Frozen in Time 2

Truth Revealed

“Frozen in Time 2” by Starr
Part 2: “Truth Revealed”

Reese handed him the list of SGC personnel. He looked at Carter, “Major, I need to be briefed on just about everything. Who, what, when, where, how and try to give me the reader’s digest version.” He noticed that General Hammond’s name was on the office door but didn’t say anything about it at the time.

“Sir,” she replied, “We found out that the second gate was being used. It was at Nellis and it’s now at an NID airstrip in Utah. General Hammond had ordered them to ship the Stargate back to Nellis and said that there would be an Iris sealed over it. Before it was done, we received Intel that two Goa’uld mother ships were headed to Earth. We believe that they released a virus somewhere in Russia and it’s spreading rapidly. Dr. Frasier can tell you more about the virus.”

Reese finished the list of planets and gave it to Cole and sat down with them. Dr. Frasier and Jamison came into the room and sat down too.

He looked at Frasier. “Dr. Frasier, tell me what you know about this virus.”

“Sir, it’s something that we’ve never seen before and it’s airborne. It doesn’t appear to be contagious through physical contact. Once exposed, the symptoms are similar to a bad case of the flu and within six to eight hours, it’s fatal. We’re in the process of trying to find a vaccine/cure but have come up empty. We’re in the process of collecting blood samples and testing people who have symptoms but have not developed the virus. We haven’t found anyone yet. Right now the base is almost filled to capacity with people. Besides the infirmary, we’re using every available space including the isolation rooms and the multi purpose rooms.”

He interrupted her. “Do you have any numbers? Any statistics?”

Dr. Frasier told him that doctors and other medical personnel came to the SGC from the CDC and from their calculations, more than 98% of the world’s population would be infected within the next 24 to 36 hours. She also told him that the doctors from the CDC advised General Hammond to let in as many people as possible and that they have asked for volunteers to try vaccines that they already had.

Cole asked Major Carter and Dr. Frasier if the Alpha site could be compromised by sending people there. Dr. Frasier him that it was a possibility but they have set up a quarantined facility there. She added that she was informed that finding a vaccine in time would probably be impossible and going to the Alpha site would be the best thing because if the virus is spreading that rapidly, it might mutate and would cause even more of a problem.

He stopped her and said, “Thank you, doctor. Major, tell me more about the two Goa’uld mother ships, the second Stargate and the evacuation.”

Carter continued, “Sir, we aren’t sure who is aboard the mother ships but we do know that hundreds of death gliders are over the major cities across the world and there’s also two different types of smaller ships as well.”

Jamison commented, “Could be Alkesh and Ha’aaa ouch.” Reese kicked Jamison under the table before he could finish. Cole actually thought that was funny but kept his composure. “Continue, Major Carter.”

“Sir,” she began again. “General Hammond was ordered to try and take out the mother ships with a naquadauh enhanced nuclear missiles but . . . ”

Cole interrupted, “Carter, readers’ digest version. Where is General Hammond? He is usually here to turn out the lights.”

A silence fell over the room. Dr. Frasier replied, “General Hammond died around midnight from the virus.” Cole didn’t show it, but he was upset. He knew that it wasn’t his General Hammond, but it was still General Hammond. He waited a few moments before asking Carter to continue.

Carter continued, “Sir, we have been evacuating everyone one that we can. Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c went to Utah to coordinate the evacuation from the second Stargate and they’ve only had time to set up one monitor with a camera. When we first started sending people to the Alpha site, we sent a probe through and we’re able to talk to Daniel since he is coordinating everything there as far as communications. He lets us know what is going on at the second Stargate. Colonel O’Neill can’t communicate with Daniel verbally but they can see him and he can write down any information and hold it up to the camera.”

Captain Wright came in and told them that they were needed in the control room so they went down. She told them that the outside cameras showed that there were more people arriving topside. Dr. Frasier had already informed Cole that they were letting in people from the outside even the sick ones and Carter had told him that military personnel were picking up people on their way to the SGC.

Cole asked, “Major Carter, Dr. Frasier, do you have room for more people?” They both said that they would make room and Frasier headed back to the infirmary. He turned to Carter and said, “We’ve got company. Major, start working on an accelerated dial out procedure.” Knowing that they had things under control, he told Reese and Jamison to go back to the briefing room with him.

