Frozen in Time 2

Beginning of the End

“Frozen in Time 2” by Starr
Part 4: “Beginning of the End”


Cole was talking on the radio to Reese and Sam was just waking up. It was daytime and Sam looked at her watch. She listened to what Cole was saying on the radio. “Reese, do you have any five’s?” Sam thought that surely she misunderstood him.

Reese radioed, “No Cole, Go fish.”
He said, “Reese . . . ” and then noticed that Sam was awake. “Sir, where are we?” She asked.
Without taking his thumb off the radio mic, he smiled, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”
Jamison got on the radio. “Sir, I thought it was Colorado?” Cole told Sam that they were in Utah and about an hour away from the second Stargate.
Reese radioed. “Jamison, get off the radio!”
Sam was amused. “Sir, you three definitely have your moments.” Cole smiled but it didn’t last long.

They heard the monitor beeping. Cole looked at it but it didn’t say anything. He radioed, “Reese, check your monitor. Does it say anything?”

Reese radioed back, “No, Sir.”

He tapped on the monitor. It still said nothing but continued to beep.
Sam looked at it and then at him. “Sir, what’s the problem?”
He shook his head, adjusted the monitor, took the UAV off of stealth mode and looked out the window. “Looks fine.” He began kicking the monitor and it quit beeping. He radioed, “Reese, does your monitor say anything now?”
“No, Sir.”
He put the UAV back in stealth mode and just knew he hadn’t asked Reese the right question but knew she should have picked up on it. “Reese, is your monitor beeping?”
“No, Sir. Hasn’t beeped at all.”

He kicked the monitor one more time out of frustration. “Just a slight glitch, Carter.” He radioed, “Reese, thanks for letting me know that it wasn’t beeping from the beginning!” Reese didn’t say anything. She and Captain Wright had taken turns driving and Jamison and Lt. Price had also taken turns driving but she knew that Carter had offered to drive but Cole didn’t take her up on her offer. Cole drove the entire time and he was tired and a little cranky but she was use to it.

Finally after what seemed like forever, the monitored showed that they were close to the NID airstrip. Cole got on the radio. “Okay, guys, we’re about fifteen minutes away so stay alert.” Reese thought that it felt more like two weeks instead of two days since they had arrived in that reality. In the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t that long. Just felt like it.

Cole could tell that Sam was anxious and worried about what they would find. She had so many questions running through her mind. Was Jack and Teal’c okay? Were they still at the second Stargate? Were they still rushing people through? She almost didn’t hear Cole when he radioed to Reese, “UAV shows no activity. Do you confirm that Reese?”
Reese radioed, “Confirm that, Sir. No activity.”

Sam started wringing her hands. Had they come all that way for nothing? Was there a Plan C?

Cole looked over at her. “Sam, I’m just talking about activity outside the building. It shows some activity in the building. Seems that they have a lot more vehicles there than when we flew over on the way to the SGC. Looks like Jack has had his work cut out for him.”
Sam felt a little more reassured. They were coming up to the back side of the building.

He radioed, “Reese, use that Goa’uld detection thing and see if it scans the building.” He shrugged his shoulders and gave Sam a ‘I don’t know how that thing
really works’ look.

Reese turned it on and it started scanning and it showed: One Goa’uld found. Scan complete. She radioed back her findings to Cole. He radioed back, “It’s just Teal’c.” He turned to Sam and smiled, “They’re home.”

Cole radioed, “Major Lee, pull around to the right and park along the front of the building and be careful. There are a lot of vehicles burning out here.”

“Copy that, Sir.”

The convoy was altogether and moving slowly, maneuvering around the burning cars, jets, planes, trucks, buses and just about every imaginable vehicle you could think of. Cole knew that everyone was tense and the moment of truth was just about upon them.

He tried to lighten the mood by getting on the radio, “Anyone want a ten-speed bike? I think I see one that isn’t on fire.” That actually brought a little smile out of Sam. He continued, “Okay, there’s a motorcycle. I claim that one. It’s burned up but I don’t really need it. Jamison, you like to blow up stuff. This must be seventh Heaven to you.”
Jamison radioed, “It is awesome, Sir.” People were starting to feel a little better.

