Star Wars: Division

Chapter 3

Slower and slower Nane Greil felt his heart inside his chest. It labored in agony. All Nane could see was red, not the red of the dark room's lighting but the red of fading away in a bloody mess. He could hardly take it anymore. He couldn't feel his body any more. All his feeling had just gone numb, but with each new, merciless hit, a new pain surged through him worse than the one from before.

"I can't believe you're actually doing this," the voice said with bemusement. It was coarse and harsh and made Nane shiver each time he heard it. Stepping into view, a man leaned down at eye level with him. His dark, cold eyes fixed Nane harshly. His strong features and long black hair only made him more barbaric than he already seemed. "You do realize that you have absolutely nothing to gain from not telling me," he added. His breath was hot and strong with the scents of hard living. Nane however, noticed little more than his slowing heartbeat. "Come on, Nane," the man urged. With an open palm, he slapped Nane's blood and sweat soaked face. Nane swung freely from the chain holding him up from the ceiling. "Just a minute ago you were singing like a bird," the man said. "Then again, a minute ago, you still had all of your fingers," he added. Nane was no soldier, he couldn't stand up to pain like this. He was only just the assistant to a Mandalorian delegate. What this man wanted, he easily could have learned on his own. But it wasn't just the information the man wanted. He was a barbarian, cruel and evil, everything that Nane and his people despised about their past. That was why he was fighting back. He would not give this man what he wanted. In a flash, the man's rough face contorted with an impulse of rage and his hands clenched the open wounds on Nane's arms. Blood squeezed in his grasp and spit flew from his mouth as he shouted. "Give me the name!" Nane shrieked in agony. It was too much he couldn't hold out any longer.

"Jorhee Kryze!" The name slipped through his screams without him even knowing it. The man released Nane's arms and leaned his open ear closer to Nane's bleeding mouth.

"Kryze, is that what you said?" Nane felt his heart stop. He never wanted to say her name. He felt ashamed as thoughts of what could happen swarmed his mind. His head dropped to his chest after seconds of silently shuddering, his moaning then turned to sobs. Tears mingled with the blood on his face. "Alright," the man said with mock gentleness. "I'll take that as a yes." He rose to his feet and turned away from the dangling, sobbing man. The man walked to a console against the wall of the room. The screen glowed as he typed on the keyboard. After a while he spoke again. "Normally I would commend you for holding out as long as you did," he said as he slowly made his way back to Nane. "But frankly," he continued. The he grasped Nane by his short, brown hair with one hand and unsheathed a short vibroblade with the other. Without a second more of waiting, he drove the devastating blade into Nane's stomach. Nane choked on his own breath as he felt more blood flood his body out through the new wound and his mouth. "I despise all of you pacifists," he hissed in his ear. Nane felt the pierce of the blade a moment longer, then finally his sight and hearing faded, the pain was gone and his heart beat no more.

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