Dangerous beauty

The war begins

Hey guys!! Your weird author here😁 I am so sorry for the late update!!But I hope that you all will forgive this weird girl!! Okay so now I am not gonna tke you time. Enjoy your time reading. And I really appreciate that you all are reading my book!! Happy reading sweeties!!πŸ’œπŸ’œ

( 2552 words)

*No ones POV*

*At Areum's house*

"You know V?? The soon to be Kim mafia??"~Dad.

"Yeah how can I not know him?? That bastard!!"~Areum.

"He has kidnapped your brother and took him to America. He told me that if we can find him within 2 months then okay but if not then that V will kill him."~Dad.

Jungkook and Areums eyes went wide.

"W-what?! That fucking bastard k-kidnapped my Junnie?!"~Areum.

Her eyes started to fill with tears.

" It's not the time for crying Areum!! Let's go to America. I will kill that fucking bastard V!! How dare he kidnap our Junnie!!"~Jungkook

Tears started to roll down her cheeks but he wiped it.

" I will go alone. It's dangerous for Areum. " ~ Jungkook.

He said andb started to stand up from his chair but someone grabbed his wrist. He looked down and saw Areum.

" No Jungkook. I-I will also come with you. I will kill that V with my own h-hands!!"~ Areum.

She said and stood up.

Jungkook noded because he knew that she will not listen to him.

He turned to her 'unfortunately dad' and asked.

" When is the flight?"~Jungkook.

Her dad internally smirked and said.

" Today at 11:15 pm. It's already 9:45pm so you both should better hurry up and pack you stuffs. I don't want my son to get hurt. Be sure to kill that V. He shouldn't be alive."~Mal Chin.

Jungkook lifted one eyebrow at the word ' my son' from this bastard but didn't show it. As for Areum she was in too much shock to realize it.

She kept her eyes on down.

After a few seconds of silence Jungkook spoke.

" You should go and start packing Areum. I'll also go and then to pick you up 11pm . Be ready and don't worry we will have our Junnie back. Safely."~ Jungkook.

He said and gave a quick peck on her cheeks before leaving. Areum also did the same and noded.

As soon as he left. She also went up to start packing.

* Mal Chin's (dad) POV*

I started laughing after both of them left.

" How big fools are they both."~ Mal Chin.

I sipped on my drink while smirking.

* Areum's POV*

I came into my room and locked the door.

I sat on the ground and started crying.

After a few minutes of crying. I wiped away my tears and said.

" Don't worry Junnie your unnie and Kook hyung will come to save you from that bastard!! And about that V!! He messed with wrong girl and now he has to pay for it by giving me his fucking soul!! I will kill him!! I will shoot him directly on his shittie heart which is made of stone! I will shoot him brain from where he got the idea to kidnapp my Junnie!! You fucking bastard V I will ruin you!!"~Me.

I stood up and started to pack my stuff and then took my fav collectin of gun and knife and changed my cloths.

After sometime my phone rang.

It was Kookie's call so I picked up.

* On call*

" Hello Kookie "~ Me

" Hi kitty. Are you ready? I am on my way. Just be in your room and I will come there to pick your bags. Okay kitty?"~Kookie.

" Okay Kookie, I am waiting. Bye."~Me.

" Bye kitty"~ Kookie.

I hung up and waited for Kookie to come.

After 5 min.

* No ones POV *

The door opened and it was Jungkook.

She was facing the other side but didn't turn at the sound of door opening.

" Kitty you should atleast turn and check who is it. It can be any thieves' goons or other mafia."~ Jungkook.

He said while sitting next to Areum.

She turned towards him and said with a smile.

" Don't worry Kookie. I no one will come to my room and if anyone does then I can take care of myself and I have my Kookie too right??"~Areum.

" Right kitty but be careful okay?" Jungkook.

He said while smiling back.

" Okay Kookie. Besides....( she turnd towards her gate ) my gate was locked and ( she turned back to him) no one has the key of my room door except my Kookie!!"~Areum.

She said and giggled.

He scrached the back of hius neck and then showed his bunny teeth before speaking.

" Yeah I have the keys!! BUt we should better go now it's already 11:5pm."~Jungkook.

" Yeah. Let's go."~Areum.

He picked up her bags and they both went downstairs and then to his car.

After Jungkook was done arranging hwer bags in the car he said.