They pulled around the right and parked in front of the building. He radioed, “Everyone stay put.” He and Sam got out of the truck and he motioned for Major Lee and Lt. Silvers to join them. They went on foot along the front of the building to the wide entrance on the right side of the front. Cole put his hand up for them to stop. He took a quick glance in and saw Teal’c. He turned to Sam. “They’re here.”

He looked in again and saw a shadow. He laughed and said, “Hey, Jack.”

Jack poked his head out and grinned, “Hey, Cole. About time you guys showed up,
how did you know it was me?”
Cole laughed, “You knew it was us besides, Teal’c is standing right over there and he saw me.”
Jack looked at Teal’c. Teal’c nodded, “Indeed.”
Jack grinned from ear to ear and asked, “How many people do you have?”

Cole pressed on his radio, “Okay, guys. Thanks for your participation in this little exercise but you are all scheduled for departure to the Alpha site on the Stargate Express.” Everyone started getting out and Cole looked at Jack. “About forty people, Jack.”

Jack saw Carter and told her that it was great to see her. She asked him how he knew that they were coming. Jack said that they waited a long time and no one came so they activated the Stargate and they communicated with Daniel. He had told them(written on paper since they had only visual) that they expected one more group from the SGC to the Alpha site but no one came through.
Everyone was inside now and Cole told Reese to stay near the front and keep watch and told Jamison to make sure that he collected all of the ‘op’ goggles.

The second gate was flat and had makeshift steps and benches leading up to it. Cole saw that. “Jack, busy building stuff.”

Jack replied, “Yeah, you’d think those politicians never did a pushup in 30 years.” The DHD was in the building but inside the back of a truck.
Jack looked at Teal’c and yelled, “Dial it up, Teal’c.” Sam went over to the DHD and the others were helping with the people that had recovered from the virus since they were still weak.

Cole took out the white piece of paper that he had kept separate from the other papers. Cole started to hand it to Jack when he said, “Oh, that is just charming.”

“What’s wrong, Cole?” Jack asked.

A man in a uniform was walking toward them. Cole replied, “Out of all the people that survived and made it here, you actually did not shoot this guy?”
Jack looked to where Cole was looking. “Yeah, I can’t believe it either.”

The man walked up and said with an annoying voice that sounded like fingernails on a black board to Jack and Cole every time they heard it, “Hello, Colonel.”

Cole’s mood was definitely spoiled. “Hello, Maybourne.”
Maybourne asked, “Surprised to see me, Colonel?”

Cole replied, “Not really. A little disappointed but not surprised. Guess you will be glad to take credit for the second Stargate being up and running here.”
Maybourne responded, “I admit to nothing of the kind.”
Jack shook his head, “Yeah, Right.” Maybourne walked away.

Cole laughed and handed him the white piece of paper. He read it and gave it back to Cole. “So you three are staying behind?” Cole nodded, “Yes.”
Jack shrugged his shoulders, “Well, Who am I to question the President?” He thought for a second and asked, “Why all three of you?”
Cole shrugged his shoulders, “Who am I to question the President?”

Everything seemed to be running fine. People were leaving to the Alpha site so Cole walked over to Reese who was near the front entrance and asked her where Jamison was. Before she had a chance to answer, Jamison walked in the front carrying a bag that he had gotten from the truck he had been driving. Cole started to tell him to leave the C4 outside but before he could, there was an explosion and the building started to shake.

Out of the last remaining few that were leaving, Major Lee yelled at Jack, “Sir, the wormhole is dissipating.”

Teal’c and Sam were both in the back of the truck with the DHD and Jack yelled, “Teal’c, dial it up again!” Teal’c began to dial out.

Reese got out a small monitor to check for any ground or air activity from the UAV that was still in the air. Then a blast came through the front of the building where the last of the convoy was parked. Another explosion knocked down part of the wall and sent glass flying from the windows.