They sat down and Cole looked again at the planet designation and remarked that help from the Asgard was out since they had never gone to P3R-272.
Reese asked Cole, “Sir, Why aren’t the Goa’uld trying to come through the Stargate and why aren’t they trying to stop people from leaving?”

“I have a theory,” He replied. “But I want to run it by Carter and Dr. Frasier first.”

He wanted to go over the papers again that Starr had given him before the mission. “In the meantime, Reese, go and help with the evacuation and Jamison, with your medical background, go to the infirmary. They could probably use you.”

“Sir, I don’t know anything about medicine.”
Cole laughed, “I know, but you get injured a lot so go there.”

“Funny, Sir, really funny,” and she headed to the infirmary.

Cole picked up the phone and asked, “Is Dr. Rogers or Dr. Scott there? Ok, have Dr. Rogers report to the briefing room.” Cole sat alone trying to absorb everything that was happening. He looked again at the list of SGC personnel that Reese had given him.

Dr. Rogers came in. “You wanted to see me, Sir?” Cole handed him the list and asked for him to cross off the names of the deceased, circle the ones that were fine and put a check mark by the names that are infected with the virus. Dr. Rogers did and he went back to the infirmary. Cole took out the envelope and started going through it and started writing up a more detailed Plan B.

After about an hour, Reese walked in and asked Cole if he wanted her to get Jamison, Major Carter and Dr. Frasier so he could present his theory. He nodded yes. Reese left for a few minutes and came back with them and they all sat down.

He began, “I have a theory about what is going on and what the Goa’uld is up to but I wanted to get your input. I’m going on the basis that the Goa’uld did not create this virus. I believe that they got infected and it’s killing them too. Since we all know that the Goa’uld steals all of the technology that they have, I think that they’re trying to steal a cure/vaccine.”

“Sir,” Sam asked. “You think that they have formed some kind of alliance and infected Earth with the virus to get a vaccine? ”

He replied, “Exactly, they are destroying cities but I think that they are doing that to get people to evacuate to a safer place and the virus is obviously making them go to a hospital. They know that eventually we will come up with a vaccine/cure and they are waiting until we do so they can steal it. If anyone that is immune and left on the planet, they can take them as hosts, slaves, etc. If the virus is spreading as rapidly as we think, it won’t take that long for them to realize that we are using the Stargate to evacuate people and then they will try to stop us.”

“Sir, what do we do now?”Major Carter asked.

He replied, “Just continue with the evacuation and Dr. Frasier, continue to work on finding a vaccine/cure and send a copy of any important medical information to the Alpha site.”

Carter said, “We are sending supplies to the Alpha site with the people that we send through and they set up a quarantine area for anyone that comes through that are sick.”
He nodded.“Good, keep them informed of any medical progress so they can take over in case we don’t finish and we don’t make it to the Alpha site. Any questions? No? Ok, dismissed.”

Captain Wright came in and said, “Sir, there are more people arriving topside.” He looked at Frasier and Carter and they both nodded. He told Carter to let them in and Dr. Frasier went back to the infirmary to get ready for more patients if there were any. He told Reese to continue helping with the evacuation and told Jamison to go topside and help get the people that were coming in. Cole knew that eventually he would have to tell them about Plan B.

During the next few hours, Reese and Jamison helped out wherever they were needed. Cole went back to the briefing room. He opened the envelope again to take another look. He noticed that all the pages were yellow except for one which was white that he had previously overlooked. He read it and then folded it up and put it in his vest pocket. He looked at his watch and noticed that there was only a few hours left of daylight. He couldn’t believe that time seemed to have passed by so quickly. He continued adding details to Plan B.

Reese came in and asked if everything was all right.

Cole wasn’t leaving anything to chance.“Find Major Carter, Dr. Frasier and Jamison and have them come back to the briefing room.” A few minutes passed, then Reese came back with them and they sat down.

“In the off chance,” he tried to explain with as little as possible of concern in his voice, “that the Goa’uld tries to keep us from dialing out to the Alpha site, I want to go over Plan B.” They listened while he explained about the transports that were close to the SGC. He handed them each an evacuation list. “I want everyone to know their assignments beforehand to reduce any confusion.”

Carter knew but asked anyway, “Where will we be evacuating to?”

He informed them, “To the second Stargate in Utah. We flew here from Nellis but took a little side trip on the way here. We flew over the NID airstrip in Utah and we saw planes, vehicles, etc.”

“The planes and vehicles were on fire.”Reese commented.

