Sold to the devil° Vminkook


In which Jeon Jungkook sold his soul to the devil in order to save his boyfriend and now husband Kim Taehyung from cancer. TopJimin SwitchJungkook BottomTaehyung

Romance / Fantasy
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Jeon Jungkook was the happiest man on the planet. Not only was he a famous song writer and boxing champion but he was also about to marry the love of his life, Kim Taehyung.

His life couldn’t be anymore perfect, he has reached everything he dreamed of and he was ready to spend his entire life with the gorgeous model who was so lively and so so in love with Jungkook.

They had everything planned out and nothing could tear them apart. Everything seemed perfect.

And then the fate had fo break their little bubble of happiness apart.

The day Taehyung has started to cough up blood was still the most horrible day in Jungkook’s life. The fear he has felt still evident in his heart after he has rushed into the hospital and waiting anxiously for the doctor to tell him what was going on with his beloved fiance.


Taehyung had cancer in last stadium and sadly, there wasn’t a cure. Jungkook remembered staring blankly at the beautiful but pale face of his fiance, looking so tiny and vulnerable in the hospital bed, so worn out and defeated by an illness he hadn’t even noticed.

Jungkook has been desperate. He would do anything for a cure. Absolutely anything.

And desperate men chose desperate methods to get what they were craving for.

So when the dark haired Devil has showed up in the red painted pentagram on Jungkook’s living room floor, he didn’t flinch back, determined eyes fixed on the demonic creature who smirked at him.

Jungkook hasn’t been afraid. He knew what was the prize but he was willing to pay it. Because a life without Taehyung in it was meaningless.

So he did the only possible thing that might save the love of his life from dying.

And that was making a deal with the devil. With Park Jimin.

The prize of said deal?

Jungkook’s soul in return for Taehyung’s health and cure. Jungkook has signed the contract without hesitation, not knowing what was going to await him. He only wanted to save his fiance, his soon to be husband but got involved in the dark business of the devil himself.


In exchange for Kim Taehyung’s health and cure from cancer, Jeon Jungkook will give his soul to the Devil, His Majesty Park Jimin and will not defy his orders.


Jeon Jungkook

Park Jimin


Let’s get ittt


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