Jack yelled, “Cover up!” Everyone hit the floor. Captain Wright was on the floor and voiced her concern, “Are we under attack?”

Reese was standing too close to the front so Cole ran over to grab her and got the bag of C4 and ran to the side door and they both hit the ground. There seemed to be a pause in the explosions. He and Reese got up and ran out to the trees just when the last two explosions went off.

He dropped the bag and could see that the convoy was blowing up like a chain-reaction from the last truck to the humvee that had led the convoy. Reese started hitting the monitor and said, “Cole, it shows no activity so I don’t know what is causing the convoy to explode.”

He didn’t know if he could trust the small monitor that Reese had since the monitor in the truck he was driving seemed to be malfunctioning. He replied, “Don’t you mean who, not what? Go back and check on things. I want you to radio me immediately and let me know if everyone is okay. I need to make a phone call.” Reese went back in.
He took out the ‘op’ phone and punched in a 4-digit code to reach Starr.

Everything got quiet but they damage had been done. The truck with the DHD had tipped over with Teal’c and Sam in it and it smashed the monitor and camera that Jack had used to communicate to the Alpha site.
Jack, Major Lee, Lt. Silvers and Dr. Frasier ran over to the truck and they got Teal’c and Sam out. Dr. Frasier asked them if they were all right. They seemed shaken up but not hurt. Everyone one else said that they were fine and started moving some of the debris.
They managed to get the DHD out of the truck. Jack took a quick survey of the room. Besides himself and the ones who were not going to the Alpha site, he saw Sam, Teal’c, Dr. Frasier, Major Lee, Captain Wright, Lt. Silvers and Lt. Price. They rest had gone through before the explosions.

Jack told Teal’c to dial it up again but the explosion caused the DHD to seize up in mid-dial.
Sam tried with no luck so she went over to the Stargate and back over to the DHD. She informed Colonel O’Neill that the rest of the symbols would not engage and the DHD seemed to be stuck in mid-dial. They tried to manually dial out but failed since the DHD was stuck in mid-dial and was locking the gate in place.

Jack thought that his order to dial out during the explosions was a bit hasty but he was only trying to get the last of the people through as he thought that they might be under attack. Jack told Sam and Teal’c to try and fix it. They tried but Sam knew that any effort might prove to be impossible but kept trying.

In the meantime, Cole was on the ‘op’ phone with Starr. Reese was at the side door after checking on everyone and radioed Cole, “Everyone is all-right but we’ve got a problem with the DHD and the monitor they were using to contact the Alpha site is also damaged.” He asked for specifics and she told him what Major Carter had said about the DHD.

By then he had gotten Starr on the phone.
Starr asked him what the problem was cause he never called unless it was an emergency. He sarcastically remarked, “What does your crystal ball tell you?”

Starr replied, “Knock it off Cole, I’m not at Nellis but the last time I looked, Earth was toast.” He did a quick scan on the disc and there were no schematics for a DHD. He didn’t really hear her when she said that she wasn’t at Nellis.

He came back, “Whatever. We seem to have a problem here. Something is wrong with the DHD.”

He continued, “I can’t find any schematics on the disc for a DHD.” Starr informed him that there were instructions. He replied, “I’ve done a complete scan of the disc and I there are no schematics. So what are you talking about?”

Starr finally informed him that Side B of the disc was password protected.
He was getting upset, “What is the code?” She wouldn’t give it to him.

He said, “Look Starr, Not everyone has made it to the Alpha site.”

She still would not give him the code but said that Side B was classified. He persisted, “Starr, I don’t care if it’s the secret to the meaning of life! I need the code.”

They went at it for a few minutes and she reminded him of their orders and the rules that they are suppose to follow especially about not making drastic changes on their missions and not giving out their technology. He was pacing back and forth by then. Reese could see him pacing and see that he was still on the “op’ phone.

Starr added that they were not suppose to give out classified information and that what he needed was on Side B under DHD, marked 10 alpha but she still wouldn’t give him the code.