Cole continued, “Now that I know that Jack and Teal’c are there, I believe that they destroyed the transportation themselves to provide cover in case any gliders fly over. It might make them think that the place was completely destroyed and they might not notice that the building is still intact. I initially thought it was the Goa’uld. Major Carter, have you been able to contact Colonel O’Neill?”

She replies, “Sir, Just from the reports from the Alpha site but the latest group that went through, Daniel told us that he hadn’t heard from them or received any people from the second Stargate.” She started to explain why and how she believed that it was still active but Cole cut her off.

Cole told Reese and Jamison to make sure that the people on the list understood the evacuation order. He waited a second and Reese asked, “Oh, Sir, you want us to do that now?”

He confirmed his order.“Yes, and even if it is not written down, everyone that is sick goes as well. Dr. Frasier, you can head back to the infirmary and get organized. Major Carter, if you would stay a minute, I have something to discuss with you.” Dr. Frasier, Reese and Jamison left the briefing room.

Cole put the papers back in the envelope and put it back in his jacket pocket. He waited a couple of tense minutes knowing that he was about to break the standing orders that he was given. “Major, what I’m about to say is strictly classified and I want you to let me finish and then if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer what I can. Is that understood?”

Carter had no idea as to what he was about to tell her. “Yes Sir.”

Even after saying that, he knew that he would have to be careful in what he told her as this was the first time that he had told anyone the truth but was tired of making up cover stories. He knew that she was smart and if they had to leave in the transports, she would ask about all the ‘op’ equipment since she had never seen any of it.

He proceeded to tell her that Secretary of Defense Starr, Captain Reese, Sgt. Jamison and he were there on a ‘special mission’. He told her that they were there from an alternate reality and that Starr came there before and prepared a lot of stuff including the transportation with ‘op’ equipment. He told her that this was not their ‘special mission’ but they had orders from the ‘powers that be’ to go to each reality and help and then continue until they found what they were looking for. After he finished explaining a little more in detail, he asked her if she had any questions.

“ Sir, what does ‘op’ stand for?” She asked.

He smiled as he was expecting her to ask more difficult questions and some questions that he could not answer. “Op stands for ‘our planet’. Any more questions?”

She smiled, “No sir.” He grinned, “You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” Her reply was actually a question, “Do you have a fever?” He laughed, “I’ll take that as a yes.” She responded, “No, sir, I’m serious. You look ill.”He told her that she could go back to the control room and he would go to the infirmary to get checked out.

On the way to the infirmary, he noticed that the SGC personnel were in fatigues and geared up in case Plan B was put into motion. Frasier took his temperature and it was 103 degrees. She asked him how long he’d been sick and he told her about 12 hours but that he wasn’t really sure of the exact time. He usually never got sick so he attributed the way he felt to the lack of sleep.

She went to check to if there were any results from the blood sample that he had given earlier. She came back in and said that he had the symptoms but not the virus. She believed that his blood may contain the antibodies to find a vaccine.

He told her to take all the blood that she needed. She took blood and took half of it to the lab where the CDC personnel were working. She put the other half into a bottle and packed it in a grey case with a red cross symbol on the outside. Frasier turned to Dr. Pierce and said, “Take this to Dr. Scott before he leaves for the Alpha site.” Cole took the case from her but Frasier told him that she wanted him to stay in the infirmary since he seemed run down. He already knew but asked her away if he was contagious. She said no so he just left and headed to the gate room.

She turned to Dr. Pierce and said that they probably did not have enough time to come up with a vaccine at the SGC.

Cole saw crowds of people jammed into the corridor ready to enter the gate room. He went half way up the steps to the control room. He heard Sgt. Beacon tell Major Carter that Teams 93 through 95 were briefed and ready to depart for the Alpha site. He went back down to the corridor outside of the gate room and saw Dr. Henry Scott. He gave him the case and told him what it was and to make sure that the right people get it at the Alpha site ASAP once he got there.
He turned to headed back to the control room when he heard Dr. Scott ask, “Whose blood is it?” Cole replied, “I don’t know, some Sergeant. I forgot her name.”

Carter saw him walk in the control room but before she could ask, he said, “False alarm, no fever. You’re up to group 93 through 95 already?”

She let out a deep breath. She was tired and rightfully so. “Yes, once the Genesis group was briefed and sent through at the beginning of the evacuation, we started sending supplies and the rest of the people that were here and people that showed up here. After group 95 goes through, we can start sending the last group. We can then send the remaining few sick people and the rest of the SGC personnel.”

