Dangerous beauty


Taehyung's POV.

I sat on my bed and then called Jimin.

On call.

"Hey Tae!"~ Jimin.

"Hey Jiminie hyung. Are you free now?"~Tae

"I am always free for my Tae Tae "~Jimin.

"Let's meet at our usual caf. Be there in 15 minutes bye hyung."~Tae.

"Bye Tae."~Jimin.

With that I hung the call.

Then I grabbed my jacket and gun and then went to cafe.

Time skip at cafe.

I entered the cafe and after searching 5 minutes for hyung I finally understood that he is late....again.

I sighed and went to the corner table and sat.

As I was searching for a waiter my eyes landed on someone.

It was Jungkook! Jeon Jungkook!

He is also from a great mafia. Keon mafia.

There are only three great mafia's in South Korea. Kim, Lee and Jeon mafia.

I smirked.

He seems so happy, should I kill him just now. It will be easier cuz he is as powerful as me.

I looked at my gun and smiled.

Just one shot nd game over.

I pointed my gun at him.

He was ordering food.

While I was aiming I saw him going back to his table.

As I was going to pull my trigger.

He spoke while sitting.

"Here kitty your favourite chocolate shake and cheeze burger."~Jungkook.

He was smiling so sweetly.

He never smiles as much as I know.

Then I heard another voice but was a girl's voice.

"Yay! Thank you so muck Kookie! You are the best ! I love you!"~???

Kookie?! I love you?!

Who is she?!

I saw a girl sitting on the table with him.

I coulnd't see her face becuse her back was facing me.

But I can say she is beautiful.

she stood up and hugged him and then kissed him on the cheeks.

"I love you too my kitty."~Jungkook.

He smiled at her and hugged and back.

Who is she!? Her girlfriend?

Why the hell I am caring ?!

I again pointed my gun at him but this time my phone rang.


I checked the caller ID, it was Jin.

He is my personal secretory.

I rolled my eyes and answered my call.


I said in my cold tone.

"Boss I have tracked those boys who robbed your car. They are at xxxx place now."~Jin.

"Good. I will be there in 30 min. "~Tae.

As I hung up omeone patted on my shoulder.

I immediately turned back and pointed my gun at him because I thought it was Jungkook.

But the I saw Jimin.

"Hey cool down boy."~Jimin.

I sighed and put my gun down on table.

Jimin sat beside me.

"Why were you having your gun out huh?"~Jimin.

Then my mind tricked . It remined me of Jungkook.

I quickly turned my head to him but he was gone.

Anger build up in me.

"My bad but next time I swear I will not leave you bastard!"~Tae.

"Whao! Who are you talking about?"~Jimin.

" It's Jungkook."~Tae.

His eyes widened.

"Jungkook! He was here?!"~Jimin.

"Yes but he was not alone. He was with a girl......I think she was his girlfriend."~Tae.

"Girlfriend?! I don't think so ."~Jimin.

He looked totally confused.

His face made me laugh.

"Why the hell are you laughing Tae! Tell me she was his girlfriend or not!"~Jimin.

"Y-your face *laugh*I-it's s-so funny*laugh*."~Tae.

"You little !"~Jimin.

"OKay okay sorry hyung."~Tae.

I quickly calmed him down or god knows what he would have done.

" That's good that you stopped or you would have definately got a punch from his 'Jiminie hyung'. Now tell me."~Jimin.

I pouted at him.

"Awww! Stop it Tae. Okay fine I will not scold you."~Jimin.

He patted my head.

There are only a few people in the world whom I care for, With whom I act like this and for whom I can kill anyone and for whom I CAN DIE FOR.

I smiled at him and spoke.

"I am sure she was his girlfriend because I heard it."~Tae.

"Heard what?"~Jimin.

"That girl said 'I love you' and kissed on his cheeks and you know what he also aid'I love you too' and alo kissed her on cheeks!"~Tae.

He was totally shocked.

I was shocked too because Jungkook was not this type of person. He was totally a son of bitch.


"Shhh. Stop shouting hyung we are qat cafe ."~Tae.

I whispered to him.

"Oh sorry. But do you know her name? It will be so much easy for us to ruin him by using her."~Jimin.

"I don't know her name. He was calling her kitty."~Tae.


He made a what expression.

"Fine did you see her face?"~ Jimin.

"No....her back was facing me."~Tae.

He sighed.

"he must be close to him because he was calling him kitten and she was calling him Kookie."~Tae.

"We will find her Tae don't worry."~Jimin.

He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Well, hyung will you help me? You have your gun right? My secretory got information about those who stole my favourite car."~Tae.

He smile and said while standing up from his chair.

"Your Jiminie hyung is always ready for you my little Tae."~Jimin.

"Thank you hyung!"~Tae.

then we got out of the cafe.

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