He came back with a sarcastic remark, “What is this, ‘Star Trek’? We have to wait until they reach warp drive capability before we land and share information?”

She replied, “Cole, I’m just following orders so don’t even think about . . . ” He hung up on her, picked up the bag of C4 and headed back to the building. She stared at the phone and said to herself, “I hate it when he hangs up on me.”

Reese was still at the side door and saw that he was steaming mad. She grabbed at him but he got around her. It looked like he was heading to the DHD but after a few steps his attention was diverted when he saw Jamison. Reese was still behind him and said, “Cole, you need to calm down. Whatever you’re about to do, you will regret.”

He pinned him against the wall. “Jamison, how many times do I have to tell you? We blow the Stargate first and then the transports. What is your problem?”

Jamison’s replied, “Oops.”

Reese tried but failed to get Cole’s attention. “Not another oops, Jamison!” Cole was angry at first. “The entire convoy is gone, blown up, no longer here! So we now have no transportation at all!”

Reese finally got Cole’s attention and told him again that there was damage to the DHD.
He replied, “I know, you told me already.” He knew that sometimes Jamison made mistakes and realized that his focus had been diverted. His only concern right then was to get the rest of the people to the Alpha site.

He let go and straightened Jamison’s jacket collar and told him that he wasn’t mad at him.
Reese asked, “What did Starr say?” Cole’s sarcastic remark was, “She said that she is an idiot and I shouldn’t listen to anything she ever says.” He finally calmed down.

Reese told him that Major Carter was working on the DHD but felt like she was not making any progress. He told her a brief version of his conversation with Starr.

(Executive Decision)

Now it was time for him to make an executive decision.

The plan: Figure out the code to unlock Side B of the disc. Reese asked him if Starr said anything else. He replied, “Yeah, something about Earth being a breakfast item.”

He started thinking out loud. “It’s probably something familiar to Starr.”
Reese asked him if he tried the same code that was used for the ‘op’ phone.

“Tried it already, Reese.” He turned to Jamison. “Jamison, you’re due from a brainstorm. Think!” Jamison and Reese started coming up with different ideas. They started listing things that Starr liked as it might be a code. When Jamison mentioned the things that Starr liked to read and planet designations, Reese said, “It’s a 4-digit code, Jamison.”

Cole said, “Wait, I think he may be on to something, continue Jamison.” He told Cole what he was already thinking. She liked to read sci-fi and was fascinated by time travel.
Cole said, “Just thinking about time travel gives me a headache but you’re talking about SG-1 in our reality, right?” Jamison confirmed what Cole said.

“Okay, let’s start at the beginning.” He punched in 1-9-6-9. “Bingo, Jamison.” He patted Jamison on the back. While he scanned the disc, he said, “I really hate these things. It won’t tell you when something is password protected. It makes you think that you are scanning the entire disc.”

He finally found what he was looking for.

He went over to the DHD and handed the device to Sam. “What’s this, Sir?” He replied, “Something that might help.” And then he walked back to Reese and Jamison.

Reese asked, “Why wouldn’t Starr give you the code?” Cole looked at her and replied, “I don’t know. She’s your sister.”

Reese responded, “Cole, she’s your sister too.”
They both looked at Jamison. His eyes got wide and said, “Don’t look at me, Sirs. She’s not my sister.” That cracked Cole and Reese up.

Cole finally told them he thought that Starr wouldn’t give him the code so when she went back to file a mission report, she could say that she didn’t disobey orders.

Jamison was concerned as he thought Cole should have stayed with Major Carter and make sure that she didn’t look at anything else on the disc but did not voice his concern.

A short time later Sam informed Colonel O’Neill that the DHD was working.
Jack said, “Dial it up, Carter.” She dialed out and established a wormhole to the Alpha site. Jack ordered everyone to go through the Stargate.

Cole walked up and Jack shook his hand and said, “Thanks for getting everyone here. Wish you were coming too.”
Cole replied, “Your welcome, Jack. But we have to stay. Just following orders.” Jack and Sam were the last to leave.

