Dangerous beauty



We were all eating dinner. Then my dad spoke.

We both looked at him as he started to speak.

"Areum you have to pretend to be a stripper in a bar and you have to seduce one guy and then kidnap him....make sure to wear a veruy short and sexy dress...you have to complete this mission tonight."~Dad.

With that he again started to eat like nothing happened and about me?

My eyes grew wider and wider as he spoke. How can he tell his own daughter to do this kind of thing??!! Sometimes I wonder that is he really my dad?!

"Dad h-how can I d-"~Areum.

I was cut by Kookie.

He slammed his hand on the dinning table and then sopke to my dad.

"How can you fucking send your daughter to a fucking bar to pretend to be a fucking stripper , to wear a fucking short and sexy dress to let others fucking eyes lay on her and how the fuck can you tell your daughter to SEDUCE a fucking guy!!??"~Jungkook.

I was so much shocked because I have never heard my Kookie cuse before and never seen him THIS angry before?

At this point all I know is that..my Kookie is gone it's the Jeon Jungkook now.

My thoughts got disturbed by my dad.

" Behave yourself Jeon. And about this mission she has to do this for the sake of our Mafia!"~Dad.

"Fuck you and your mafia!"~Jungkook.

My dad got really angry because he hates when people say something bad about his mafia.

He stood up slamming his hand on the table.


At the sound my mum came rushing down. Shivering in fear.

My brother didn't came because he was in the school as it was lunchtime only.

"H-honey c-calm down. H-he just a-a kid."~Mom.

You know why my mum is shattering and shivering? I know. Although she doesn't say anything but I know that my dad takes all his anger out on my mum. My heart hurts when I see my mum covered in bruises and cuts.

My mum tried to hold my dad's hand but he pulled his hand away which made her fall on the floor.


I rushed to her and helped her to stand up.

"Mum you go back to yur room.I am here. "~Areum.

"No! "~Mum.

She again spoke.

"H- honey pl- please listen t-to me."~Mum.

Then my dad death glared at hewr like he was going to kill her.

"Mum! I said go back!I am here please trust me."~Areum.

Her eyes were filled with fear.

My dad was coming to my mum to god knows what to do but it was not something good that I knew for sure.

Before he did anything Jungkook spoke up.

"Don't you dare to touch her!"~Jungkook.

By that time I managed to send my mum away from here.

*In mimd*

Oh god what is happening today!!? This day can't be any worse!!

I removed my hands from my face as I was face palming myself.

But then what I saw made me think again.

My eyes widened.

You know what I saw?


*In mind*

No no no!! I can't let this happen!!

If he will slap him then my dad is dead! Now!

And moreover no one can dare to slap my Kookie!

I was angry, afraid and shcked at the same time.

"Fuck Areum do something!"~Areum.

I said to myself and without thinking I pushed my dad away from him.

Because my mind was not working properly. I couldn't think straight. It was like my hand worked itself.

"How dare you push me you little !!"~Dad.

Before I spoke I saw my Kookie smiling at me.

I smiled back at him and then turned back to my dad.

"Dad! You can't slap my Kookie!"~Areum.

" Oh really?!"~Dad.

He said laughing like I was joking.

Then my blood started to boil.

"No! You can't! You can't do anything to my Kookie!!~Areum.

"Your Kookie?! Huh !"~Dad.

"I you dare then try to lay a finger on him and then see what happens."~Areum.

He came to Kookie again and turned to me as I was standing beside Kookie.

"Then see this."~Dad.

His hands was about to touch Kookie's cheek to slap him hard but then...I came in between them and that slap landed on my face.

I swear it was damn hard but I am happy that I took the pain except my Kookie.

I smiled and turned to my dad again.

"Why did you do that kitty?!! Let me see your face. It must be hard. You could have let me take that! Oh my god your face got a cut!!! Where is the first aid kit??!! "~Jungkook.

He was so worried about me. His face showed it.

I smiled at him and said.

"Okay listen. I did it because you are my one and only kookie. Yes it was hard but I am happy because if I dn't taken it then my Kookie would be the one suffering . I couldn't let my Kookie take that slap and about the cut I will treat it later. Ok-"~Areum.

I was cut by my dad.

"Whoa! I didn't know that you love him that much. But as I know now so I must give you a reward right?"~Dad.

He slapped me again.


I groaned in pain because it was on the same cheek.

Then I saw that Kookie was about to slap my dad!

"No! Kookie stop! If you slap him then he will hurt you!! Think Kookie! Think straight Kookie! He can do anything . He is a EVIL!!"~Areum.

I shouted and then he stopped.

I breathed finally.

" You MR. LEE MAL CHIN!! I know you better than my kitty! If you try to hurt my kitty again then I won't even listen to kitty. If you do..then I will cut off your shitty head!!"~Jungkook.

I gulped hearing his words.

Then he turned and walked to me and said.

"Thanks kitty for helping me. And yes the lunch was delicious tell you mum that I loved it."~Jungkook.

He ruffled my hair while smiling .

He was now back to my Kookie.

He then kissed both of my cheeks and said.

"I love you kitty."~Kookie.

I kissed him back on both of his cheeks and replied.

"I love you too Kookie."~Areum.

With that we waved each other good byes and he left.

Then I turned back to my dad and said.

"You listened what he said right? So don't dare to hurt him. Or I won't bother to stop him next time."~Areum.

Then he spoke.

"I won't hurt him but about you..I don't care even f you die!"~Dad.

"Good then. Don't hurt him thta's all I want. You can hurt me but don't try to cross your limit or you know what will happen right?"~Areum.

With that I left my shocked dad and went to my room.

*End of flashback*

*Present time at Areum's house before dinner*

I sighed remembering that horrible day. From that day Kookie was never invited to our house for eating till today and my 'unfortunate dad' didn't talk to him after that day and about me...he slap me but it's less now...that means he rarely slaps me. I told Kookie everytime he slapped me and when he told that he is going to talk to him. I say that he is my 'unfortunate dad' and I have to be strong and all those things to stop him.

I sighed again and followed Kookie to the dinning table.

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