Star Wars: Division

Chapter 9

Concoria's harsh, coarse terrain was riddled with crags and canyons that towered above valleys of hard rock. Down on the floor of one of these valleys was the compound of Clan Viszla. From above, several separate buildings installed like temporary army posting could be depicted. Surrounding the collection of buildings was a wall with only a single gate protected by blaster turrets. Over some parts of the compound, camouflage netting was cast over the buildings, but from just the right angle and with the proper equipment, there was no hiding from the eyes of the Prudii Kad.

There were more than nine ideal observation posts that Walon Vau could have settled in either along the southern ridge of the canyon, or inside one of the many caves in the rock face. Walon decided on the cave, preferring the concealment of the shadows from the exposure of the open air. This was his specialty, which was why Naja Lovac had chosen him for the operation.

The orders came straight from the Mand'alor himself, she needed someone she could trust, and the young man from Irmenu had never yet let her down. As he lurked in the shallow end of the shaded cave, he cast on a large tan poncho over his matte black armor plating. All of the Prudii Kad sported black plating, which sometimes didn't serve well in certain theatres.

Walon approached the edge of the cave and laid behind his perched PW-5S sniper blaster rifle. The sleek, yet ancient rifle was retrofitted to Walon's preferences. He was extremely picky about his equipment, like most Mandalorians that manage to survive the life longer than a few years. The scope to his rifle was folded off the side, eaving only the iron sights for aiming. The range finder on Walon's black Mandalorian helmet lowered over his eye providing his HUD with an enhanced view of the compound below. A targeting reticule traced the panning motion of his aim. Below, both armored and unarmed figures bustled about, completely oblivious to Walon's watching eye. All seemed quiet from where he lay. Walon sighed, trying to consider his options of fending off the boredom sure to come from this op.

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