Dangerous beauty


"Oh god dad I will kill him ! How dare he touch my brother?"~Areum.

"You will not kill him."~dad.

"But why? Just a few minutes ago you told me to kill him and now you are saying me not kill him?!~Areum.

"I have already killed him."~dad.

"Wait what?!"~Areum.

I shouted.

"Lower your voice Areum!"~dad.

"But why dad?"~Areum.

"It' simple I don't trust you. What if they find out information about Lee mafia by caughting you. It would not have good for Lee mafia."~dad.

He said simply shocking me even more.

"You don't trust your own daughter?!"~Areum.

I swear if he was not muy dad I would have already killed him.

I again shouted at him and that's when I got slapped.

I held my right cheek and stared at him while he spoke.

"I said lower your voice!"~dad.

"You didn't even thought about me?All you thought was about your Lee mafia?"!~Areum.

"Yes. I don't care for anyone except myself. You all are just a toy to me."~dad.

"Even mom and Min Yun?"~Areum.

"Yes so?"~dad.

I really want to give him an excellent answer right now.

I clenched my fist and tried to control my anger.

"How could you dad? You don't love me that I already know for sure but Min Jun he did everything you told him and mom he is your wife!"~Areum.

I tried to talk calmly.

"No!I don't care for anyone. If I want then I could kill you right now rght here with my own hands LEE AREUM!"~dad.

He barked at me.

And that's when I loose my temperature. My blood starts to boil.


"And if I want then I could kill YOU right now right here with my bare hands LEE MAL CHIN!

I shouted at him again.

And then I again got a slap on same cheeks but this time it was harder then the previous one.

Suddenly I felt some warm liquid at the corner of my lips.

I put my fingers there to see what was it and then my eyes widened. There was blood on my fingers. My lips started to bleed becaue of the slap.

I glared at that unfortunately my dad and said.

"You know what dad I hate you more than you hatebme!"~Areum.

The I left him and went straight to my brothers room.

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