Dangerous beauty

Being nice.

Taehyungs POV.

"So what's your last wish?!"~ Taehyung.

I asked him while pointing my gun at him.

"Listen you Kim Taehyung I am again warning you if my dad found out then you are dead!"~Min Jae. is the second son of Park mafia)

I laughed at him.

"You *laugh*you are *laugh* going to kill me?"~Taehyung.

"Yes !"~Min Jae.

Wait it wasn't your brother was killed today only? What was his name oh yes Park Ji Hun right? I didn't even got a chance to kill the elder brother Lee mafia already killed him today morning. *I show my sad face* but I can't loose you! You will get killed by me Next mafia of Kim mafia!"~Taehyung.

I said the last sentence proudly.

"You will regret it!"~Min Jae.

Don't make me loose my patience I am being nice to you bastard.

"You will get killed by my mafia!"~Min Jae.

He barked and I loose my patience.

"Don't show me your attitude bastard my blocklist is bigger than your friendlist!"~Taehyung.

I said coldly. I am back to myself.

"You!"~Min Jae.


I said the last word and then pulled my trigger and withen seconds he dropped dead on the floor.

"Let's go."~Taehyung.

I came out of the old building with my men.

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