Reese walked in and Cole asked her if she knew where Jamison was.
She said, “I don’t know, let me see if his radio is on. Jamison, this is Reese, do you copy?”
Jamison was already walking in and walked up behind her and said on his radio, “Yes, Captain, I’m right behind you.”

Reese turned around and shoved him and said, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”
She turned, “And that wasn’t funny, Cole.”

Cole was tired and didn’t notice that she accidentally called him Cole in front of everyone.
He responded, “I didn’t say a word.”
She was a little ticked off and said, “I know, Sir, but you were laughing.” By then Cole had forgotten why he wanted to find Jamison so told them both to get back and help with the evacuation as they only had teams 93 through 95 to go. He told Carter to phone Frasier and get them to the gate room and that he was going to help the rest of the group that was going through. She informed him.“They’re already on their way, Sir.”

He went down the stairs and saw Reese and Jamison helping like he ordered and then he saw a familiar face. It was Jacob, Carter’s father. “Jacob, I didn’t know you were here.”Cole sounded surprised.
Jacob was busy. He looked at Cole.“Hey Cole, good to see you. I heard you were here. I was here visiting Sam when everything hit the fan.”

Cole looked at the TER in his hand and said, “Here’s a stupid question. What are you doing?” Jacob said that they weren’t taking any chances and making sure that no one goes to the Alpha site that wasn’t suppose to. Cole knew what he was talking about.

Jacob was in the corridor, sweeping over the people when Cole noticed something strange. He saw someone on the stairs leading to the control room and asked, “Jacob, who is that in the lab coat?” He pointed to the stairs and Jacob swept it again with the TER. Jacob and Cole both pushed the people aside and ran up to the stairs.

It was a Goa’uld. Cole took out his sidearm and saw that the Goa’uld was talking into a communication device. The Goa’uld said, “They are on the verge of finding a vaccine/cure.” Cole saw Apophis’s image on the communication device so he knew that Apophis was responsible for some of this. He figured that Apophis must be in one of the mother ships that were orbiting Earth.

Cole put his sidearm up to the Goa’uld and said, “Hang up.” He pulled the hammer back on his sidearm and put it to the back of the Goa’uld’s head. “Or I will blow your head off.”
The Goa’uld dropped the communication device and before turning around to face Cole and Jacob said in a smart voice, “I thought I had killed you? Back on the planet you call Verizon.”
Nurti turned around. Cole was shocked and started to take a couple of steps back down the stairs.
Jacob was surprised at Cole’s reaction. He never knew him to back down from anything and asked, “Cole, what’s wrong with you?”
At that point Cole noticed that Reese and Jamison had been standing behind them the whole time and saw that Carter was at the top of the stairs with her sidearm drawn.

Reese whispered to Cole, “How?...” Cole cut her off and said to Nurti, “You can go anywhere through the Stargate if you answer a few questions truthfully.” Jacob looked at Cole and couldn’t believe his ears. Cole said to Nurti, “Are there anymore Goa’uld’s on this base? Do they know the location of the Alpha site?”

Nurti answered, “No, to both questions.” Cole paused. He couldn’t figure out how she was there in that reality. It had to be the same Nurti that they met on their eighth mission. Reese kept poking Cole in the arm. He knew that she wanted to know the same thing.

Before he could ask her any questions about that, Nurti appeared to be reaching for a weapon and Jacob yelled, “Look out!” and he fired the TER. Everyone had moved out of the way when Jacob yelled except for Cole and himself. The blast knocked them both off of the stairs and they landed flat on their backs on the floor in the corridor.

Dr. Frasier was already there with her patients and the rest of the people that needed to go through the Stargate. Jacob told her that he was all right and she went to Cole and saw he had a head injury and told him that it would require a couple of stitches. Cole was still dazed and as he got up he said, “Hold that thought.” Everyone could see that Cole was upset but he wasn’t upset about Jacob firing on Nurti as he probably would have done the same thing.

He turned to see Reese and Jamison and told them to follow him. They went into a nearby storage room. Reese started to say something but Cole grabbed Jamison by his vest and shoved him against the wall. In total confusion he demanded, “Okay, Jamison, I know that wasn’t you in the briefing room that Jack and I killed on our eighth mission, so how did you get back to Nellis?”

“Sir, I already told Starr about all of that.” Cole shook his head, “Well now you are going to tell me.”

