Dangerous beauty

Unknown number.

Taehyung's POV.

"Is everything ready?"~Tae.

Yes boss! And one more thing boss."~Men.


"We will have just 5 minutes to leave or we all will be dead."~Men.

He said nerviously.

But I don't damn care because I know that Kim Taehyung can never die!

"Just prepare the damn bomb."~Tae.

"O-okay boss."~Men.

With that they left.

"Jiminie hyung!"~Tae..

I called for him as he was not there.

"Yes Tae."~Jimin.

He came walking while he had his hands covered with blood.

"Oh my god hyung! What happened to your arm?!"~Tae.

I went running to him .

I was so worried.

He was holding his shoulder.

He smiled and said.

"N-nothing my Tae. I-I just got a shot on my arm while shooting others at the e-entrance."~Jimin.

"Seriously hyung how cqn you smile now?! Let's get you to the hospital."~Tae.


"No but."~Tae.

Then I called my men and send him to the hospital with hyung.

Then I got a text. So I looked at it.

It was from an unknown number.


Stop thinking about being a mafia KIM TAEHYUNG.

You will be killed soon.

From someone you don't know.

"who the fuck is this!?"~Tae.

I tried to reply but it showed that this user has blocked you.

"You are dead!"~Tae.

With that I left for the mission.

Hey guys I know it's really boring episode but I will try my best to make it interesting!

Till then bye stay safe.

Love you all......

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