Star Wars: Division

Chapter 11

The blaring alarm sounded within Walon's helmet, his two hours were up. He sat up in the shade of the cave and removed his helmet. With a gloved hand, he wiped the sleep from his face and quickly glanced about. He was still alone and undetected. Walon retrieved his Westar-20 placed freely at his side and holstered it on his hip. Such measures were necessary on solo operations, but it was how Walon preferred it. He stood up tall, yet without the need to duck in the cave's low ceiling. He slicked back his short hair that appeared more of an extremely pale brown than it did blonde. He laid back down behind his sniper still perched and awaiting his finger to close in around the trigger. Set up at his side was a portable monitor linked to his network of sensors. Quickly glancing through the feeds, there were no spikes of activity as he had slept.

For three days now he had been out there, stuck in the confines of the cave's concealment. As he spent many long hours of watching Clan Viszla's compound from above, nothing had happened. Life seemed to carry on normally below.

The sun radiated high in the cloudless sky. The young Mandalorian replaced his black helmet and checked his chronometer display on his HUD. It was nearly mid-day which meant that in less than ten minutes, a routine speeder would be arriving to the gate of the compound. It would be the perfect entry into the compound. Walon could easily sneak inside by boarding the speeder which would smuggle him through the walls. But his orders were clear, he was there for observation only, though still, the idea was persistently and his keen mind as if working against him formulated a plan without him even fully realizing it. The minutes passed and Walon spotted the midday speeder arrival. It was hard to tell what exactly what this speeder was doing and made Walon more and more curious. He watched it like a hawk, placing his sniper's sight on the craft as it sped down the hard valley floor. The speeder was open cabbed, exposing both the driver and the passenger. To Walon's surprise, he spotted a third. Seated in the back was another passenger. Like the other two, the third was Mandalorian except his helmet was laid on the seat beside him. Walon zoomed his sniper in at maximum and studied the man's lean, hollow cheeked face. The man had a hooked nose with a high forehead. He squinted in the whipping air as the speeder skimmed over the terrain, throwing his long black hair in the wind. Walon was beyond himself, it couldn't be who he thought it was. As far as he knew, Tor Viszla was out of the picture. Though there wasn't much publicly known about the members of Clan Viszla, its infamous chieftan was a hard miss and from where Walon lay perched, this was a striking resemblance. As the speeder traveled closer to the gate, his view became more obstructed.

"Feirfek," Walon muttered to himself. He needed to get a closer look. Walon backed away from his sniper and sat on the cave floor puzzled with thought. His orders were clear, to observe the compound and report to the Mand'alor of strange behavior. As long as he didn't shoot anyone in the process, he figured he would still be in the clear.

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