" Done kitty!! You sit in the car and I will be right back! I have to ask your ' unfortunately dad' something. Okay??"~ Jungkook.

" Okay Kookie but be fast or we will be late."~Areum.

He noded and left.

* Jungkook's POV *

I entered the house and started searching for her 'unfortunately dad'. After a few seconds I found him sitting on the couch while watching T.V. And he TOTALLY doesn't look sad at all!!

I went towards him and cleared my throught before speaking.

" What is V's real name? And do you have his photo? He always wear mask."~Me.

He looked at me and said.

" No. "~ Mal Chin.

He said and turned back to watch T.V.

He was now laughing while drinking some wine.

And that was enough for making my blod boil. There Junnie is kidnapped and here he is laughing while dringing wine!!

I grabbed his collors and pulled him to stand.

" I swear to god!! If it has anything to do with you!! Then I will kill you with my own hands.........DAD!!" ~Me.

His eyes went wide and said.

" It has nothing to do with me and don't call me that or others will hear you."~ Mal Chin.

My eyes started to fill with tears but I held it back and said.

" Yeah. I shouldn't call you that ( I left his collors) ."~Me.

I looked down and left.

It still hurts.

* No ones POV *

After 10 mins they reached the airport.

" Okay so everythings done now lets go and take back our Junnie!!" ~ Jungkook.

" Yeah"~Areum.

After few min they both were seated on the plain.

" Kookie."~ Areum.

He hummed in response.

" You know why I am not scared anymore??"~ Areum.

He turned to me and said while smiling sweetly.

" Why kitty??"~Jungkook.

She smiled back and said.

" Because I have my Kookie with me. He will help me have our Junnie back!! We both will save our Junnie and kill that V!!"~Areum.

He caressed her cheeks and kissed her head before speaking.

" Yes kitty. You have me!! And I will protect you and Junnie at any cost!! And we will kill that V!!"~ Jungkook.

Then they had a small talk and then they dirfted off to sleep.

After few hours.

At America.

They both were now standing outside the airport.

Areum yawned.

" Aww is my kitty sleepy??"~Jungkook.

He said while chuckling.

She pouted and said.

" No. I am not."~Areum.

" Yes you are."~Jungkook.

She started walking towards him .

" See. Do I look sleepy??" ~ Areum.

As she was walking she stepped on a can which was on the road and slipped.

" AHHHH!! Kookieeee!!"~Areum.

But before she could touch the road Jungkook grabbed hewr by her waist.

" Oh my!! Thank you Kookie!!"~Areum.

" Are you still saying that you are nt sleepy?"~ Jungkook.

He aid while laughing.

" No. I am no-AHHHH!!"~Areum.

AS she was trying to stand up she again stepped on that same can and again slipped. But......this time she grabbed Jungkook's jacket for help.

" Ohhh no no no!!!"~Jungkook.

She grabbed his jacket that it led to both of them fall down.

" Ouch!! "~ Areum/Jungkook.

They both rubbed there painful poor bum and stood up.


" Ohhh because I thought you should join me in falling."~Areum.

She laughed.

" How mean!!"~Jungkook.

* Meanwhile Taehyung's POV*

Taehyung's dad sighs and says.

" Son....firstv come home then we will talk okay?"~Dad.

" Okay dad but is eveything alright??"~Me.

" Yes son everything is alright....yet."~Dad.

" I am coming dad. Bye."~Me

With that I hung up and came directly to my home.

I knocked before going inside.


" Come in son "~Dad.

I entered and saw my dad looking at some pictures.

I went towards his seat and sat beside him.

" What are you looking at dad?"~Me

I said while taking a pic from his hands.

It was a childs pic. And she was really cute!!

As I was looking at the pic my dad took it from my hand. I rose my head at my dad and he was smiling at me.

" Remember her?"~Dad.

"No....do I know her?"~Me.

I was confused.

" Oh my Tae. How can you forget your fav cousin of all time?"~Dad.

" My....fav cousin?"~Me.

I was so damn confused.

" Wait wait don't make that confusing face. You look really funny * laugh lightly * okay listen."~Dad.

" Ok"~Me.

He cleared his throught and spoke.

" Her name is Seo Yeon. She is 27. A Two years older than you. She was your favourite cousin. You used to play with her all the time!!-"~Dad.

I cutted my dad in between.

