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Our Secret

By NikiharaMai

Drama / Romance

1st Secret- The Kiss

First Secret: The kiss

Sigh… That guy, he's been going home alone for days. Am I not his girlfriend?

"Hey, Mai. Isn't that Hiiromi?" Mai's friend, Ayako asks as she points at a male student, wearing their uniform, who has his arm around a girl in another school's uniform.

Hiiromi? Why would be out here when he said he's going ho—

Convinced that it was her boyfriend, Hiiromi, Mai walks to the said boy and taps on his shoulder. The moment he turns his face to face Mai, SLAP!

"Don't you dare show your face to me or even call!" Mai shouts at the cheater.

Humiliated, Hiiromi shouts at Mai's retreating figure, "It wasn't like I wanted to go out with a tomboy like you!"

I've had enough with guys! Why can't they ever treasure their girlfriends? It isn't like every one of them is nice enough to forgive them for cheating on them! The next guy I am going to get, will have to be a guy that will treasure his girlfriend.

Mai, a first year in high school, had just broken up for the fifth time in her life. Every single one of them had been cheaters. Rather than saying Mai has bad taste in man, she is just gullible enough to believe that the power of true love will be able to change them. It seems that her believe have just been broken to pieces and she is going to target a man that will love her rather than the opposite.

The next day, Mai walks to school as per normal. Some couples were flirting outside the gates, in broad day light, right before school begins. It made her sick. It wasn't like she was telling them to NOT do it. They should at least have the decency to not do it in PUBLIC and right before school!

Grr… it's like they are rubbing salt on my wounds. At least they seem to be happy. Why am I the only unlucky one?

"Morning Mai-chan! How're you?" one of Mai's best friends, Houshou, greeted her with his usual toothy grin.

Mai turns to her friend and puts on an overly exaggerated sad face.


Houshou laughs at Mai's face but stopped when Mai sighs.

"If you were going to ask what's wrong, yesterday she saw Hiiromi with another girl. Being all chummy at that," Ayako answers for Mai even before Houshou asks his question.

"It's alright. Mai-chan will just bounce right back up, like the usual! She just needs to find a target," Houshou tries cheering Mai up.

As they walk past the gates, the route to the school build felt ridiculously long to Mai. Then Mai heard cheering from her side.

Oh right. The school's famous soccer club is having its morning practice.

Out of curiosity, Mai turns to her left to look at what was so great about the soccer club. There, she saw a tall, lean student with black hair that seems to shimmer with the sunlight. It was as though he was glowing her eyes. Not only that, every movement he made would make Mai's heart race.

No no no. No more with the stupid fast beating heartbeat.

Mai tries to shake the feeling off but she ends up looking again after the whistle blew. There were girls lined up to see him.

"Yasuhara-senpai, please accept this!" All of them had a towel or bottle of drink at hand.

Che. He's just gonna pretend to take them.

"Thank you for bring these every single time. However, do you mind if I allow my other team mates to use them? I cannot possibly use and finish it all. I wish to accept all of your gifts though," Yasuhara says while a smile that momentarily blinded Mai.

The girls squeal and readily said yes to his request. Yasuhara smiles at his fan girls and accepts the gift gratefully. He even thanked each and every one of them. Mai's heart was beating at a ridiculously fast rate. She couldn't tear her eyes off him.

Yasuhara turns to look at a certain fair skin boy, "Hey, aren't you going to take one too?"

"I'll be fine using my own," the other dark haired boy answer.

"You really don't seem comfortable around women, Noll," Yasuhara says teasingly as he ruffles the hair of the pale-looking boy.

Aww..he seems to be friendly with that small guy there…

"What are you doing, Mai!" Ayako's shouting made Mai snap out of her trance and hurries to the school building.

Wonder how I can approach him. I don't want to seem like those fan girls either…

Houshou waves in hand in front of Mai, trying to get her attention.