“Sir, when we were on Verizon and in the ravine on the first mission, I got that pain and then I blacked out. The next thing I remember is that I was back at Nellis. I saw Secretary of Defense Starr and we talked for a while. Then she had me do an errand for her. When I came back in, you and Captain Reese were at the mirror.”

Cole couldn’t help but wonder why Starr didn’t tell them. He then demanded, “What else did Starr say or do?”
Jamison said, “Oops.”

“What? There’s no oops. I don’t want to hear any oops!” Cole exclaimed.
Reese tried to calm Cole down. “Cole, your head is bleeding.”
He said, “I know. That’s what happens when someone explodes in front of you.”

Jamison lifted the bag of goggles that he had been carrying around since they got to the SGC. “Sir, she told me to make sure that I kept this bag with me. It’s just some extra goggles.” Jamison was young and not that experienced so Cole knew that he was going to make mistakes.
Jamison was concerned whenever he realized that he had forgotten something and Cole would get on his case about it, but he also knew that Cole usually apologized afterwards and that he wasn’t really mad at him. Cole usually blamed himself for Jamison’s mistakes but Jamison always learned from the mistakes he made, especially if Cole acted mad about it. Cole knew that Jamison was determined to follow rules and orders no matter what the cost.

Reese grabbed the bag and looked inside. It had ‘op’ goggles in it but also two other devices that appeared to be identical. She took out the devices and remarked, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Jamison also added another, “Oops.”

By this time, Cole went from upset to mad. He wasn’t mad at Jamison, but he was mad at himself. He knew that he had seen Jamison earlier that day with the bag and meant to ask him why he was carrying it around.
“What oops? Did Starr tell you something else that you didn’t feel worthy of mentioning?” Cole asked.

“Sir, She told me to tell you the instructions were on the back of page ten. I didn’t think anything of it cause I thought it was just goggles in the bag.”

Reese said, “It must be in the papers she gave you in the envelope.”

Cole got out the envelope while exclaiming, “Starr never writes on the back of anything. I think it’s impossible for her to do so.” He turned over page ten and there was something written. He read it to himself and Reese asked, “What does it say?”

He gave the page to Reese and almost in a laughing manner, shook his head, “This just keeps getting better and better.”
Reese read the page out loud, “It says: ‘Cole, use this new device to find Goa’uld’ and it is signed Starr.” Reese turned on the device and it immediately started scanning. “It’s scanning the entire complex. It says scanning complete, one Goa’uld found,” she exclaimed in a concerned voice.

Cole told her that it was picking up Jacob.

Cole regained his composure and grabbed one of the devices and told Reese and Jamison to help Frasier with the rest of the people. He went to the control room and saw that Carter had ordered more personnel to sweep the base with TER’s. He told her that she could call off the search with the TER’s.

She was very puzzled and replied, “Why? My dad is going through to the Alpha site with his TER and check there.”

Cole got on a terminal and started typing. He printed it out and put it in an envelope with the ‘Goa’uld detection device’. He wrote on the envelope, ‘Jacob, Open this on your arrival at the Alpha site’. He saw that Jacob was in the gate room and handed Carter the envelope and told her to give it to him. When she got back, he explained to her what was in the envelope. She ordered the people with the TER’s to stop searching.

Everyone that was going to the Alpha site were in the gate room, the corridor and in the control room. Cole was relieved when he saw Jacob go through the Stargate. Jacob was the last of group 95. He sat down knowing that the last group of the SGC was ready to go. He turned to Carter and said, “You, Captain Wright and Sgt. Beacon head for the gate room. We will set the auto-destruct and leave once you are through.”

Suddenly the lights started to flicker off and on. Captain Wright said, “Colonel, Major, we’ve just lost communication and outside phone lines.” Suddenly Cole didn’t feel relieved anymore and asked how many people were left to go to the Alpha site. Captain Wright told him that there were 40 people which included ten patients from the infirmary. They lost power and the Stargate shut down. Cole asked Carter if she could use the accelerated dial-up procedure when the power comes back on. “I can try, Sir, but it only cuts five seconds off.”

The power came back on and Carter tried to dial out. The fifth chevron was engaged when Sgt. Beacon said, “Unauthorized off-world activation.” Carter didn’t wait for any order. She closed the Iris.
Reese asked Cole, “What are we going to do now, Sir?”
Cole ignored her and told Carter that the Goa’uld could keep the wormhole open for 38 minutes. Then his ‘op’ phone rang. He answered it with a sarcastic tone, “So Starr, what does your little crystal ball say now?”

