Dangerous beauty

Being relief

Areum's POV.

I feel like something is wrong with yunnie. But why will he lie to me. Ugh! Stop thinking too much Areum.

"Now tell me what happened why didn't you attack him?"~Areum.

"I was at school sos didn't had any gun it was in my car."~Min Jun.

"Did they beat you?"~Areum.

"No."~Min Jun.


I some how felt that he is lying.

"Yes unnie before they could do anthing dad,s gaured came.

He smiled so I thought he is saying the truth.

"Fine. You better carry a gun with you from now on."~Areum.

I pointed my finger at her to warn him.

"Yes boss."~Min Jun.

I laughed when he called me boss.

He is so cute.

I pinched his nose.

"Now I gotta go bye Junnie."~Areum.

"Where are you going unnie?"~Min Jun.

"To meet Jungkook."~Areum.

I said while standing up from bed.

"Jungkook hyung! I also want to go."~Min Jun.

"Please Junnie I have to go alone remember you have shooting class today?"~Areum.

"Oh yes. My badluck."~Min Jun.

He said while pouting cutely.

I chuckled at his cute behavior.

"Okay I will get ice cream for you."~Areum.

"Really! Yay! Thank you unnie you are the best."~Min Jun.

I rufled his hair and went to meet Jungkook.

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