He told Jack to keep the door open and looked at Sam. Jack looked at Sam and she nodded. He gave a little salute and jumped in. Sam handed Cole the device and he took it and punched in 1-9-6-9 and hit the override and accept buttons. He turned it off and handed it back to her.

He smiled, “Keep it. It might come in handy.” She was worried about them getting back to Nellis and he told her that one of the humvee’s didn’t blow up with the rest of the convoy. He knew that it wasn’t true but saw no reason for her to worry.

She said that she couldn’t thank him enough for all his help. Cole nodded, “I had a little help from my friends.” He pointed over to Reese and Jamison. “You had better go, before Jack closes the door.”
Just before she jumped in, Cole said, “I almost forgot.” He gave her a hand written note and added, “This is what I needed the vaccine for. I think you will understand from our earlier conversation.” Curiosity got the best of her so she opened it and smiled. She knew what it meant. It just had one word: ‘Blackmail’.

She wondered what was on the rest of the disc that he let her keep and wondered what he did to it before he gave it back to her. She went through the Stargate. A few seconds later the wormhole closed.

He walked back over to Reese and Jamison. Reese asked, “What now?” She knew that they had no transportation to get back to Nellis.

“Jamison,” Cole ordered. “ Set the C4 to blow the building. We’ll wait for you out by the trees.”
Cole and Reese walked out. Cole told Reese to activate the explosive that was on the UAV that was still flying around and detonate it.

Then they both sat behind some trees. Jamison looked in the bag and was in luck. The remote for the C4 was in that bag.

He planted the C4 and ran out to the trees, handed Cole the remote and ducked behind a tree and put his fingers in his ears. Cole looked at him and said to Reese, “Told you before, comic relief.” Cole had the remote in his hand but paused for a second.
“Cole, aren’t you going to detonate the C4,” Reese inquired.
Cole smiled and got the giggles. The kind that no matter what the situation, you couldn’t help but laugh too. He kept laughing and Reese and Jamison started laughing too. He said, “Ah, I was thinking about it.” He pressed the button and the building blew. The explosion was huge and they could feel the hot air rush past them and debris landed everywhere.

“Maybe we should have gotten a little further away.” Jamison commented. Cole started laughing. “You think? You’re just a regular pyromaniac, Jamison.”

Through the laughter, Reese managed to ask, “What do we do now, Cole? You always say if there is no solution, there is no problem.”
Cole looked at his ‘op’ watch and replied still laughing, “We’ve got 30 minutes, so unless we can sprout wings, we’ve got a problem.” They all started laughing. The outcome looked grim but it didn’t seem to matter anymore.
Cole’s ‘op’ phone rang.
He answered it still laughing, “Hello, Who is it?”
Starr said, “Very funny, Cole. Where are you guys?”
“Utah,” Cole replied. “Where do you think?”

Reese asked, “What is Starr saying?” Cole replied, “She says that she is still an idiot and I shouldn’t listen to anything she ever says.”

Reese and Jamison laughed and Starr said, “I heard that, Cole. Do you see the truck?”
Cole muttered, “What truck?” They all got up to look and Jamison pointed at the airstrip tarmac. “Okay, we see the truck.”
Starr replied, “I’m in it.”

Cole asked, “Do you see the building on fire? We’re not in it?”
Starr wanted to know exactly where they were and Cole told Jamison to go out and flag her down.
Starr asked, “Is that Jamison?” Cole replied, “Who else would be jumping around like Barney Fife?”

The truck got closer and they had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. Cole opened the door and Starr got out. “Starr, what is the matter with you?”

She replied,“Cole, you know that I have trouble driving these kinds of trucks.”
He shook his head, “No Starr, you don’t have trouble driving, you have trouble stopping.”
She told him to help her open the back of the truck. They all looked and sitting there in the back was the dimensional mirror that was from Nellis.
“Cole, I thought you guys might not have time to make it back so I headed here.”

He laughed, “So in other words, Nellis is now toast.” She replied, “Well, okay, that too.”

