Dangerous beauty

Jungkook not Kookie.

Areum's POV.

Hey guys author here. I just wanted to say that please ignore grammetical mistakes as inglish is not my first language.

Now you may start reading enjoy!!!

"Seriously you are laughing!?"~Areum.

"Sorry but I just can't control. How can he think that we are dating. Tell me what happened."~Kookie.

Then I told him everything .

"I see. We have to clear this matter."~Kookie.

Now he seems a little serious.

"Yes we have to."~Areum.

Then my 'unfortunately dad' came in the living room.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Come to dining room you both."~Dad.

With that he went out.

We stood up to go but then I held his hands and said.

"Kookie please just control your anger for just sometime okay?"~Areum.

I said with pleading eyes because last time things were really bad .

He looked at me and said with serious face.

"If he will hurt you then I won't hesitate to shoot him right now."~Jungkook.

I gulped .

The sweet Kookie which I know is now gone. Now it's Jeon Jungkook here .

Because whenever it comes to my safety he is so changed .

" Please."~Areum.

" I can't promise that kitty."~Jungkook.


"Let's go."~Jungkook.

I finally gave up and said.

"Fine....you go first I am coming."~Areum.

He just hummed in response and left.

I took a deep breath as I started to get scared that he again might loose his temperature.

He just gets angry really fast.

" I just hope that nothing will happen like last time."~Areum.

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