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Young Justice Remix

By Tyler Preston

Drama / Humor

Supergirl's Couneling Session 1

"Okay, Supergirl," Black Canary said as she walks in to the counseling room to sit in a chair facing towards Supergirl, she sits down with a notepad in one hand the other she places a small audio-recorder on the small table placed in between the two chairs. The construction of a secret headquarters for a team of superheroes is downright next of a miracle being made. Hollowed out by both Green Lantern, (which one again?), and by Superman. Most likely the technology was provided to by Batman, only make sense to her.

"Are you okay?" Canary asked concerned for Supergirl who was looking around the room they're in. They're just about in the same room as in the lounge also is next to the kitchen.

"I'm just wondering about you and the League did all this." Supergirl still star-struck as they really are the world's greatest heroes. Superman being the greatest hero of all, something which is why she was created to surpassed him. An inferior copy how can't even fly, which means she was a waste of Cadmus's time.

"Well, I didn't do that much help like the others did honestly."

"You're a founding member, what did do you mean did do much? You basically knew them even before they became heroes!" Supergirl said.

"Well, there was only eight of us in the beginning. There was Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, then me, the Flash, Manhunter, Aquawoman," Canary sniffing her nose that caused her to rubbed her nose, "We did had help from Green Lantern once a while, but he was busy with as an intergalactic peacekeeper, so he was a part-timer like Batman."

Feeling like hyperactive fan listening to her story about the League's beginning, "Can I hear any stories you have about you guys' adventures?"

She's distracting me, Canary knew. She needs to talk to me, anybody at least. "Another time. Let me get this straight. I'm going to record this session. Nobody hears it or has it, except me or you if you want them, it's to help me better understand patients." Canary looks at Supergirl who was upset about what happened. Dinah doesn't want her to shut herself out from rest of the world, to hate everyone.

"I understand," Supergirl said looking with a remorseful face that says that she won't be depressed forever. "Can we at least talk about it, whenever we get the chance?"

Canary look at this strong young girl with a smile that a mother gives to her child. It's clear that really is like the Clark. She nodded her head.

"Let's begin," Canary presses the REC button to start recording them, "Can we start at when and the team discovered what happened to you all?"

"Sure," Supergirl paused for a second, "Uh-mm, Canary?"


"Can I...," Supergirl's voice cracking under pressure but quickly clears up. ". . .I want copies of these tapes."

Black Canary smiled proud, "Of course. Tell me how it all started."

Superboy isn't used to pain. Superboy is no kind used to feeling pain, even while he can hear people's voices around him. The people are moving towards him, even the idea of having him on his feet is the last thing he wants to think about.

"Oh god this has to be the worst mission ever," a disgusted voice says not too far.

"You mean, worst or best?" another asked-a girl's voice leering. Superboy frowns, and was vaguely aware that he's on the ground. He feels …spilled, as if everything had fallen out, like there's nothing at all, even opening his eyes is almost too hard to do. Not that there's much point, because when he manages too he can't even see—everything is bright, shining yellow.

That's probably why Robin and Wally were talking about that time they were comparing concussion tales, he decides, and just lets them close again.

"Defiantly worst, you idiot! And how many times do I need to tell you, to stop touching yourself!" the first voice snaps back to the other. Male, sharp, irritated. Superboy doesn't recognized it—either of them—but feels like he should.

"Make me!" the girl taunts, and the boy growls, and somebody else sighs. Bodies, onetwothreefour five people. Counting isn't painful. Five heartbeats, five scents, five breathing sets of lungs he can hear. But doesn't recognized these people, still, but still feels like he should have known who these people are.

"This is so strange," a new voice speaks, this one soft and male but ...sweet, somehow, even sounding concerned. This voice is one he totally should have recognized. "I can't turn into a human female anymore."

"I guess it does make sense for this situation," another new voice murmurs—male, low, melodic. Much closer than any of the others. Its owner crouches and a slim, cool hand lays itself on Superboy's head, and the slight weight of it painful, but almost in a good way. He tried to open his eyes again, but still all he can see is bright and shining yellow. "Superboy?" the voice asks. "Is that you?"

What kind of question is that, he wonders.

"You know, I think the most whelming part is the whole 'suddenly being a redhead thing," the fifth person says thoughtfully. For a second Superboy thinks that's Robin, but the pitch is just barley too high—it's another girl, even smaller than Robin how light she steps.

"Hey! What is exactly wrong with being a redhead?" the first girl demanded indignantly.

"We've already two on this team, and..." the Robin-girl says reasonably. "It's just that, . . .you know, a girl likes to feel a little more special than that, or it could just be me here."

"If this helps at all, it would have looked really awful on you as a red head," the first girl volunteers. "Cut's all the poufy and weird-looking."

