Dangerous beauty


Areum's POV.

Something is wrong wth Kokkie. He is acting all strange suddenly. But I don't have to worry because I know for sure that he will not do anythingthat will hurt me . I am sure he is doing this for me.

Time skip after movie.

"Kookie wait in the car kitty I will go and buy ice cream for Yunnie."~Kookie.

He smiled at me and closed the door behind me.

While I was waiting for him in his car my phone rang.

I checked the ID . It was mom.

On call~

"Hey mom."~Areum.

"Areum where are you?"~Mom.

"I am with Kookie right now. He went to buy ice cream for Yunnie. He will drop me ast home soon. Why?"~Areum.

" Tell Jungkook to come to dinner at our home today."~Mom.

"Okay I will tell but why?"~Areum.

" Because your father want's to."~Mom.

"Father want's to meet Kookie?! Why?"~Areum.

I was totally shocked.

" Just tell him . Now bye. "~Mom.

Then she hung up before I could say anything.

" Seriously!"~Areum.

Just then the door opened and Kookie came .

" You okay kitty?"~ Kookie.

He said while starting the car.

" Yeah. Mom called me."~Areum.

"What did she say?"~Kookie.

"She told me that my unfortunately dad invited you to dinner today."~Areum.

As I finished my words. He stopped the car and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Your dad? That jerk wants to meet me?!"~Kookie.

"Yeah I also don't know why."~Areum.

" He must need something from me."~Kookie.

"I know Kookie."~Areum.

"Fine I will come but just for you kay kitty?"~Kookie.

"Okay Kookie thanks."~Areum.

"Oh we are here."~Kookie.

I got out and said.

" Thanks for th ride Kookie." Areum.

" At your service madam."~Kookie.

He saluted me and then we laughed.

" Okay Kookie now bye! Love you!"~Areum.

" Love you too! Bye!

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