Dangerous beauty

Planning to move.

Time skip at the cafe.

I was searching for Jungkook. Then after few seconds I spotted his waving at me with his bunny teeth.

I took a seat in front o him.

"Hey kitty why so late?"~Kookie.

"Sorry Kookie but your kitten's brother was talking with her."~Areum.

I said while smiling at him.

"So how are you doing hmm?"~Areum.

"Fine.... It's so boring t just kill people. Totay I killed 2 people."~Kookie.


I jusst hummed in response because me and my dad's figjht came back to my mind.

"You okay kitty?"~Kookie.

He asked me with worried face.

"I am fine just.....my dad''s issue again."~Areum.

"If he was not your father then I would have already killed that fucking old man."~Kookie.

He said angrily.

Then I told him what happened today.

He is the only one who listens to my problems. He is my best friend.

"Just move in with me next week . To America for 3 months."~Kookie.

"To America?"Areum.

"Yup kitty"~Kookie.

"Sorry Kookie but I don't think that I should leave mom and yunnie with my unfortunately dad."~Areum.

"I think you are right but be free t0 tell your kookie that his kitty wants to go with him okay?"~Kookie.

He smiled at me with his bunny teeth . He is the best man I have ever met in my life in the whole world I only love my mom , yunnie and my sweet kookie no one can replace them.

" Okay kookie."~Areum.

I smiled back at him.

" Now is my kitten hungry?"~Kookie.


I said while pouting.

He chuckled at me and said.

" Wait here I will go and get you something okay.~Kookie.

With that he stood up and went to order.

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