She Promised Me Love


Aurora watched Emma and Regina dance. It was later in the evening and she was standing alone at the side of the dance floor. She would have liked to dance, too, but Phillip was talking earnestly to Robin Hood at the moment and most of the other men were already engaged. Aurora looked back to the two women who were so obviously in love.

That was the moment, she felt another presence to her left and she turned her head to smile at Mulan.

“Can I get you anything, something to drink or eat, my queen?” Mulan asked formally. She didn’t smile, her expression seemed impassive as it was most of the time.

However, Aurora could read her friend’s face well and to her it seemed a little sad tonight.

“You’re not here as our guard, Mulan. We’re among friends and you’re a guest, too,” she admonished her.

“I’m asking as a friend, not your guard,” Mulan gave back and gave Aurora the smallest of smiles.

Aurora shook her head, still smiling. “I don’t need anything right now, thank you.”

Mulan nodded and looked at the dance floor. She, too, watched Emma and Regina, Aurora noticed.

“They look lovely together, don’t they?” she asked.

Mulan nodded.

“Did you know they were...,” but Aurora didn’t have a word for what Emma and Regina were, her upbringing hadn’t provided her with one.

“Emma did everything in her power to save Regina’s life. They belong together,” Mulan said.

“They look very happy,” Aurora agreed and saw Mulan smile more fully now.

Aurora looked back at the dance floor. After a short while, she slipped her hand into her friend’s. Mulan held it silently for the remainder of the dance.

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