Miraculous: So The Drama


Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable chase Dr. Drakken to Paris where they find that he has undergone a serious upgrade and has found himself a new partner. The streets of Paris are no longer safe. It was just an average day, one where Marinette still can't form a normal sentence around Adrien Agreste. It was just another day, that was until Alya's favorite hero group comes to town. Another day that turned for the worse when Hawk Moth found yet another villain to help him in his quest to gain the miraculous. .......... *Miraculous Ladybug characters belong to Thomas Astruc and Kim Possible characters belong to Bob Schooley

Action / Humor
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"You will not stop me, Kim Possible!" Dr. Drakken's hovercraft flew through the hole in the ceiling of his latest lair. Shego gave her a black gloved salute before she chartered the aircraft to its new location.

"How come he only remembers your name?"

Kim placed a hand on Ron's shoulder. "At least he remembers you're the guy who always loses his pants."

"Yeah....Yeah. That's tru...Kim!" Rufus climbed into the pocket of Ron's pants as Ron waved a horrified finger at her. She stifled a laugh, knowing that he caught onto her joke. "That's not funny!" He whined.

"It is just a little." She brought her index finger and thumb together to show him just how funny she thought it was.

"Kim, girlfriends aren't supposed to make fun of the people they're dating." Rufus nodded his little bald head in agreement.

"True, but I thought I had special permission to make fun of you because I'm your girlfriend." Before Ron could respond, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips then snaked her arm around his waist, pulling him closer. Using the grappling hook, she propelled them up to the roof where their ride awaited them.


"How did the mission go?" Her mother placed a plate of pancakes in front of her.

Kim sighed then began playing with her food. A habit that she had picked up when she was a kid. "He got away. Again." She hated that Dr. Drakken and Shego always managed to get away at the last minute. Even though they always got away she could take pride in the fact that she always foiled Dr. Drakken's plans for world domination.

"You'll get him next time, sweety." Her dad said from behind the morning paper.

"I know. I just have to wait for him to resurface. His new lair will probably be another cave." For some reason, her archnemesis had a thing for dark, dank caves.

"Hope it's not another volcano." Her dad commented without giving her a glance.

Her communicator started beeping. She switched the screen on to find Wade. "What's the sitch Wade."

"Dr. Drakkon just resurfaced. And you'll never guess where."

"Is it asking too much for him to be here in Middleton. That way I could foil his world dominating plan before first period."

"Yep." Wade typed into his keyboard. An image of the Eiffel Tower with a blue, cloudless sky popped onto the screen. "He's been sighted in the city of love. You're ride is already at the school waiting on you." Kim was about ready to turn off the communicator when Wade stopped her. "Oh, Kim. Monique and I will be joining you. Monique wants to see the city and appearantly a halogram isn't real enough for her." He sounded puzzled at the last bit. Poor Wade still had a lot to learn about girls.

"I'll call the school and tell them that you and Ron won't be showing up today."

Kim jumped up and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, mom."

"Go get them." Her dad cheered when she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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