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Taehyung is a poor boy and is abused by his father.. He loses all of his desires to live but then he meet someone who gave him a hope.. "You give me a hope Jungkook " Jeon Jungkook is a Mafia leader.. cruel and heartless. He meets a boy in bad circumstances but the boy changes something in his heart...

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

1: Encounter

Ignore mistakes please

Third person P.O.V

Taehyung was working on the night club.. he was tired of his routine. In morning he work at a store and in evening he work at a night club... only to earn small amount of money to survive. His father... or more accurately his stepfather always made him to do more work, to earn more money only to fulfil the requirements of his bad habits... his father always drink alcohol and used to take drugs since death of Taehyung's mother.

That cruel man even didn't allowed the poor boy to go university for completion of his degree. He frozed his semester with a hope that may be one day he can continue... he hates to work on night clubs as he was always being attacked by some brats, hungry for beauty..

He has to complete his work as soon as possible as he was so much tired... he lets out a big sigh while placing empty glasses on counter when he heard a very familiar voice..

"Hi Taetae..." Jimin chirped from distance, making other boy smile.

"Hi Jiminie.... How are you?" Taehyung quickly wiped his hands and moved towards the small boy and hugged him tightly. He always forgets his hardships when he spend some time with his brother like friend... Jimin is his only best friend since high school. They spend alot of time together and knows each other well. Jimin knows how Taehyung's father beat him and hurt him but he can't do anything because he was also poor and had to take care of his sick mother. But still the angelic soul tried his best to help Tae.

"I am fine Taetae. How are you? And how's the work? If the owner is like the previous one, just tell me if he tease you in any way... I will kill him.." Jimin said while rolling his sleeves, making other boy laugh.

"No Jiminie. He is a good man. Btw where have you been? You know that i miss you when you don't visit me. Its already been a month..." Taehyung muttered the last part. As he always feel comfortable around him and Jimin only meet him on his jobs as his father become angry whenever he tried to meet him at his house.

"Taebear.. actually i was searching for an opportunity. I heard that a company is hiring new employees and sending them to other cities. They are offering good money. So i was busy to find more information about that." Jimin explained while hanging his head low. He was not so much happy as he have to move away from his best friend.

"Oh.. So what's the news? Please give me a good news." Taehyung winked to make his mood light unlike his inside which was shaking on the thought that he is gonna be alone..

"Jimineeee. Come on.. Tell me man." Taehyung whined cutely to make other smile.

"I- i got the job Taebear. And they told me to go to Busan in two days. I don't want to leave but i have no choice.. My mother needs treatment but i don't want to leave you alone." Jimin sobbed...tears brimming in his eyes. He knows that his father always made him suffer and he only feel better with him. Taehyung is little reserved because of his poverty. He is jolly boy but people usually insult him because of his status. Making boy scared of cruel world.

Taehyung was already feeling alone only with the thought of being distant from his best friend. But he wants to make Jimin happy...

"I am so happy for you Chimchim..." He tightly hugged the blonde again. And after some more heart warming chats with each other Jimin finally left with a smile... credit goes to Taehyung who made him smile because if his cuteness and some sassy jokes..

After completing his work he also left for his home only to meet with his drunk father.

His house was in a shabby place... he slowly opened the door with a hope that his father may be asleep. He made his way towards kitchen to eat something as he was hungry since morning. And when he was searching for something to eat he heard a shattering sound. He turned only to see his father, who broke the cheap wine bottle on the floor and carrying the broken upper part of the glass bottle.

"Why you are late...you brat?" He scoffed as he slowly stumbled towards Taehyung, who was moving backwards with his father's approaching footsteps....

"I- i have some extra work fa-father.." Taehyung said in soft voice as he remembered how his father beated him with his belt when he raised his voice.

"Ohhh.... Ok.. Give me the money." He stretched his hand towards Taehyung while other hand was still holding that broken bottle, making poor boy scared.

"Fa-father owner said he will give me money on saturdays. He told me that.. AHHHHH.." Taehyung was cut off when his father made a long cut on his arm with the broken glass. Poor boy screamed but that old man didn't bulged.

"I said.. GIVE ME THE MONEY. I NEED MONEY YOU WHORE. YOU ARE SUCH A USELESS BRAT." The man tightens his grip on boy's hand as he started struggling.

"Fa- father pl- please.... i don't have money i gave you all.. please st- sto.. ARGHHH.." Taehyung screamed again when his father started making cuts on his back and then he punched the poor boy on stomach, making him fell on the floor. The man started cursing him while continued kicking in his stomach. The boy lost all of his energy and he didn't noticed when the old man left him... crying... silently...

Somehow he managed to go to his room.. only to fell on the bed.

Next Morning:

Taehyung opened his eyes, grunting in pain. His whole body was aching in pain and he wanted to rest but he have to go to store otherwise his father will beat him.. again..

He squirmed uncomfortably on his bed. And after getting ready he left for his job.

After his shift in store he bid his goodbye to owner and left for the club. It was friday, so there was extra rush in the club... means extra work. He scrunched his nose on the smell of alcohol mixed with sweat of people who were dancing like there is no tomorrow.

He quickly grabbed his apron and went to the counter to do his job. He was doing his work when he heard a boy calling for him on counter. He smiled officially and asked what he wants.. he didn't looked up on the boy.

