Star Wars: Division

Chapter 2

The luxury speeder shined with flares of Concordia's sun even from a distance. The cloud of dust approached quickly down the sand blown roads of the town. With a magnified view in his HUD, Jaster watched it come closer. He mused with a grin the thought of the owner having to wax and buff that speeder at least three times a day to keep a shine like that.

This was the best part of the job and arguably the most dangerous. Jaster took almost every necessary precaution for an efficient payoff. Behind him landed on the roof of a single story building was their Meteor-Class Q-Carrier. At the controls was Jaster's right hand man, Montross. He was a young soldier but undoubtedly, he was his most loyal. Providing over watch security was Lynn Kreol, watching at the ready with a DMR. Other than himself and one of his most trusted comrades, two Mandalorians of Clan Viszla remained for the payoff, neither of them was Tor.

"What happed to Tor? I thought he wanted to be present for this," Jaster asked. Pert Jerok turned and looked at him from across the ten foot gap at which they stood from each other.

"Something came up, he's left me in his place." They too were prepared. Parked merely yards away was their open-cabbed landspeeder, ready for a quick get-away. The distant speeder's engine soon grew louder than the hum of the Q-Carrier behind them as it pulled into the square. The craft's windows were tinted, closing off the reality of the outside world from the lap of luxury inside.

"Already I don't like this guy," Hos muttered. The first doors opened and three Weequays filed out. Each wore a slim uniform and a blaster pistol on their hips, bringing a smirk to the Mand'alor's face beneath his helmet. Weequays were stereotypically cheap muscle for crime lords. Seeing them in such distinguished dress was not a typical sight, even for well-traveled soldiers like Hos and Jaster.

The guards backed away from the door and made room for two skinny, yet strong and fleshy expenditures carrying the weight of the body of the alien being. The alien walked on its hands, suspending its weaker, bow legged feet in front. With each step, the gold rings worn on its wrists jangled. The entire alien seemed clad in golden jewelry. Tossing its snouted nose into the air, he breathed in a long hard sniff then fixed his beady eyes on the armored Mandalorians before him. Dugs still intrigued Jaster but if most were like Gornuda Korrem, he wasn't interested in crossing paths with many more.

"City seems deserted. Is Yuriim dead?" he inquired with a greedy sneer of yellow teeth.

"See for yourself," Jaster said pointing to the body of the Twi'lek sat upright against a swoop bike. The Dug followed Jaster's finger, chuckling in his throat.

"Give you much trouble?" Gornuda asked.

"Enough for our agreed price." Jaster wanted to close this deal without any further delay. The Dug reeked of greed and debaucher, making the Manda'lor wonder if taking the job from the crime lord was a good decision or not. Gornuda's fleshy barbels dangled from his snout as he looked over at the two members of Clan Viszla. It was apparent they were separate from Jaster's band by the distance at which they stood from each other.

"Why the extra help?" Jaster and his men never needed any 'extra help.' Jaster had plenty of loyal Mandalorians that were ever eager to accompany him on any bounty or job he deemed worthy of their services, perks of being Mand'alor. The moon, Concordia, however was Clan Viszla territory, he had to cut them in.

"Territorial purposes," Jaster answered simply.

"Is that right? I'll be sure to just go to them the next time. Cut out the middle man and save me some credits," Gornuda said.

"Too bad." The Dug sneered at Jaster's curtness.

"Fair enough. As discussed, fifty thousand credits in two packages." With his spindly arms, Gornuda waved his guards forward. One of the Weequays reached into the speeder and hefted two hard-cases. The Weequay carried the cases to where Jaster stood poised with his hands on his hips.

"Open them," he ordered. The guard set the cases on the hard ground and opened them, revealing the rows of credi-chips inside. Their gold-like glow emitted from the cases.

"Its all there," Gornuda said.

"I'm sure it is," Jaster replied as he bent down and closed the cases. He turned away with one in each hand, passing one off to Hos. Pert Jerok had stepped up to Jaster, eager to claim Viszla's cut. "You make sure that gets into Tor's hands," Jaster said sharply.

"No need for concern, Mand'alor," Pert replied before climbing inside the open cabbed speeder. The thrusters gunned to life and the speeder took off with the three of Clan Viszla. Both Gornuda and Jaster had watched them go but then returned their attention to each other. Jaster was through with pleasantries. He nodded Gornuda's way then turned away. Lynn shouldered his sniper blaster and climbed back inside the carrier with Hos already mid-air reaching for the ramp.

"A pleasure doing business with you, Mand'alor," the Dug shouted over the sounds of jets. The Q-Carrier was already hovering over the building. With a strong grip, Hos grasped Jaster's wrist and pulled him onboard. As the two stepped inside, the ramp closed behind them.

"Can I kill the scum now?" Montross asked pointing over his shoulder at Gornuda down below.

"We don't kill our employers, no matter how low they are," Jaster replied. He knew Montross too well, there was no real concern. All of Jaster's men were better than that.

"That aint our way, Montross," Lynn added with a punch to Hoss' armored shoulder.

"Gun it, Montross," Jaster said to the large Mandalorian at the controls. The carrier tore through the planet's atmosphere, to the large awaiting Frigate star-ship lingering just beyond the orbit of the moon, Concordia.

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