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2nd Secret- The Fall

2nd Secret: The Fall

Mai was doing a report that was supposed to be due the previous day and her friends, Houshou and Ayako, were helping her out. The reason why she was told to return the books was because she was the one getting help, so she should at least go and return the books.

Mou… I get sleepy from just being in this place… Why do I have to put the books back at where they belong? It isn't my job! Grrr… this is why I hate this pla—


? Osamu-senpai is here!?

Excitedly, Mai creeps past shelves and was about to step out into the open study area when she saw Naru near a sleeping Yasuhara. For some reasons, she hides back behind the shelf and looks at what Naru was trying to do. What she hadn't expected was that Naru leans in to Yasuhara's face and…

Did he..just… Naru kissed Osamu-senpai!?

Mai drops the books she was holding, causing a loud thud sound. Her shocked expression meets Naru's surprised look. Mai's eyes darted from Naru to Yasuhara then back again. As she steps forward, Yasuhara begins to stir awake, rubbing sleep off his eyes before putting on his glasses.

"Mai-chan and Noll?" Yasuhara asks sleepily.

Mai opens her mouth to say something but Naru covers her mouth and answers for her, "We were just returning some books and saw you."

"I hope you weren't trying to do a prank on me," Yasuhara jokes before heading out of the library.

Once Yasuhara was out of sight, Naru lets go of Mai and picks up the books that she had dropped. Mai stood rooted to the grounds as she tried to process whatever she had just seen few minutes before. She pinches her forearm, wondering if it was a dream, but when she felt the pain, she knew it was real. Naru had kissed Yasuhara.

"What was that about? Did you kis—" Before Mai could finish her sentence, Naru turns to glare at her.

He drops the books into Mai's hands and walks off, as if nothing happened.

Why did he do such a thing anyways? Is he…gay?

The next day, every time Mai tried to talk to Naru about the incident in the library, he would skilfully avoid her. She even tried annoying him during class since his seat was conveniently in front of hers, however he would still ignore her. When the last bell rung, signal the end of classes, Mai lost her chance to confront Naru again because he quickly disappeared and the soccer club had practice so she couldn't bother him.

I am going to find out no matter what!

So for the next few days, Mai 'stalks' Naru in the shadows. She would secretly follow him when it was lunch time, she knew that he knew but still continues it. During class, she follows his eyes, to see what he was looking at. After school hours, she'd hide in the shadows again to 'stalk' him. Even when they were spending time together with Yasuhara, she'd keep her eyes open to Naru's actions. Then, days become weeks until it became a month.

It's been a month and…after observing him for so long, I know the reason.

Naru would always be at a certain room when it is lunch time. From that room, anyone can see the inside of class 2-A, Yasuhara's classroom. During lesson, Naru would occasionally look outside the window on some days. From his seat, one can see the seniors during their Physical Education classes. At soccer practice, Naru would always be sitting alone on the bench during their breaks. Yasuhara would always come over and ruffle Naru's hair, teasing him. When the usual three hangs out and Yasuhara teases or jokes about Naru, Naru would always look away. In all of these occasions, Naru would be blushing and no one would see it. Only Mai did, because she had been observing him.

No, I am not going to give up!

Mai finally takes her chance when both she and Naru was given a job to do as part of the committee to confront Naru.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" Mai asks.

Naru kept silent.

"..Fine. I saw what happened in the library. You can't deny it. I definitely saw it with my own two eyes. YoukissedOsamu-senpai!" Mai speed up at the last sentence, not wanting Naru to stop her from saying it again.

Naru's hands stopped moving and he faced Mai. Mai stares back, not intending to back down.

Mai took a deep breath before telling Naru, "If you like Osamu-senpai too, you could have just to me! There is no need to give me hate stares and ignore me. I won't steal him from you! Okay, maybe I will but he isn't yours so I have an equal chance!"

Mai braced herself for an 'attack' from Naru but none came. Instead, Naru was surprised. His eyes were wide and he was dumbly staring at Mai, blinking.

Mai then continues with her so-called speech, "I mean so what if you are both guys? I read a lot of manga that has two guys in love with each other and they seem happy, sometimes happier than a normal couple. What I am trying to say is, Nothing matters in love. Since it just happens, we can't help it if we love someone that is of the same gender, older, younger."

When Mai was done with her 'speech', somehow her eyes were moist.

Damn it, why am I crying? I don't even know how it feels to be in love with someone of the same gender. But… liking someone that would never like me, I do know that feeling well. That's why…

"I met Osamu while I was in my second year of middle school," Naru suddenly began telling Mai about how he met Yasuhara and how he had fallen for him along the way, not even intending to.

