Dangerous beauty

Scaring Kookie.

Hey guy!

Sorry for grammetical mistakes as english is not my first language.


Areum's POV.

I was in my own thoughts as my phone beeped again.

It was again from that unknown number.


12 hours left.

12 hours left.

12 hours left.

12 hours left.

"What the fuck 12 hours and who the fuck is this."~Areum.

"And wow I am blocked....again!"~Areum.

"Why are you screaming Areum?"~Areum.

I flinched at the sudden sound and turned to see mom.

"Oh mom! Sorry ."~Areum.

"Fine now come down Jungkook has came."~Mom.

"Kookie came!? Okay mom bye!"~Areum.

I quickly pecked on her cheeks and ran downstairs.

As I came down I saw Kookie sitting on the couch while srolling on his phone.

So I decided to scare him.

I tip toed walked to him and I was about to scare him but.

"I saw you."~Kookie.

I screamed because I got scared instead of him! Really Areum! Ughh!

"Oh My God!"~Areum.

"Ha ha ha ha!"~Kookie.

" You!!!!! Why are you laughing?!"~Areum.

"*laugh* your *laugh* f-face.*laugh*."~Kookie.

" How did you know that I was coming?"~Areum.

I sat beside him while breathing heavily.

"Wait *ha ha ha*."~Kookie.

I rolled my eyes and said.

"Are you done with laughing?"~Areum.

"*cough* hmmm yes I am done."~Kookie.

"Then tell me how did you know.....again?"~Areum.

"Hey my kitty don't forget that I am older than you. I saw your reflection on my phone screen."~Kookie.

He said while ruffling my hair.

"Yeah yeah you are my big bro-."~Areum.

"Wait you know what Kookie Yunnie thinks that we are girlfriend boyfriend!"~Areum.

He chocked as he was drinking water.

"*cough* he thinks what?!"~Kookie.

"That we are dating!"~Areum.

"Ha ha ha ."~Kookie.

With that he burst into laughter.

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