"Hello? Mai-chan is not functioning, Ayako," Houshou informs Ayako.

Ayako takes only a look at Mai and she already knows what was going through her mind.

"Mai, targeting a popular is going to be tough."

Mai was still not listening as she puts her outdoor shoes into her locker. Leaving her friends behind who had started arguing, Mai thinks of ways to approach Yasuhara.

Why do I have to be the one to get the material? That stupid hag should have brought it with her before she came to class.

Mai was caught by her home teacher to help take some class materials from the staffroom. On her way there, she bumps into a certain somebody.

"Sorry about that—Yasuhara-senpai!"


Yasuhara looks at Mai, trying to think of who she was when he somehow had an idea of who she is, "You are that girl who always ignore the soccer members! Though today you seem to be staring at us."

Yasuhara laughs a little and Mai blushes at the fact that he noticed her staring. Then she starts blabbering about how he was the one she was staring at.

"Well, I don't have interest in sporty guys but when I first saw you, you looked really cool. I just ended up staring. You are very handsome without your glasses on— oh! I am not saying you don't look as handsome with glasses on. You look equally good looking. That's why I couldn't stop staring. It was the first time I– Oh my gosh! What am I saying?" Mai blushes profusely, realising that she had pretty much told Yasuhara himself that she thinks he is handsome.

Yasuhara lets out a chuckle and says, "You're interesting," then he walks away, leaving a red faced Mai.


Back to the classroom, Mai smiles to herself and hums softly. Mai then looks out of the window, since her seat was at the very back and beside the window. She notices a mop of glistening black hair in the field.

It's Yasuhara-senpai! Hehe, I must be pretty lucky today. And I used to hate this seat because it is noisy. I have to thank the Hag once again for assigning me this seat. Ha…he's so great at sports…

Yasuhara's class was having PE lessons outside and Mai spotted him from her seat.

He's so nice to even a weird person like me. And he smiled! That charming smile… now I know why the soccer club is popular and why HE is popular.

As Mai thinks back about her encounter with Yasuhara, suddenly she heard her name called so she instinctively stood up, "Hai!"

The class turns to look at her and laughs.

"Well, Taniyama-san. It seems that you are eager to do the job you are assigned to. Then please remember to copy the necessary items," Mai's homeroom teacher, aka the Hag, said.


"Why must she dump it on me? Does that Hag have something against me or what?" Mai complains to her two friends during their lunch break.

Houshou laughs at Mai because she was elected as a committee member, all because she was busy staring at Yasuhara.

"It's not funny!" Mai pouts while made her friends laugh at her more.

"Too bad for you, Mai. Houshou and I have work after school so we can't help you," Ayako says.

No! Maybe I am unlucky.

The time came for Mai to do her committee duties. She enters the storage room where the materials she was told to take and copy. It was a huge box filled with papers.

Where in the world is the other person that was selected as a member!? I'm a girl, you can't expect me to carry this!

Despite her internal complains about how irresponsible her supposed partner was, Mai picks up the box and struggles her way back to her classroom. Suddenly, the box was taken away from her.


Yasuhara had taken the heavy box from Mai and flashes her a smile before walking. Mai walks beside him.

Turning his head slightly to look at Mai, he asks, "I forgot to ask for your name this morning."

Mai smiles brightly and answers, "My name's Taniyama Mai, a first year in class A!"

Yasuhara stops in his tracks. Mai stops a few steps later, so she turns around to face him.

"Class A? Then that is the same as Nol—"

Yasuhara was interrupted by the voice of a young male.

"Oi, Osamu! I need to attend to something, so I can't go to the meeting."

It was the male student that seems to be on friendly terms with Yasuhara in the soccer club. He was shorter than Yasuhara but much taller than Mai. He has the same hair colour as Yasuhara but it was seem to be darker and his eyes were of a dark shade of indigo, even though it seemed like grey at first glance. Lastly, he have a very handsome face. One that could rival Yasuhara, or maybe even surpass him.

