Dangerous beauty


Areum's POV.

It's strange that dad invited Kookie to dinner and I don't feel good. I don't know why but. Ughhh! Areum just forget it and get ready for dinner.

I quickly took a shower and then wore black t-shirt with shorts.

As I was about to leave the room. My phone beeped.

I grabbed it and saw a message an unknown number.

I opened the text and started reading it.


Save him.

Save him.

Save him.

Save him.

Save him.

"Who the hell is this! And who the fuck I have to save."~Areum.

I tried to ask who it was but it showed the 'this number has blocked you'.

" Damn it! Just wait until I find you fucking bitch!"~Areum.

Knock knock.

I flinched at the sound of knocking.


I called out to the person who was knocking.

"Unnie open up."~Min Yun.

"Oh "~Areum.

I opened the door.

"Why were you shouting and where is my ice cream?"~Min Yun.

"Ice cream? Oh no!"~Areum.

I suddenly remembered that I left the ice cream in Kookie's car .

"Damn it. Sorry Yunnie I left it in Kookie's car but-"~Areum.

He didn't let me finish my sentence and spoke.

"But? You promised me!"~Min Yun.

"I am so sorry Yunnie. Kookie-"~Areum.

Again he didn't let me finish.

"I know you two forget about me whenever you two go on a date but this time you promised me!"~Min Yun.

My eyes widened when he said 'dating' word.

"Dating? Wait you are mistaken."~Areum.

"Oh really unnie now you started lying to me?!"~Min Yun.

"We are not dating Yunnie."~Areum.

He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms and said.

"Okay then answer one question."~Min Yun.

"Ask it."~Areum.

"You love your 'Kookie' right?"~Min Yun.

"Y-yes I love him but-"~Areum.

He spoke.

"But? Okay fine one more question."~Min Yun.


I just hummed in response. I knew this was not going to end well because this is not the first time that someone thought that we are girlfriend boyfriend or that we are dating.

"You two say 'I love you to each other?"~Min Yun.

Oh god help me!

"Y-yes but-"~Areum.

Again I was cut by him.

"See you said yes and you are even shattering! "~Min Yun.

Oh god why the hell I am shattering?!

" L- listen Yunnie we say I love you but it's not li-"~Areum.

"Not like that?! Seriously unnie?! You said you love him and you even accepted that you two say ' I love you' to each other and the most important thing you know?"~Min Yun.


" I have seen you both kissing each other! Many times!"~Min Yun.

Really Areum?! Why the hell I do these stupid thing? But I can't stop myself from doing it. It's just that I am addicted to it.


"Matter close. I know you both are girlfriend boyfriend."~MIn Yun.

With that he left and shut the door forsely behing him.

I just stood there and cursed myself.

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