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Danger Stars


Star,Will, Paddy, Jace and Danger are the one that has been chosen by the most precious watches, that made them Super Hero to fight criminals in a small town called Ondangwa in Namibia. Danger Stars had been there for ten good years before the old team vanished in the atmosphere.

Scifi / Fantasy
Wonder George Carla
Age Rating:

The President

It was Saturday morning, master Lee Kicker made a sign for the children to go inside the training cave.

Paddy,Will and Jace ran faster as they could to be inside before the elevator closed.

'As you all know that, today is the last day of your training to continue the mission of the people of Ondangwa,'said master Lee.

'Yes master!!'agreed the kids.

Master Lee turned to the young active children and changed his face reaction.

'Where are the rest? 'asked master Lee.

'Master! Allow me to go get them,'answered Jace.

'No! I will go get them myself Jace, just continue training, 'stopped master Lee.

Danger and Star were at the near by Hill fighting for the leadership in the team. This was the third fight. Master Lee Kicker did not say anything apart from watching their fight.

'I am better than you just believe me,'shouted Danger angry as he was running towards Star. 'Hahaha,,,,,maybe. Let's watch and see,'laughed Star. 'Whatever you want dude,'said Danger.

Just after thirty minutes Danger and Star got tired and back of from the fight. They were experiencing the same styles that master Lee taught them.

'Mmm,,,boys come down! I have told you that between black and white someone became the leader of the team want or not. Go inside the main cave now,'ordered master Lee. 'We are sorry master for being late today, 'said the boys as they were running into the elevator.

After few hours the children finished the last training called "chariot of fire" then master Lee told them to rest for some minutes.

'Okay,well done boys!! For two weeks training chariot of fire. You have just nail it,'said master Lee. 'Thank you our master,'clapped the kids.

'I will give you this chance to choose the leader between Danger and Star. I am off to my mountain, 'said master Lee, 'Don't forget what I told you.'

'It's a bit late, Star I salute you dude,'said Will .

'Star I believe you can do this for the season, 'smiled Paddy. 'Don't leave me behind Paddy , Starrr! Our eyes are on you don't fail us,'chosen Jace.

When Jace, Paddy and Will went ,Danger left without saying any word to Star,but the reaction on his face was showing that he was very angry.

Star was on cloud nine,but at the same time thinking about Danger. He made a plan to go see Danger to calm him down.

'Dangerr!!'called Star after he reached in the Forest Jungle. 'Dude , what are you doing here ?'asked Danger on the tree. 'This place is so cool,you know that you did not agree with others, 'said Star. 'Yes, you know the reason why . Star just go home is getting dark and the wild animals are starting to walk around ,'replied Danger. 'See you during any mission than ,bye.'said Star.

The president Dr. Leck Green is very worried about his son that went morning time without a bodyguard .

'Bodyguards, I have told you long time not to allow Star to go on his own , our country is in danger of villains everywhere and everyday,'exclaimed Mr Leck. 'Sorry sir, Major have found him, they are in the way,'said one of the bodyguard.

Monday the learners of Carlitoh high school were busy in their classes being taught, when Mr Smith called the next group to present their drama in front.

Star, Will, Jace, Danger and Paddy did not act very well , because of Danger the drama, so they got 65% of it.

As the learners were at the lunch. The Danger Stars were busy eating hot dogs in the dinning , later they vanish from school to the airport.

'Oh! Shirt. Someone is in danger guys check your watches, 'said Jace. 'It happened for half an hour, we are very late to search for the villain, 'shouted Paddy. 'Red! Look where the danger is coming from,'ordered Star. 'Danger coming from the president house,'said Will as Red . 'I sense death around the yard , 'said Danger as Black. 'There is danger, we need to hurry up, 'said Paddy as Yellow.

Danger Stars reached on time,before the president was taken away by killer Frost.

'Haha,,,Haa! Teenagers out of my way before I damage everyone in Ondangwa,'warned Killer Frost. 'You have to go through us first, 'snarled Danger Stars as they were jumping over each other fighting.

'This is my fight and nobody can defeat me. I mean it,'said Killer Frost. 'Paddy, Jace and Danger face her bodyguards now. I will deal with her, 'shouted Star as White.

Killer Frost faced Star, this fight was amazing, because nobody was on the ground. They were like wind, but finally Killer Frost fall down on the sword of a statue and die.

Danger Stars nobody can recognise them,if they are wearing their suits.

Star wear a white gold suit, Paddy wear a Yellow gold suit , Jace wear a Blue gold suit,Will wear a Red gold suit and Danger wear a Black gold suit with their logo Stars around.

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