" Why she ' was' and not ' is'? And why don't I remember her?"~Me.

" Listen. You both really loved each other. Although you both were just cousins but you boths bound was like blood related siblings. One day you both were playing in the house. You were 11 and she was 13. Then some mafias broke into our house. The house was set on fire and you both were still inside. * sighs* After killing the mafias we went inside the house to get you both. But we didn't know that there were still some mafias inside the house. You both were crying while hugging each other. When we got you both. We were about to go out but then the mafias started shooting. Everone was killed only we three were left. Soon, we found a window to exit the house. I climbed first so that I can hold you both and help to jump and that was my biggest mistake. * he looks down* You were about to jump next. But as you were about to jump Seo Yeon shouted ' Tae jump!!' I saw that some. Although she was just two year older than you but she was very protective of her Tae. * smile* One of the man shooted towards you but......she came in between and that bullet got on her right arm. She creamed in pain. She again shouted ' Tae fast!!' But again someone shooted and this time also she came in between and that bullet got right on her leftv arm. * Tears rolled down his dad's cheek * She beared the pain. She turned around and pushed you with all the strength which was left in her. Because of the hard push you fell out of the window and you head hit a rock. "~Dad.

He paused while clenching his fist.

I was so shocked that I couldn't even utter a word.

Then he continued.

" Your head was bleeding so bad. She was shot on both of her arms. She then again shouted from tye window ' I am so sorry my Tae-' but she was cut because another shot sounded and that bullet went to her back. She screamed but continued. ' T- Tae I-I am so s-sorry.....but a- atleast y-you s-s-should s-survive.' She smiled at you and me and dropped on her knees. Now she was out of our sight.Then I heard more gun shots. and the house burnee totally. You were unconsious till then. We took you to hospital. You woke up after 12 hours but you didn't even remember her name. Your half memory wa gone......and she was also....gone. From that day we never saw her. We tried 2 years to search for her but at last gave up. We thought that she died. But the strange thing was that we couldn't find any kids body in the house. "~Dad.

He stopped.

" P-please continue d-dad"~Me.

Till now I was silenty crying. My heart was broken. Into millions of pieces.

" Today I got a call from unknown number. I picked up. That person said that Seo Yeon is still....alive. but she is in America. The call was from the Lee mafia....Lee Mal Chin. He said that they kidnapped her that time and now if we want her back then you that means V jhave to go to America. We have 2 months. If we can get her back then okay but if not then she will kill her."~Dad.

" She? Who the fuck is she?"~Me.

I was buring in anger.

" She. Daughter of Lee Mal Chin aka soon to be Lee mafia. Lee Areum. She is also very skilled and dangerous mafia girl. She has kidnapped Seo Yeon. nd had took her to America. Tae ' looks at at Tae' you will get her back and will kill that girl!! But proimise me one thing that you and Seo Yeon will come back together. Safely. And yes that Jungkook is also with that girl. So be careful son. I don't want to lose you both."~Dad.

He held my hand. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. Although my dad is a great mafia but he is so protective towards his loved one.

" Yes dad. I promise you that I will come with my Seo Yeon unnie safely and will kill that fucking Lee Areum and that fucking Jungkook!!! THey messed with the wrong boy. Especially that bitch Areum!!"~Me.

My dad noded and told me the time of my flight. I packed amd wnet staright to the airport.

* Time skip in the plain *

I was sitting on my seat while planning how to kill that bitch. I can kill that fucking Jungkook later too but first I have to finish my business with that bitch!! But why is that fucking Jungkook helping that bitch? Whatvever they both are gonna die anyway. You Lee fuckng Areum bitch!! You messed with the wrong boy!! I will ruin you!! I will shoot you directly on you heart and head so that you will die quickly and when you will be about to die then I will shoot you everywhere in you fucking ulgy body!!! I will not leave even a single place!!!"~Me.

With that I driffted of to sleep.

* Time skip at America*

I was now standing outside te airport.

* No ones POV*

" Okay now enough laughing Kookie. Let's kill that Fucking bastard V!! And send him to hell!! Where he will burn in fire!!"~ Areum.

" And make sure that he dies with bullets on every single part of his gcking body!!"~ Jungkook.

" Yes."~Areum.


" Yes let's kill you now bitch!!"~Taehyung.


" Because the war begins."~ Areum/Taehyung.

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