.

Jamison came back and reported that everything on the list was there.
Cole asked, “Are you sure? Give me some numbers.”
Jamison replied, “Yeah, all kinds of cool stuff, Sir. Rocket launchers, C4 explosives, grenades, ‘op’ monitors and radios in all of them, M16's, plenty of clips and ammo, ‘op’ covers, medical supplies including blankets and stuff like that.”

Cole thought that Jamison was through, “I hope we don’t need all of this stuff.” Jamison said, “Oh yeah, and extra small cans of ‘op’ gasoline.” Cole muttered, “That’s just charming. If we get hit, we’ll make a bigger explosion. Let’s head to the SGC.”

They were almost to the SGC when Jamison asked, “Since the base is sealed, how are we supposed to get in, Sir?” Cole said, “Guess we’ll have to use the back door.” Reese and Jamison both said, “Back door?”
Out of frustration, Cole said, “Listen up guys, I haven’t slept in about two or three days so you guys are going to have to get with it. I don’t care how you do it, hold hands and share a brain for all I care. Do whatever.” Reese knew that Cole only said things like that when he was tired and not feeling well.

Cole walked over to the shaft that led down to Level 17 and started punching in a code. Jamison asked, “What if it doesn’t accept your code, Sir?”
Cole smiled, “Get ready for tear gas.” Jamison threw himself on the ground and covered his head. Cole grinned and shook his head.
Reese asked, “Why is he even here?” Cole shrugged his shoulders, “Comic relief maybe.” They both laughed.

He finished punching in the code and opened the hatch. Cole said, “Jamison, you can get up now.” Cole pointed his flashlight from his M16 down the tunnel and saw that it was clear. “Ok, Jamison, you’re up.” Cole ordered.
Jamison said, “Why do I have to go first, Sir?”
Cole said, “Cause we’re older than you.” Cole shook his head and turned to Reese, “Why does he keep asking me that?”

Jamison started to climb down and muttered, “I’m doing this under protest, Sir. I hate dark tunnel thingeases.” Cole and Reese laughed and looked at each other and Cole said, “Dark tunnel thingeases? Okay, Reese, you’re next.” Reese climbed in and Cole followed after her.

They got out on Level 17 and went into the corridor. A lot of people were running around. Two airmen approached them with TER’s. Cole saw that one of them was Airman Benson and asked, “Where’s the command center?”
Airman Benson replied, “Control room, Sir.” Then Corporal Ele Runner walked up and informed them that she needed to escort them to the infirmary. Cole told her that they knew the way but told her to follow them. They slowly walked down the corridor. He glanced at each person as he passed them. Some were leaning against the wall and some were sitting on the floor. Everyone appeared to have different expressions but he noticed that they all had the look of panic.

They headed to the infirmary and saw a lot of activity. There were medical personnel there that he had never seen before. Dr. Frasier informed them that they were taking blood samples from everyone that came in. She took their blood and Cole told Jamison to stay in the infirmary and find out what was going on and he and Reese headed to the control room.
Major Carter was in the control room and she was coordinating an evacuation through the Stargate. Cole told Reese to get together a list of all SGC personnel that were assigned to the base so she headed to the briefing room.

Carter saw Cole and went up to him and said, “Colonel, we’ve been expecting you, Captain Reese and Sgt. Jamison. Secretary of Defense Starr let us know that you were coming.” Cole asked for a status report. Carter said that it might be easier to show him the information that they have gathered in the briefing room. They headed there. Reese was already in there compiling a list. Cole walked over to Reese and handed her a page with planet designations on it and told her to check the mission reports and compare it to the ones on the page and to circle the ones that they have been to.
Cole knew this was going to take a while.

To Be Continued...

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