"Hi. Well can you serve anything?" The boy asked sarcastically making Tae to look on his face in confusion.

"Well this is the list of drinks we serve. You can have a look sir." Taehyung simply replied.

"Can you serve yourself?" The boy asked in serious tone.

Taehyung tilted his head when the boy started laughing while shaking his head.

"I was joking. Well I am Bogum. Park Bogum. And you?" He asked in sweet tone. Taehyung shook his head a little but somehow replied because he was strictly ordered to behave nicely with customers specially on Friday night as mostly rich people visit this club on friday.

"Taehyung.. Kim Taehyung." He said while continued doing his work. Soon another man come to counter, completely wasted... he made his way towards Taehyung and suddenly grabbed his hand making him yelp in pain because of the cuts.

"Hey little beauty... What are you doing here? Hmm? Come to VIP room. I will pay you 5 times than your job." The man smirked as he tried to touch Taehyung's face. The boy struggled with strong grip but all in vain, he wasn't strong enough to fight back that bulky man. But as the man tried to touch his lips someone punched him hard on his jaw, making him lose the grip. The man fell on the floor and luckily no one noticed because of very loud music.

Taehyung panicked on the situation and he looked on the man who punched the bulky man...

"Bo- bogum?" He muttered and run towards him to stop him from further fight.

"What are you do- doing Mr. Park?" Taehyung practically dragged the older on the coner.. he was scared, what if his boss saw that, what if he loses the job... his father will kill him.

"Please don't be scared Tae. Its ok. I just can't see that. He was harassing you. How can i bear that when someone harass my friend." Bogum said in soft voice as he hugged the shaking boy who's mind stuck on the word FRIEND..

"F- friend?" Taehyung mumbled the word.

"Yes Tae. Friend. We are friends.. from now on.." Bogum said smiling as he pulled back from hug. The bulky man already disappeared from his view. Taehyung smiled a bit when he heard word friend.

"You look cute when you smile. So just smile like that Tae." Bogum stroked his hairs making younger smile again. He was happy to find a new friend. Bogum left after sometime when he got a call.

Taehyung left the club at 1am after completing his work. He was happy that no one noticed the mess with that bulky man and moreover he got a new friend... Well as far as he can call that.

He was walking to the alley he used to walk to go to his house but he saw the same bulky man he met in the club. Taehyung become scared and he quickly moved back and started running to other way. He was running and running until he felt his legs gave up. He stopped to take some breath, his hands on his knees when he looked over his shoulder only to make sure that no one was chasing him. He smiled a little in victory but his smile soon faded when he heard someone's cry and grunts.

He looked to his side where a man was hovering over something.... no... over someone.. A loud scream was heard in the silent alley. Taehyung was standing there, his every nerve screaming to run but his muscles was being stubborn, didn't even moved an inch. He gasped on the loud scream, diverting attention of the man towards him.

The man...nah... the boy turned to face Taehyung. His black hairs were covering his eyes.. His black suit along with his black hairs was showing a black aura. Taehyung's body started shaking when his eyes fell on something shiny on his hands. A knife... With BLOOD.... while his other hand was holding a gun. Then Taehyung's gaze fell on the man who was grunting in pain, so many cuts and bruises on his whole body and blood was oozing, soaking his whole suit.

Taehyung was still looking on the injured man who was grunting but he jumped badly when the boy who was standing in front of him, shot the man without looking back at him. Taehyung's eyes widened as that boy started moving closer... more closer...

His heart was beating faster, his whole body was shaking badly, his breathing was uneven.... His hand made its way to his chest.. to clench the cloth covering his poor heart.

The boy finally come right in front of his face, he looked at Tae with a smirk, but soon his smirk disappeared as an angry expression took over his face. He grabbed Taehyung's jaw tightly..

"Who the hell are you? Hm? What are you doing here??"

"Who sends YOU?" The boy yelled. But Taehyung was too afraid to say a word as his other hand tried to move the boy's hand. Boy freed his jaw but in turn he grabbed Taehyung's neck.. pressing it with full force, making him choke.

"Tell ME. I asked something from you." The boy again growled and at the mean time 2 other boys runs towards them. One of them started handling the dead body while other was standing right behind the boy.

"Who is he JK?" The other boy asked.

"I don't know. I think he is disabled or something like that." The boy named JK replied sarcastically with a smirk. But at that point Taehyung lost all of his energy, his vision became blurry and slowly turning black as he stopped struggling and his arms hung low on his sides. The other noticed that he is losing his consciousness so he loosened his grip and Taehyung fell on the ground, coughing.

"I am asking for one last time. WHO SENDS YOU?" JK again growled at Taehyung and when he didn't received any answer he became angry and yanked Taehyung up by his arms with fierce look on his face but before he could do anything...hunger, pain, frustration and terror took over as poor boy fell unconscious in his arms.

JK smirked while looking at the limp body of Taehyung. His hairs falling on his eyes, lashes almost touching his cheeks..

JK picked him up and started moving towards his car..

"Jackson! Clean the mess and Namjoon drive us to mansion. I want to talk with someone." JK said coldly as he almost threw Taehyung on back seat of his expensive car.

Hi everyone. My new book.. New story. But one thing is same. TAEKOOK 🥺.. Hope you like it. I purple you all 💜

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