Dangerous beauty

Ready to kill her


"Sir your father wants to see you in 20 minutes."~Men.

"Fine...give me the keys I will go and you all take care of his fucking body."~Tae.

"Yes sir."~Men.

With that I left and drove off to home.

"You wanted to see me father?"~Tae.

"I have a mission for you."~Kyong.

(his dad)

"What is it dad ?"~Tae.

"You know Kim mafia right?"~Kyong.

"Yeah how can I not know them."~Tae.

I said while rolling my eyes.

"They have 2 kids."~Kyong.


If it's not killing then I am interested dad.

"Older is daughter Lee Areum. She is more pawerful than her younger brother."~Kyong.

"So what dad she can't be more powerful than me."~Tae.

"As we know for being the number one mafia we have to remove them out of our way. So first you gotta kill that girl rest I will see."~Kyong.

" Fine. What give me her pic then I will come to know how she looks like."~Tae.

" Not now Tae . I will show you when it will the time. You will do it for your dad right?"~Kyong.

he said while keeping his hand on my shoulder and smiling at me.

" I can do anything for you dad."~Tae.

I said and smiled back at him.

"Now I gotta go dad bye!"~Tae

"Bye dear"~Kyong.

With that I left .

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