Dangerous beauty


Areum's POV.

I woke up at the sound of door banging.

"Who is it"~Areum.

I said lazily.

"Unnie it's me. Please open the door I can't tan here and bang dad will hear me."~Min Jun.

I quickly stood up after hearing my brothers voice and opened the door.

"Come in"~Areum.

"Why did you lock yourself up? I think dad i really mad at you." ~ Min Jun.

I smiled at him because he looked very worried about me.

"Aww is my little brother worried about me?"~Areum.

I said while pinching his cheeks. Although he is 19 years old but he is still a baby to me.

"Stop it unnie. I don't know why but I have a bad feeling. I fells like I will lose you."~Min Jun.

He really looked worried and that made me worried.

"Shhh don't worry I will not let anything happen to you and mom. Your unnie will always be with you."~Areum.

" No I can't keep this feeling anymore unnie it's killing me from a week. I don't want to lose you and mom unnie I don't want."~Min Jun.

He started to cry while hugging me.

"No dear stop crying I would do anything to protect you and mom and it's a promise okay now stop crying please."~Areum.

I pleaded him to stop crying. I can't see him cry at all.

"Okay unnie but keep your promise okay?"~Min Jun.

"Okay okay"~Areujm.

I wiped his tears with my thumb.

"Now go back o yur room and sleep it's already pat midnight ' you have school tomorrow and I also have a mission."~Areum.

"Who are you killing tomorrow?"~Min Jun.

"Three people, why?"~Areum.

"Nothing you like killingv people?"~Min Jun.

"I love killing people."~Areum.

"Oh my unnie is a very big killer."~Min Jun.

" Okay okay now go to your room beforedad find out."~Areum.

I kissed his forehead and then pushed him out of the room.

"Okay I am going unnie good night."~Min Jun.

"Good night ."~Areum.

After he left I sihed healvily and layed on my bed.

"Oh god why am I even existing? There is no need for me to exist. I have already killed many people that I can't even count . "~Areum.

Then in few minutes I dreifted off to sleep.

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