Yasuhara temporary puts the box down and introduces his club junior to Mai.

"Here's my favourite Kouhai (Junior), Noll! I mean Oliver Davis," Yasuhara put his arm on Noll's shoulder.

Mai could swear that she saw a look of shyness on Noll's face before he brushes Yasuhara's hand away.

"She knows, Osamu," Noll says.

Scratching the back of his head, Yasuhara says, "Oh right. She is in your class after all."

"EHHHH!?" Mai screams out.

Yasuhara and Noll stares at her.

Yasuhara laughs, "You didn't know he is in your class?"

Mai shakes her head in disbelieve.

"I've been sitting right in front of you for the past three months," Naru exasperatedly let out.

The Hag did say his name in class all the time but I didn't think that he is a friend of Yasuhara-senpai and also goodlooking! This means I have the means to approach Yasuhara-senpai!

Noll saw how Mai was staring at Yasuhara openly and silently picks up the forgotten box before heading to the classroom. Mai, finally snapping out of her delusions, says bye to Yasuhara before running to catch up with Noll.

"Nee, sorry I didn't know you were in my class and also the other committee member. I don't really pay attention to the others in class, you see," Mai tries to make small talk with Noll.

Once they reach the classroom and Noll had placed the box on the table, he turns to glare at Mai.

"Just shut up."

Mai was taken aback. She keeps her mouth shut the whole time and did whatever she had to do. It was certainly awkward doing something in total silence with a guy that seems to give you the hate look.

Ever since, Mai and Noll would be at each other's necks when they meet. Noll's glare intensifies whenever Yasuhara is nearby.

"Mai, you can call me Osamu instead of Yasuhara-senpai, you know," Yasuhara suggests.

Mai almost spit out the drink she was drinking while Noll was shocked.

"If you allow this idiot to call you that, the other girls will start a war," Noll says with disgust.

Osamu…? Can I even call him that? This is so unreal…

"Osamu..senpai?" Mai meekly said.

Noll's face turns into one of disgust while Yasuhara just smiles.

"Well, at least it is still better than 'Yasuhara-senpai'."

Then they continue eating. Mai had gradually become closer to Yasuhara and surprisingly Noll, even though they argue a lot. So days like these, eating at a fast food after school, was a normal thing for them whenever the boys don't have soccer practice. When they do, Mai would usually be in the classroom and secretly looks at their practice.

"Nee, why is Noll not popular? With a face that handsome, I really wonder," Mai asks out of nowhere.

Noll stops whatever he was doing and Yasuhara laughs.

Then when Yasuhara's laughter dies down, Naru said, "You really think I am handsome? You don't bad taste."

Noll smirks when Mai's face turns red.

"You Narcissist!" Mai exclaims before she gets an idea, "I know, I should just call you Naru. Short form of Narushisuto."

Once again, Naru stops all movement and Yasuhara spill a little bit of his drink and laughs.

"That's a good nickname for him. Naru! Hahahaha," Yasuhara kept on laughing while Mai pouts, Naru unmoving.

Just when I thought my friends were my friends. How can they ask ME to go and take the reference books from the number one place I hate in school, the library?

Mai was doing a report that was supposed to be due the previous day and her friends, Houshou and Ayako, were helping her out. The reason why she was told to return the books was because she was the one getting help, so she should at least go and return the books.

Mou… I get sleepy from just being in this place… Why do I have to put the books back at where they belong? It isn't my job! Grrr… this is why I hate this pla—


? Osamu-senpai is here!?

Excitedly, Mai creeps past shelves and was about to step out into the open study area when she saw Naru near a sleeping Yasuhara. For some reasons, she hides back behind the shelf and looks at what Naru was trying to do. What she hadn't expected was that Naru leans in to Yasuhara's face and…

Did he..just… Naru kissed Osamu-senpai!?

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