Dangerous beauty


The door was open so I entered the room without knocking, she was going trough her phone s she didn't notice me.

"Unnie."~Min Yun.

she quickly sat up as she was laying on her bed when she heard me.

"Oh come yunnie sit here."~Areum.

She patted on the bedwhile smiling at me.

Unnie you are so sweet.

I also smileed at her and rhen sat on the bed beside her.

"So tell me yunnie are you okay? Did they o anything to you? Why didn't you shoot them?Do't lie. What did they say ? Did they beat you?"~Areum.

she started showering me with thousands of questions.

"Wait unnie wait! I can't answer all the questions together."~Min Yun.

I know she is worried about me.

"Oh sorry yunnie. I didn't mean to confuse you."~Areum.

"It's okay unnie. "~Min Yun.

"Okay so now answer me. Honestly!"~Areum.

I sighed.

"Okay."~Min Yun.

Sorry unnie but I am gonna lie to you or they will kill you and mom.

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