Dangerous beauty


Jungkook's POV.

I was ordering food but sudenly I felt someone was staring at me but I ignored it and went back to my kitty with our order.

"Here kitty your favourite chocolate shake and cheese burger."~Jungkook.

I smiled at her.

Her face lighten up .

She stood up and said.

"Yay! You are the best Kookie! I love you!"~Kitty.

She hugged me tightly an kissed on my cheeks.

She is so sweet.

I hugged her back and also kissed her on the cheeks and said.

"I love you too kitty"~Jungkook.

(Note: they are not in a relationship. They are just bestfriends but they usually say I love you and sometimes be a little touchy.)

While I was hugging her back after saying I love you too kitty.

I lifted my eyes from her while hugging because I was still feeling someone's gaze on us.

When I liftyed my eyes . I was shocked.

It was Taehyung , Kim Taehyung son of Kim mafia and my greatest enemy.

Luckily he was talking on phone.

Then I knew he was the one who was straring at me.

He was also holding his gun.

Oh god no! Not now kitty is here. I don't want her to get heart.

I immediatly checked her and made sure he cannot see her face or she will be in danger. He will use her to kill me and I don't want that at all.

He must be planning to kill me right now.

No Jungkook do something!

I broke the hug and said without her knowing anything.

"Uh....kitty should we go watch movie hmmm? We can eat it while we drive there."~Jungkook.

I smiled.

"Okie dokie my Kookie!"~Kitty.

I ruffled her hair and then quickly without wasting and second I took her out of the cafe.

As we exited the cafe I saw him hung up the call.

I sighed in relief.

"Let's go kitty!"~Jungkook.

"Okay Kookie!"~Kitty.

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