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Sold to the devil° Vminkook


“Your time is up, Junior. Now let me have what you promised me.”

Jeon Jungkook’s breath got stuck in his throat by this, helplessly eyeing the demonic creature appearing inside of their room so naturally. That is, until the devil, an intimidating looking man with bulging muscles, came across the reason why Jungkook has offered him his soul.

And that was his beautiful husband Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung who just walked out of the bathroom, barely dressed since it was hot, water drops sparkling on golden skin, fond little smile on his gorgeous red tinted lips that soon faded when he saw the intruder.

“Kookie, I’m ready-- oh. Who’s this? Kookie?“, Taehyung asked confused with his typical puppy eyes and the devil made a noise of want in his throat before turning to Jungkook, evil glint in his entirely black eyes.

“That was your reason why you sold your soul to me? Damn. Understandable, Junior”, he said with a hint of respect in his voice before turning back to Jungkook’s confused husband.

He was only wearing Jungkook’s large wedding shirt, white on color and nicely contrasting his golden skin. The devil moved around Taehyung, eyeing him from head to toe and when Jungkook weakly protested, he was met with a warning glow of now red eyes.

Taehyung squeaked uncomfortable, slapping the devil’s hands away when they lifted up his shirt, quickly running over to Jungkook and hiding behind his broad back.

“My, feisty little thing... but not the one I came here for”, the devil chuckled, hard narrowed eyes fixed on Jungkook. “Your time is up, Champ. I’m here to take what’s mine.”

Jungkook knew he was fucked but he also knew the prize he paid and that was to have Taehyung safe and healthy. The same beautiful, gorgeous angel who turned his life to the best version he could ask for. Who completed and loved him without questioning.

It was no fair, he has thought, when good sweet little Taehyung was diagnosed with cancer.

“Tick tack, time’s running”, the devil now growled, eyes lingering over Taehyung and Jeongguk. “Kookie, what is he talking about? Who’s he?“, Taehyung’s deep voice was filled with confusion, Jungkook not daring to speak up.

He has just made Taehyung his... and now he was gonna lose him again...

“He didnt told you, Lovely? Dont you think it’s weird, to be suddenly healed from cancer? Now, who do you think I am? Your cute husband over there has promised me his soul in exchange for your health. And since he was begging so nicely, I mean I have a thing for cute boys on their knees, I gave him what he wanted. And now, I’m taking what’s rightfully mine”, the devil smirked.

Jungkook felt like his air was punched out of his body.

“Y-you’re the devil?“, Taehyung squeaked after a moment of silence, the demonic creature smiling widely. “Not only pretty but also got some brain! Aw Jungkookie, dont look at me like that. Was your decision, trading your soul for lovely Taehyung over there. But”, the devil suddenly spoke up, looking at Taehyung now with hunger in his eyes.

“Since I’m feeling utterly nice today. I’m willing to change the deal”, he purred, Jungkook immediately tensing and protecting Taehyung with his arms. This was up to no good. It was the devil they were talking about after all.

“How about you stay alive but you give me... your pretty little lover? I have a weakness for pretty boys like him... and I totally wanna have him cuffed to my throne, maybe a collar around that beautiful neck, he can serve me... his ass is good, no? Or you wouldn’t risk your life for that dollie”, he laughed.

“No.” Came the snarled answer back, the devil sighing. “Oh dear, stubborn are we? Then I take the both of you.”

But Taehyung jumped forward, fear in his eyes, shirt ruffling around his gorgeous tan thighs, the devil’s attention immediately flying to him. “No, wait! Please don’t take Kookie’s soul! He’s everything I have!”

“Well, Sweetheart, would you be willing to become mine then? The offer’s still up. You behave and he can keep his soul.”

Jungkook shook his head. “No. This was my mistake and I’m fixing it. ”

“But it was my life you wanted to save”, Taehyung whispered, cupping Jungkook’s cheeks. “You traded your life for my cure...? So I could live?“, he whispered, Jungkook nodding under tears. “I would do it again.”

“Okay! A new deal? Y’know, the both of you seem pretty entertaining and I love entertainment! How about, you”, he pointed at Jungkook.

“Serve me in my demon army? A human is always fun and you seem like you could take a lot. And you, pretty boy”, a smirk thrown into Taehyung’s direction. “Will be my own pretty doll. You’ll warm my bed and keep me satisfied so I won’t take good Jungkookie’s soul. A deal?”

The newly wedded husbands looked long at each other, a small smile on Taehyung’s face, telling Jungkook it was okay. Jungkook hated the thought of sharing his precious lover, but Taehyung didnt seem to back down.

“It was my life so it’s my choice. I’ll do it”, Taehyung said with a slight shiver, making the devil grin before he jumped forward, cupping Taehyung’s cheeks with heavily ringed fingers.

“I knew you’d be clever, pretty boy”, he purred. “You wont touch him in any inappropriate way”, Jungkook growled warningly while the devil stroked Taehyung’s cheeks mesmerized.

“Dont worry, Jungkook. I wont touch him in a way he wont like... I’ll touch him just as you do” the devil smirked, making the male gasp when he was pulled into his embrace, ringed fingers dipping under the shirt and immediately digging into the plump flesh of his ass.

“And both of you pretty boys will call me by my name. Park Jimin.”

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