Dangerous beauty


( Please ignore grammetical mistakes as english is not my first language.

Hope you will enjoy!!

Love your wierd author Alice πŸ˜‚πŸ’œπŸ’œ)

Areum's POV~

I entered the dinning hall and sat beside Kookie.

"uh....Kookie where is my 'unfortunate dad'??"~Areum.

"I wish he was in hell."~Jungkook.

"Seriously Kookie? Ugh..please tell me."~Areum.

"I don't know."~Jungkook.

"Fine. Uhh..well Kookie can you answer me something?"~Areum.

I said while smirking.

"Uh sure! Ask."~Jungkook.

" Do you have a girlfriend?"~Areum.

He choked on his drink...again.

I started laughing .

" T-tell*laugh* tell me."~Areum.

"Kitty stop it!! You know there is only one thing in the which I am afraid of !"~Jungkook.

" Sorry sorry *laugh* I know!! Let me announce it! Okay Mr. Kookie aka Jeon Jungkook is afraid of only one thing in the world and that is GIRLS"~Areum.

" Ommo kitty someone will hear us!! Shhhh!"~Jungkook.

"Okay sorry Kookie stop panicking....it's our little-no! Big secret!"~Areum.

I said whispering.

*Meanwhile Areum's dad POV*

On call~

"Is it done?"~Mal Chin.

( BTW if you all forgot so I will tell you all that Lee Mal Chin is Areum's dad)

"Yeah it was a little difficult because he was having a gun but well it's done now. We are flying to America now."~??

" Okay good . Did V's dad told him to go to America.?"~Mal Chin.

" Yeah I have just messaged him. I think it will be difficult because his dad loves him so damn much unlike you but he will send V to America as he wants to get you down. He will think that V is going to kill her .I bet he will not have a single clue that his son is gonna die!!~??

I smirked at the thought of V dying.

" Yeah that V has to die. If he will become a mafia then there is no chance of us getting at number one positing. And did you find that V's real name?" ~ Mal Chin.

" No I didn't find it yet. It's not his real name it.'s just his working name. But I will it out before he dies."~??

"Uh and did you send her to America? "~ ??

" Don't worry about it if her mother will tell her to go then she will go."~Mal Chin.

" And what about that Jungkook? He is same as that V. If we want to be number one mafia then we have to kill those three. At any cost."~??

" He will go with her. Those three will be killed in America only."~Mal Chin."

" Okay they will take a flight today only after 2 hours. Make sure that V will also take a flight today only. Bye."~Mal Chin.

With that ended the call and went my toys.

No ones POV.~

Areum and Jungkook were laughing while her dad entered the dinning hall.

They stopped laughing and Jungkook became serious again.

He took a seat in front of them and said.

" You both may start eating."~Dad.

Then Jungkook mumbled something but it was audible to both of them.

"We never asked you though."~Jungkook.

This time her dad choked on his food and then glared at him.

"Such a disrespectful brat!!"~Dad.

Then Areum whispered in Jungkook's ear.

" Kookie calm down."~Areum.

After 10 min of eating, her dad spoke.

" So, I called you both because....Areum is moving to America today. And she can't go alone so Jungkook will also go with her. So, you both eat fast and start packing because your flight is at 11:45pm today and it's already 9:40pm."~Dad.

"WHAT??!!"~ Areum/ Jungkook.

Their eyes went big.

" Ughh!! Stop shouting!!"~Dad.

Meanwhile Tae's POV ~

I am just sitting here in a club being a bored aff and a fucking slut is trying to seduce me!!

" Ughh...my head!! I am I am gonna collasp!!"~Girl.

" Go ahead then."~Taehyung.

She stops her act after listen to my rude answer.

" Well, my name is Irene."~Irene.

I rolled my eyes and continued drinking my drink.

" OH! You have something on your face! Let me help you!"~Irene.

She tried to touch my face but I slapped her hand away.

She hissed in pain and I didn't give a fuck about it.

" Can't you just leave me you fucking whore!!"~Taehyung.

I shouted at her.

" I- I thought you wa- wanted to f- fuck me!"~Irene.

I laughed when she said that.

" I don't fuck slutty whores!! And for your kind information I. AM. A. HUNGRY.WOLF.VIRGIN. Who will fuck only the one he will love!! NOW.GET.OUT.OF.MY.SIGHT!!"~ Tae.

She flinched and said.

" W-who are you?? You a-are so s-scary!!~Irene.

" I am the one who will kill you write now if you won't leave me alone!! "~Taehyung.

" I- I still can't believe that you are a virgin!"~Irene.

" I may be flirting around but I am still a virgin. Now leave me!!!!"~Taehyung.

Oh god!! This whore is getting on my nerves!! I swear if she doesn't leave me next 1min then I won't hasitate to shoot right on her head!!

" I-"~Irene.

I put my hand under my black leather jacketv to grab my gun. But my phone rang.

She has a good luck that my phone rang or she would have been dead till now.

I grab my phone and it was my dad's call so, I picked up the call and went to a corner leaving that whore.

*On call*

Hey dad you saved that sluts life.~Taehyung.

His dad laughed.

Let me guess. Another girl who tried to seduce you??~Dad.

Yeah. Why did you call dad? You want something?~Taehyung.

Yeah kiddo. You are moving to America today. Your flight is at 11:45pm. Be ready fast okay.~Dad.


*No ones POV*








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