She Promised Me Love


They were holding hands as they neared the door to Regina’s room. And even just this simple gesture made Emma giddy and smiling like an idiot, as she was sure she did. She turned and walked in front of the other woman who raised an eyebrow at her.

“You smile like the cat that ate the canary,” Regina said.

“Strange, I always thought of myself as the canary in your company,” Emma gave back.

“You can’t fool me, I know all about Tweety Bird.”

They snickered quietly so as not to wake anyone, namely Henry who slept not so far away from where Emma now leaned in the doorway to Regina’s room.

“Quite the party, huh?”

“It was certainly different than the kind of balls we used to have around here,” Regina agreed.

“Figures that the thing Snow would bring from the Real World: Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest is sheet music. I almost fainted when they played Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Regina simply smiled.

Emma could see that conversations about Snow with Regina and conversations about Regina with Snow would always be difficult. She took a step closer to Regina and leaned in for a kiss. It was the first one since those they shared on the terrace and Emma couldn’t quite believe how much she’d yearned for them over the course of the evening. How could she ever have stopped doing this?

She pulled Regina close.

Regina laid a hand on her collar where two buttons of her jacket were already undone. She put her hand on the heated skin of Emma’s neck, as they deepened the kiss.

Both women moaned as Emma pulled Regina closer, once again annoyed at the lack of contact she could accomplish through Regina’s dress.

“I can’t wait to get back to Storybrooke. How do people even deal with corsets and all those skirts?” she murmured into the kiss and felt the lips pressed to hers smile.

“Half the fun is in uncovering what lies beneath, Miss Swan,” Regina teased as she undid a button on Emma’s jacket, then another, and another before she pushed her hand inside the garment.

Emma gasped. “Hmmmm... then again, a jacket over tank top arrangement can be fun, too,” she whispered hotly in Regina’s ear.

“Don’t tell anyone but I’m getting quite fond of your tank tops... hmm-mh.”

They kissed deeply while Regina opened more buttons on Emma’s jacket.

Emma simply held Regina tightly to her, there was no way she would get under her clothes standing in a doorway.

“I really like doing this,” Regina admitted as they came up for air.

“Me, too. That’s why I’m so scared to mess this up.”

“If this gets messed up, I’m pretty sure, I’ll be the one doing it,” Regina argued. She put her forehead to Emma’s and they both closed their eyes for a moment, just feeling the closeness, breathing each other in.

“We could just mess it up together, then we can blame ourselves and each other. Best case scenario,” Emma suggested.

“Or we could not mess it up at all and...” but Regina didn’t finish the sentence.

“And live happily ever after?”

“I don’t think we’re quite there yet,” Regina said and took a step back. She sighed, reaching out her hand and nestling at Emma’s jacket.

“I know we’re not, but I would still like to have dinner with you when we’re back home. You know, in a restaurant with the good people of Storybrooke staring at us because we look so amazing together.”

Regina smiled at the sweet teasing.

“And then we could watch a movie--”

“Storybrooke doesn’t have a movie theater,” Regina reminded Emma.

“Then I guess I’ll have to hand in a request with the mayor to see what can be done about it. Or...”


“Or we rent a movie and watch it on that big-ass tv you have,” Emma said taking the step Regina had retreated back from her.

“Are you trying to get into a compromising position with me on my couch?” Regina asked innocently as she held Emma off with a hand to her stomach.

“No, I just like your tv so much,” Emma gave back and leaned forward for another kiss. Regina gave in and pulled Emma to her. The kiss got heated once again, the two women just barely fighting their urges to open the door to Regina’s room and find a more comfortable position on her bed.

“This is not yet the time,” Regina whispered against Emma’s lips.

“I know,” Emma answered.

“I was wondering--”

“I’m not an idiot, Regina. Yesterday you barely allowed me access to your room, I didn’t think you’d just open up... bad analogy. But I know you need time and, well, I like taking it slow. I like going on dates and groping each other in a car--”

“My car, I’m not gonna get into that tiny vehicle of yours, ever again.”

“You’re so bossy. But sure, let’s make out in your car,” Emma teased.

“I wasn’t saying that that was ever going to happen,” Regina argued but couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“Oh, yes, you did. You said you wanted to grope me in your car,” Emma snickered. Then she grew serious again. “We have plenty of time to do all kinds of stuff in all kinds of places.” Maybe not quite as serious but still serious enough to reassure Regina.

“Except for your car,” Regina said and tapped Emma’s nose.

“Stop dissing my bug.”

Regina nodded. She gave Emma a small peck before she reached for her door handle.

“Is this goodnight?” Emma asked and gave Regina a little more room.

“We have a busy day tomorrow, packing and leaving and falling through a portal back home.”

“Right,” Emma half-heartedly agreed.

“I wanted to ask you something, though. About Henry?”

“I really don’t know how much he had to drink. I kinda lost track of him at some point,” Emma quickly said and looked contrite.

“That’s not what I wanted to ask, though, by the way he walked and his heightened color when he left for bed it was plenty. No, he... I thought he behaved a little weirdly tonight. Did you notice anything?”

“I think he might have a serious crush on some princess, the blonde. Her name’s Doria. He said something about living here, maybe?”

“Really?” Regina’s face showed clearly how little this news pleased her. “The little fiend. He knows I’m not going to come back here. We’ve talked about this when it became possible. He knows about the exile, of course, but he also knows that I don’t want to come live here. And now he’s trying to manipulate you into talking to me about it.”

“Well, I told him that we could talk about it back home, but I don’t wanna live here, either. I’m not gonna give up women’s basketball and arresting the dwarfs every other weekend for drunkenness for a princess’ tiara, no way.”

Regina grinned. “Well, this almost sounds like us agreeing on something concerning parenting,” she said.

“I know, scary, right?”

They laughed quietly.

“Of course, if Henry wants to come here and visit your parents more often... that should be possible. During school breaks.”

“And as long as he comes back and finishes school and goes to college. He’s going to want to go to college, right?”

They looked at each other then at the closed door to their son’s room.

“Let’s hope so,” Regina said in an ominous voice. “But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“Parenting is so scary,” Emma said.

“Tell me about it,” Regina agreed.

They smiled at each other.

“Good thing, we have a great son.”

“Yeah,” Emma agreed. She leaned forward to once again kiss Regina. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Drop by before you go to breakfast and we can go together.”

“Are you going to sit next to me and hold my hand under the table?”

“It is far too late to listen to your silliness,” Regina decided and opened the door to her room.

“I wanna hold your hand,” Emma said and reached for her price. She caressed Regina’s hand and then blew a kiss on it. “Always.”

“You’re going to break my heart, Emma Swan, I just know it.”

“I’m gonna protect your heart, Regina Mills, that’s a promise.”

And then they kissed goodnight.

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