“I brought some C4, I want to blow this truck and the mirror before we leave.” Jamison took the C4 and started planting it.

Cole’s sarcastically remarked, “You think you brought enough? We’re not blasting our way to China.” Jamison finished setting the C4 and heard that Starr asked Cole if he knew for sure that the second Stargate was blown up so Jamison took off. Cole held up his hands and said, “Duh Starr, look around you.”

They waited a minute and Reese asked, “Where’s Jamison?” They went to the tailgate of the truck and she and Starr got down and started yelling, “Jamison! Jamison!” Cole sat down and thought to himself ‘maybe they should be the two holding hands and sharing a brain’. He pressed on his radio, “Jamison, you copy?”

When Jamison came running back, Reese and Starr started arguing with each other. They both blamed each other for not thinking about radioing Jamison and felt stupid for looking around and yelling for him.

Cole said, “Would you two knock it off!” He got up and they got back into the truck. Jamison said that he went to make sure the second Stargate was blown. Cole just shook his head.

Starr asked him where the disc was that she had given him. He looked in his jacket and said that he must have lost it in the explosion. Reese looked at him funny but didn’t say a word. Neither she nor Jamison saw him give it to Sam.

Starr looked at him but didn’t really buy his excuse. She got out the remote to the mirror and turned it on.
Reese asked, “Is that where we are going next?”
Before Starr could answer, Cole said, “No, we’re going back home.”

Starr looked at him, “You know that I’m the only one that goes back.”

He took out the vial of vaccine and replied, “Not if you want this.” Starr wanted the vaccine but told Cole that there wasn’t enough time to argue about it and promised that after this next mission, they would get to go back.

Cole didn’t budge. He started asking her questions. “I want to know a few things first. Why didn’t you tell us about Nurti? You setup this whole thing and I want to know if you’re running your own little agenda? You didn’t have special ‘op’ medical equipment on the list you gave me but it was in the last transport truck. Very convenient to help them find a vaccine. You wanted them to find a vaccine. I also want to know if our reality still exists?” His last question surprised Reese and Jamison.

Starr paused as if she was trying to come up with some answers. Reese’s UAV monitor started beeping. Cole said, “Reese, I told you to detonate the UAV.”

Reese said that she had and didn’t know what was causing the UAV monitor to beep.
Starr informed them that she had launched a UAV at Nellis so she could get to Utah. Reese looked outside the truck and saw no activity. Then the timer on the C4 came on.
Cole thought that Starr had staged everything. He thought she had rigged the UAV to a remote and had it start beeping and had some kind of remote to set the timer on the C4 to avoid any questions. Whatever Starr did, there was no time to find out.

Cole was suspicious and a bit disappointed. He handed her the vaccine and said that he would make sure that she kept that promise.

Reese spoke up, “Is that our ‘special mission’?”

Cole rubbed his forehead and turned to Jamison, “Can you believe this? Not even gone and they are already arguing.”
Jamison answered, “It’s unbelievable, Sir.”
Cole smiled, “Jamison, that was a rhetorical question.”
Jamison replied, “Sir, that was a rhetorical answer.” Cole cracked up and told Jamison to never change.

Reese said, “I’m just asking, I’m not arguing.” Cole mocked her, “I’m just asking, I’m not arguing.” But Starr started arguing with Reese.

Cole finally said, “Guys, we don’t have time for this.” He pointed to the mirror and said, “Look, Reese. It is our ‘special mission’.”
Reese was all excited and asked, “Where?”
Cole asked, “Can’t you see it? In the mirror, it’s the one-armed man.”

Starr and Jamison started laughing. Reese shoved Cole, “I am so not amused and I’m so not laughing.”
Jamison spoke up. “It sounded funny to me, Sir.”

Reese started to glare at Jamison but just smiled when she saw his silly grin.
Cole said, “We got 30 seconds. Let’s do it. On three. Three.”

Cole, Reese, Starr and Jamison touched the dimensional mirror and were gone- from that reality.


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