"Well, okay that really helps," Robin girl says sourly. Superboy wonders how long the yellow in his vision was going to last, and finally tries to push himself up off the ground. His fingers curl against the dirt and makes it up an inch or two, but that's about it.

Oh, and the yellow whites out into agony and drops him back in the dirt on his face. His legs are apparently too numbed to move, but other than that.

"Superboy!" the second boy exclaims exclaims—not the growling arguing boy, but the one with a voice like a song, it's a really pretty voice, he thinks dazedly, and his hands are on him, flipping him over, and then the yellow's gone for a few strange lines splitting the world apart and he's really handsome, all green skin and short red hair and... .wait! Green skin?!

Green skin and his juicy red lips.

"What?" Superboy manages, staring at M'gann's white top that has a red X on it with on a pair of broad but still definitely had feminine shoulders, and the boy sighed relieved and touches his face, and brushes off something. The lines of yellow gone away, and in that pretty Amber red... . those are M'gann's eyes.

"Yeah, so we totally all got cursed. Thus the 'my whole body went through a blender' hangover you're having down there," Robin-girl says, leaning into his line of sight, and Superboy blinks up at her. Her hair's short and red and choppy-cut, but otherwise... otherwise she really doesn't look very different. Even her uniform looks like very different. Even her uniform looks like it still fits right, unlike Tula's, although it doesn't look very good with hair.

"Robin?" he asks in bemusement anyway, and she sighs and tips her head back.

"You know, dude, the rest of us all got this part over with while you were still unconscious," she says—he says—accusingly. "But yeah, Robin. And that's Aqualad, Girl Flash, Mister Martian, and Apollo all standing over there, congratulations, now you're all caught up!"

"Why are you the only one who doesn't have to change their code name?" Wally demands—Wally whose costume fits all wrong, whose lips are pink and full and eyes are bigger and brighter, whose hair is miles longer than usual and spilling down over his shoulders in wind-blown curls. The effect is... disconcerting, but at least it's still the same color.

"Um," Superboy tries, looking back at M'gann, and then the lines of yellow fall back into his line of sight and that's when he notices that his voice sounds wrong.

"C'mon, Supergirl, we've still a hostile to beat the tar out of and I know how much you'd hate to miss that," Artemis says with a smirk, stepping forward and offering him a hand. Superboy took it, watching his own arm reach out—it's so small, still muscled but somehow slender and not at all like it was, and Artemis pulls him to his feet and then they stand each other eye-to-eye and . . .

"Wow, you're tall," he manages, stupidly, and she laughs in surprise and looks down between them and it's low, masculine sound that is. . .different.

"Hah, I guess so. You're pretty for a girl," she says, and let's go of his arm. Superboy takes a step back and his waistband slips, and he grabs the belt just in time to his pants from slipping down around his thighs—and then looking down at himself, at the shirt that's ridiculously huge and swimming on him, the suddenly too-big boots and sagging pants, and the yellow into his line vision again-

Oh, he realized, and touches it.

"Wow, that is so not right," Wally says, just eying him. "Seriously, Supes, you really had to be a smokin' hot blonde?"

"Smoking?" Superboy repeated blankly, just staring at his hair. It's long—not as long as Artemis's usually is, but is longer than Black Canary's. He never had long hair before. He's never had his hair any way else but from what Cadmus wanted cut, and now he feels. . . now he feels odd, thinking that.

"We got a hostile still at large people," Artemis reminds them, stepping close and turns towards the others, "Look away, pervs."

Wally moaned turning his back towards the two, trying to avoid looking at something he shouldn't have and get a beat down. Tula does it too but with gentlemanly chivalry while Robin doesn't turn around but looks away.

Artemis sighs as she cinching Superboy's belt right. He almost yelps, except they're eye to eye again and Artemis is handsome, he realizes suddenly, and has no idea what to do with the knowledge. She steps back with a grin, "There. We can't you moving around showing your butt now would we?" She steps back, and he feels completely awkward and unnerved and does the same.

"Splitting up after what happened is a bad idea," Robin says, looking round still looking about the same he was before, except smaller. "It's obvious we don't want any more curses on us. So we shouldn't tempt the one responsible by being sitting ducks."

"Agreed." Tula said tugging at her red hair with turquoise mermaid tips.

The others make agreeing noises, and Superboy nods belatedly, only half-listing. Wally and Artemis are both trying to tug their uniform into comfortable positions—Artemis especially, since she's the only one who got bigger and doesn't have psychic organic clothing—and he noticed Robin and Tula both make efficient little adjustments once or twice, but. . . Tula starts talking about the plan, then, and Superboy tries to pay attention but. . .

They all look so uncomfortable; he thinks; everyone except M'gann. Is that really just the clothes?

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