He knew that she had a monitoring device that she could use to monitor the entire planet and he was a little upset that it was suppose to be so top secret and classified that he wasn’t even allowed to look at it and that always made him mad when he thought about it.
Ignoring Cole’s sarcasm, Starr said, “You’ve got a mother ship heading your way from the south. ETA 30 minutes.” Cole told her to hold on a second. He still wasn’t completely sure if Carter believed him or not about them being from an alternate reality.

He said to Starr, “Please repeat what you just said.” He put his hand over the receiver and held it up to Carter so she could hear.

Starr repeated, “Cole, what is wrong with you? I said that you have a mother ship heading your way from the south. ETA 30 minutes.” Carter nodded.
Cole took the phone, “Got to go.” Starr said really fast, “I’m sending out a false homing signal’s to try and . . . ” Cole hung up. Starr looked at the phone and said to herself, “I hate it when he hangs up on me.”

Cole told Major Carter that it was time for Plan B. Carter announced over the PA, “All SGC personnel, Plan B is now in effect by order of Colonel Younger.” She hit the siren and said, “Evacuate the base.”

Cole was not a happy camper. He thought to himself, ‘so close’. He ordered everyone out of the control room except for Carter. He told Reese to help with the evacuation and Jamison to go topside and hand out the ‘op’ goggles to everyone who was driving and hand out any extra ones.

He also told Reese to have everything ready by the time that he and Carter got there. Everyone headed topside. Carter set the auto-destruct and when they got topside, he
radioed Reese, “Is everyone ready and is everything set to go?”

She replied, “Yes sir, got the covers off, all the vehicles are running and the UAV that we used from the helicopter is in the air.”
He gave Carter an extra pair of ‘op’ goggles and she put them on. “Cool, and they’re not much larger than a pair of sunglasses, Sir.”

She and Cole jumped into the first transport truck that was carrying the only other UAV they had. Major Lee and Lt. Silvers were in the first Humvee in front of them. He radioed, “Major Lee, get moving.” They headed down the mountain. Carter asked, “Which way are we going.”
He replied, “I have the coordinates set on the UAV to head for Denver and then we are taking Interstate straight to Utah.” They were driving at night so they didn’t need the headlights cause they had the ‘op’ goggles.

Carter was fascinated with the ‘op’ monitor. He told her that it would detect any air and ground activity. He also mentioned that the radios that were in the vehicles and their vests were all linked in together. She asked him how long could the UAV stay in the air. He told her five days.

She noticed a helicopter that was on fire and Cole told her that he had previously given Jamison orders to blow it up if they left in the ground transportation. He mentioned that Jamison liked blowing stuff up.

(Second Stargate in Utah)

Jack and Teal’c hadn’t received any arrivals for some time. Jack told Teal’c to dial out so he could talk to Daniel. Teal’c said, “Colonel O’Neill, we cannot talk to him.” Jack replied, “Okay, Teal’c. I know that. It was a figure of speech.”

After they established a wormhole to the Alpha site, they both got in front of the monitor. Daniel held up a sign for them to read. Jack squinted his eyes and asked, “Teal’c, can you read that?” Teal’c replied, “I cannot.”

Jack tilted his head to the side and then made a circular motion with his finger at Daniel. Daniel looked at his sign and it was upside down so he turned it around.
Now they could read it. It said that Jacob had come through and said that Sam and the last group were on their way through but they never came.

Jack wrote down and showed Daniel his sign telling him that they would wait at the second Stargate as long as they could. Jacob walked up to Daniel and asked him if he was finished. Daniel said that he was and Jacob took the sign and started writing on the back. He held up the sign and Jack read: ‘Sam is probably coming your way. Tell Cole thanks for . . . Neither Jack nor Teal’c could read the last part and started trying to guess what it said. Jack said, “Tell Cole thanks for going desig devs . . . ” He couldn’t make out what it said so he just gave them a thumbs up. Teal’c remarked, “Perhaps Jacob wants to tell Colonel Younger, thanks for getting the rest of the people to the second Stargate.” It actually said: ‘Tell Cole thanks for the Goa’uld detection device’.

(Back on the road)

They finally reached Denver which was the closest major city. It was quiet except for the destruction. No one said anything but it felt eerie. What they saw was undescribable. It looked like a war zone.

To Be Continued...

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