After Naru told Mai about his past, Mai asks him why he was telling her such a thing.

"You said 'Nothing matters in love'. That was the one thing that changed my mind set about you. You aren't like other girls, or anyone else for the matter. Maybe it is good that you fell for Osamu," Naru answers.

Is he saying he'll give Osamu-senpai to me?

"No!" Mai suddenly burst out, "I just said we are both EQUAL. So we are now rivals. Let's see who will get senpai first. Though, I have to say, me being a girl gives me an advantage, Naru."

Naru stare at her then laughs, "So what, he have tons of girls chasing him every day. Add in one more makes no difference."

So he does laugh. I mean I saw him laughing before, but that is only when he is with Osamu-senpai, never with me. His laughter is much better than his glares.

Ever since then, Mai and Naru got along better, though their number of arguments increased as well. Mai would always be left screaming and Naru, a smirk. Even Osamu noticed the change and suggested that the two of them date but both protested and even came up with many reasons as to why, which led to another argument.

Sigh…I still haven't made any progress with senpai..instead, I just keep arguing with that idiotic narcissist while he gets to spend time with senpai since they are from the same club. Hmph.

Mai was once again walking home alone when she spots Yasuhara by the gates, talking to a girl from another school. The girl was petite, has short dark hair, pale skin and a beautiful face. Just when Mai was about to hide in a nearby bush, she bumps into something or someone.

"Naru! What are you—"

Mai's mouth was covered and she was pulled into the bush.

"Did you hear someone?" The petite girl asks Yasuhara.

Yasuhara looks around, "maybe it is just the bushes. Let's go."

Then the two, walks off, hand in hand. Meanwhile, the two in the bushes were just about to die from holding in their breaths.

"Naru, what were you doing in the bushes?" Mai asks.

"What were you doing, trying to get in the bushes?" Naru asks back.

Then a moment passed and both of them smile, knowing what had went through their mind when they saw Yasuhara with the outsider. Both of them followed Yasuhara, wondering who the girl was. They went to a café, shopping mall, a gift shop then lastly, the park.

Mai starts to whispers, " Nee, Naru. I think she's his girlfriend."

"…But he hasn't said anything about a girl, besides you. Maybe he doesn't consider you a girl," Naru answers nonchalantly.

Ignoring the insult, Mai was about to insist that the pretty girl is Yasuhara's girlfriend when the scene in front of them was one of the typical couple scene. Yasuhara and the girl were kissing.

Oh no. how is Naru going to take it?

Mai slowly turns to her side and saw that Naru was staring at the scene with pain in his eyes.

He knew that he should look away. Away from the scene that made his heart wrench, but he couldn't. Thankfully, Mai pulled him away from seeing it and away from it. He felt a terrible weight on his shoulders. It was as if a giant boulder was laid on him and he couldn't straighten up or catch his breath entirely. He should have been crying, but he was too numb to even think about crying. He could only stood still, the scene replaying itself in his mind until Mai snapped him out of it by calling out his name.

"Oliver Davis!"

When Naru finally snapped out of his turmoil and looked at Mai, her heart felt as though it was being ripped apart.

Naru…I shouldn't have went along with this. I should have stopped him. I knew it was definitely senpai's girlfriend but I just…oh god, I made him see that scene!

Not knowing what words to say to Naru for comfort, Mai wraps her arms around Naru, holding him gently. It was the only other way to comfort someone else. Surprisingly, Naru holds on to her as he silently cries into her shoulder, making her blouse damp.

Once Naru calmed down, they both found a bench to sit on. Mai went to get some drinks for them and when she got back, Naru seemed to be in a deep thought.

I never would have thought Naru would cry, let alone in front of me.

When he noticed her presence, she took a seat. She gave him his drink and began drinking.

"It was difficult enough just liking him. Now that I know he has a girlfriend, it just makes everything impossible," Naru breaks the silence with his soft tone.

"It isn't! She's just a girlfriend, not his wife. Didn't we promise to fight till the end? We're rivals, right!?" Mai suddenly exclaims.

Naru chuckles before saying, "That's right. Though, it isn't like two guys can get married."

Mai blushes in embarrassment and continues drinking her drink.

Love is something that just happens, no one is to blame!

"Why isn't there anyone that understands?" Mai asks out loudly exasperatedly.

"There is," Naru then ruffles Mai's hair before standing up, "you."

Once again, Naru smiled at Mai before walking off. That's when Mai realised something.

She hadn't felt heartbroken when she saw Yasuhara with his girlfriend, let alone their kiss. She was more worried about how Naru was feeling. Now, her heart is beating loud and fast after seeing his smile. Mai had fallen for Naru.

Even before it started, My love had ended.

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